The Moral Tone of Congress

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U.S. Senator Al “Paws” Franken in action

If you’re worried that the election of Judge Roy Moore as U.S. Senator from Alabama would (LOL) somehow lower the moral tone of Congress, try this on for size.

According to the Office of Compliance, so far this year Congress has paid out nearly $1 million, to eight people, to settle sexual harassment claims ( But that ain’t nothin’. In 2007 they paid out $4 million to 25 people. Since the office was established in 1995, Congress has paid sexual harassment settlements to 264 people.

The office has not released the names of the offenders or the victims.

Suffice it to say that, when a member of Congress faces a lawsuit for sexual misconduct… we pay to make it go away! Yup, that’s your tax dollars at work. So they’ve got sort of a free pass to grope and poke and grab to their hearts’ content, and we pay the settlements.

But not to worry! Both houses of Congress are soon going to have mandatory sexual harassment prevention training, as in “Don’t do that, you naughty man! Don’t you know that’s naughty?” And so the problem’s sure to go away.

Need I mention we’re paying for that, too?

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