Prayer Requests: Linda, Phoebe, and One More

I haven’t formally been asked to make these prayer requests, and I know some of you have already delivered prayers to this cause: but I would like to round up more prayers, if I can, and I don’t think anyone will mind.

This is for Linda and Phoebe, of our small fellowship, and for a member of my family whom I’m not at liberty to name or describe. She’d kill me if I did.

O Lord Our God, our sisters in Christ, and fellowservants in His household, Linda and Phoebe, have fallen ill. Please be swift to help them, Lord: “Behold, He that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.” Restore their health quickly, O Father in Heaven.

Father, you know who I mean by “a member of my family,” and you know what kind of help she needs. Please, Lord, protect her.

We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

6 comments on “Prayer Requests: Linda, Phoebe, and One More

  1. Amen to your prayer. I have been praying daily for your family and the others that I know need prayer. I have not been feeling at all well, either,
    so just add me on the end and the Lord, or God is well aware of every need. I will continue to petition the throne.

  2. Thank you, I appreciate prayers. I have a very well-filled prayer journal
    and it gets renewed every day. Everywhere, people are having more and more serious problems. Keeps us on our knees.

  3. Thank you, everyone, for your prayers, and know that you’re all in my prayers as well. Yesterday was ghastly — couldn’t hold down anything, even water, fever was approaching 102, and for a while in the afternoon I actually thought I might be dying. But this morning the fever is down to 100.1 — which by comparison with yesterday feels almost normal — and I’m hoping I’m on the way to recovery. I feel encircled and held up by your prayers.

    I pray daily for everyone here. This is a wonderful family.

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