Back from the Vet’s

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Now Peep is going to see my as Darth Vader for the rest of the month, because I took her to the vet this morning.

Thank you for your prayers: there’s nothing much wrong with her. Touch of arthritis. A bit of overgrooming. And this patch of something on her side, which the vet thought might be ringworm: but it doesn’t seem to bother her much.

Ah, but the fifteen-minute ride to get there! You’d think we had a swarm of scorpions in the carrier with her. Now that she’s home, she growls at me. *sigh*

2 comments on “Back from the Vet’s

  1. I went through the same treatment with my cat a few days ago. After a few hours she recovered her dignity and forgave me for taking her to the vet. 🙂

  2. Oh, boy, I do not look forward to the scheduled trip to the vet with my cat. He is difficult enough without that. He has a spot above his tail that keeps him washing all the time. He is quite moody, wanting to hide in cabinets
    and ignoring me when I don’t allow it. sigh…

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