Our First Snow

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I realize I don’t have a lot of company in this, unless there are more 10-year-olds reading this blog than I would ever dare hope. But today, for the first time this season, it’s snowing–and that makes me happy! In fact, as soon as I finish this post, I’m going to go outside and smoke a cigar while I stand in the snow and watch it coming down.

Well, of course I feel differently when I have to shovel it! But that comes later. I’m loving the “now” part. I can’t help it. Maybe it goes back to my childhood: if it snowed enough, no school! Few things in life are better than no school. Besides, it’s pretty! A lot of God’s stuff is pretty, and I like it.

8 comments on “Our First Snow

    1. Excellent! I’m afraid those days are gone for me. But my little great grandson (3 years old) just came up for a visit from South Florida. This is his first time seeing snow! :We’re going to see if we can muster enough to make a snowman 🙂

  1. In Arkansas we get just enough snow so people never get the hang of driving in it. After every good snow, the sides of the road are strewn with cars that have run off the road. It’s a scary feeling when your car starts sliding and you have no control over it nor having the experience of knowing how to handle it.

    1. On the Garden State Parkway, Jersey drivers refuse to acknowledge that it’s snowing. Cars wind up scattered all over the place like tinker toys.

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