Made It! 7,000 Views

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Here it is, the very last day of a year that went by like it was shot out of a cannon, and I’m late. Sorry, couldn’t help it! Tired: moving very slowly this morning. Well, these last two weeks have been kind of on the hard side–and also deadly cold. After a while it gets to you.

But yesterday, calloo, callay, we got our first-ever month with 7,000 views–didn’t need the extra day. I thank everyone who’s been a part of this, and I hope this blog will grow throughout the coming year–not just in viewer numbers, but also as a means for some of us to fellowship in Jesus Christ Our Lord. I think it still counts if you’re doing it online.

I wish I could invite some of you over for tea and Mille Bornes.

7 comments on “Made It! 7,000 Views

  1. Yay! Oh frabjous day! Also zippadee-doo-dah, zippadee-yay.

    Lee, thank you for a wonderful blog and a wonderful year. And blessings on everyone here. You’re all in my prayers every day.

  2. 7,000 views, well bust my buttons!! Congrats! Let’s pray for more Christians who love the Kingdom of God to jump aboard the Duigon Train.
    I like Green Tea and I will bring my Touring cards (but I will probably wait until the weather warms up – even in Arkansas it didn’t get above freezing today),

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