I Need a Break from the News

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Both my wife and my editor agree I need a break from news, before it burns out my brain.

So I’m going to try to lay off for three days, hoping to recharge my batteries. I just hope this doesn’t cost me my audience. What with a new book coming out any day now (he keeps saying that!), I need all the views I can get. Keep your eyes peeled for The Silver Trumpet. It’s been with the printer a week now; what can possibly be taking so long?

And would you believe it? There’s another Silver Trumpet! I found out yesterday. It’s a children’s book by C.S. Lewis’ friend, Owen Barfield, published in 1968. Way too late to change my title now. *Sigh*

P.S.–I will, of course, keep publishing any comments made by you, the readers, on any news stories. So please feel free to take the podium!


14 comments on “I Need a Break from the News

  1. Do not worry, Lee. We will not abandon you. My internet service, my computer system, my own breaking down physical system combine to
    keep me “off” some days, but I wouldn’t give up your blog ever. I find
    the inbox messed up a lot and I never know on what category I will find
    you, and sometimes I am so weak and dizzy I can’t respond with any
    intelligence some days, but I’m here, and I can really do without the discouraging news anyway.

    1. Thanks, Erlene, you’re in my daily prayers.
      We have just discovered that our email service is conked out, like throughout the whole Eastern U.S.. Well, at least it’s not our fault.

    1. I’ll still be here. I just won’t few doing news for a few days. But hymns, nature, Joe Collidge, Oy Rodney, memory lane… they’re still on.

    1. I’ll still be here, Linda. I just won’t be doing news for a couple of days.
      As to the elephant who paints pretty good pictures: Why do they have “The Sounds of Silence” as background music?
      Observing that the elephant is actually trained to produce the painting, and isn’t really creating art, is kind of like complaining that a dog doesn’t play poker very well–when it’s a wonder that he plays at all.

    2. I didn’t choose the background music and I doubt very much if the elephant did either. And of course the elephant is trained. We tend to train animals to do may things – like assist the disabled. The fact that an elephant can be trained to do such things at all is to me quite astonishing.

  2. I remember when my wife & I took a second honeymoon on a cruise ship to the Bahamas. No news for a week. When we arrived home it was like we hadn’t missed anything. Following the news is kind of like being hooked on a soap opera.

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