Hello? Hello, Out There

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After setting a record for viewership in December and getting off to a lively start in January, this blog’s readership has gone far south, these past three days.

I pray you’re all all right, out there, and that large pieces of the country haven’t broken off and drifted out to sea. That would mess up communications, although I doubt the nooze media would notice it.

Should I start a new comment contest? Would that get the ball rolling again?

5 comments on “Hello? Hello, Out There

  1. Actually, there are pieces of the country that some of us wouldn’t mind seeing break off and drift off to sea…. (Just kidding. Sort of.) 🙂

  2. It’s the Glob-ill Warming, that’s what it is. I’ve heard that the entire continent of North Amurica is now surrounded by two oceans. Yesterday a iceberg floated up the Mrs. Sippy river and attacked Memphis. If that have happened in 1953 we would have never had no Elvis, and then we’d all be in big trouble. 🙂

    (That Joe Collidge must be contagious.) 🙂

  3. I think it is just this time of year. My wife’s birthday is today, the 11th, and it is kind of an anticlimax after a long holiday/partying season. I took the day off from subbing to take her out, and now I am commenting on Lee’s Blog as she gets birthday greetings on the phone from family meetings. Linda is one year younger than me, and is having a PC birthday this year by identifying herself a a 19 year-old.

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