How They Plan to Grab Your Guns

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All right, I don’t actually have a gun. I am fortunate enough to live in a town where a certain amount of domestic tranquility prevails. But I’m very, very glad that millions of my fellow law-abiding citizens do have guns.

Liberals have long dreamed of disarming the American people and removing the Second Amendment as an obstacle. It seems they have a plan for doing it.

A few days ago the Deerfield, Illinois, Village Council (“village”? with 18,000 people in it?) banned “assault weapons,” and anyone who still owns one past the deadline is to be fined $200 to $1,000 a day ( The term “assault weapon” is very loosely defined,

A lawsuit has already been filed.

To justify the ban, the council cited several “mass shootings”–by persons who disobeyed many gun laws that were already on the books. As Mr. Robinson challenged the city council in Greensboro, NC, “Do you think the Crips and Bloods [criminal gangs] on the other side of town are gonna give up their guns? They’re still gonna break into my house and shoot me.”

Wonderful, wonderful. The same persons who corrupted and debased our culture now demand the authority to “save” it. No, Democrats. You can’t have that authority. You want to be our jailers.

But this is how they’re going to do it–so it seems, at least. Go from town to town, banning gun ownership on the local level. Stay under the radar, and if there’s resistance in one town, pull back and try again in another. They hope no one will catch on to this until it’s too late.

Private gun ownership is a symbol of freedom: Americans are citizens, not subjects. Sovereignty in the United States of America resides with her people, not her government.

Liberals hate that.

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  1. It’s amazing to see this happening, but I place the responsibility directly with those whom have diluted education to the point where youngsters come out of school hating their own country.

  2. I hear this subject being discussed everywhere I go, and what I hear is:
    “ya, bring it on, dreamers” and “never happen in my lifetime, come and try it if you think you are big enough”, and a lot more in that vein. No more rolling over and giving in according to the men in the west. Hope they can maintain, because this is not just some wild west backward attitude. What we really need are well-armed, well trained militia to show the oppressors where their place is, and demand they stay in it.

  3. Every liberal I personal know on a friendship basis has a firearm. No liberal I know on a friendship basis has ANY desire to repeal the Second. I am not a liberal but because I dislike Trump as my president I am oft accused of being a liberal.. and I have owned many guns.. even assault weapons. I have no desire to see the Second repealed. So where does the conservative ignorati presume to assign some generalized all-encompassing accusation that “liberals” want guns banned and the Second repealed??
    More to the point.. the gun, my guns, are ABSOLUTELY no icon of American freedom for me one bit. My icon of freedom is the Constitution. I am not into gun worship…. yet I am just as “patriotic” as you will ever be. Just how does owning a gun=freedom?
    Owning a gun simply suggests you THINK you will be able to defend your family, house and home.. but likely you will die in the process to overwhelming odds should that day ever arise. For assuring your rights are guaranteed if a government goes rogue? Pray tell should THAT day would ever arise… you are going to leave your house and home and loved ones to go off and fight and die like the Minutemen? Hardly. Please get real.

    1. Gee, I wonder how I could ever have gotten the idea that libs want to repeal the 2nd Amendment? Maybe from ex-SCOTUS Justice Stevens…and all those demonstrations…

    2. And you allowed those images to override your critical thinking skills (I am guessing you have that skill set)? C’mon… you’ve thought this way decades before Stevens’ aging perceptions and a bunch of marching kids.

    3. Does it even matter, Lee? Adults.. kids.. whatever… very few of them actually have cried out for repealing the Second… what exactly is the threat here? Even if a full 50% of the entire country wanted to repeal the Second… it would still never happen. There has NEVER been a threat to the Second in the entire history of the country.. yet the NRA feeds you this garbage that the threat is goose-stepping down the street; that the last half dozen or so democrat administrations have wanted to repeal it. Where does all this fear come from?

    4. They don’t actually have to repeal the Second Amendment if they confiscate our guns by other backdoor means – like using a pretext of mental instability where none actually exists. And please don’t say it won’ happen. It’s already happening. The police are hollering for the ‘authority’ to determine a person’s mental status even without the opinion of a medical/mental health professional, allowing them to involuntarily institutionalize a person while at the same time confiscating their guns. This was already done to at least one veteran in Florida.

    5. Way, way too alarmist there, Linda. But.. if you want to live in fear over some non-existent threat.. then keep feeding the money to the NRA so they can keep feeding your fears for their benefit.

    6. Everybody knows central governments are never a threat of any kind.
      Meanwhile, the NRA, a voluntary organization of millions of peaceful, law-abiding citizens, is blamed for school shootings, “You have children’s blood on your hands!!!” yatta-yatta.

      Liberals… feh!

    7. How is it alarmist if these things have already been implemented, Doug? It seems to me that’s realism, not alarmist.

    8. Oh, Linda.. just compare for a moment… you have a couple incidents where local cops might have done something questionable that will likely be challenged in court later… and you are all shook up over losing the Second… and you see no similarity to the alarmist reaction to all the mass shootings where the shooter used an AR-15?? Jeez… quit focusing on the damn gun worship and focus on trying to work a solution everyone can live with. The NRA exists because of the interest in guns. The Second amendment exists because it’s part of the entire Constitution.

    9. And it’s the entire Constitution they would love to get rid of. And by the way, I worship God, not guns, and am not a member of the NRA. And anyone who’s been paying attention to all the incidents of police over-reach lately has to acknowledge it, whether or not it’s litigated at a later time or not, which brings up another point. Why should we have to spend money we’ll never get back hiring attorneys to defend ourselves against illegal actions by law enforcement – especially when we have done nothing illegal? Law enforcement has morphed into a bully fraternity. They couldn’t care less about our rights, our safety or our constitution.

    10. High-profile libs keep promising to leave (which would make it a much better place!) if we elect Republicans–and then they don’t!

    11. All is not lost, Doug. Jesus is returning!

      Thanks for the respectful debate 🙂 This is as it should be. People can disagree in a respectful manner. We have a friend who is so liberal that she cannot – and I mean cannot! – speak civilly to anyone who happens to be in a different camp than she’s in. And rather than present a coherent argument, she resorts to name-calling, which never accomplishes anything. Blessings!

    12. Here’s the thing, Linda… I dunno if you held your breath and allowed yourself to visit my blog to understand where I might be coming from and not dismiss me as just another “liberal”, but that’s the approach I generally take… there’s a reason people are the way they are. There’s a reason ( and not simply math) that those red states folks shifted to Trump. There’s a reason conservatives are so vitrial about the Second Amendment. There’s a reason so many people think immigration is running wild and affecting the economy. There’s a reason so many people dislike the media. I’m a behavioralist and a humanist in my opinions. The whole point is that everyone’s point of view originated somewhere. Once you know the origins you have a better chance for discourse.

    13. No, I haven’t visited your blog, Doug, but I’ll make a point to do so. And while I’m a conservative, I’m not enamored of Trump. I see some things I’m very uncomfortable with and I believe he isn’t who he appears to be. In fact, I’m hard pressed to name many true conservatives in D.C. these days. Thanks again.

    14. Maybe we have more in common than you think. I’m currently a card-carry registered Republican… but in reality (back when there was one) I’m a liberal conservative.

  4. I owned guns until I got married and my wife didn’t want them in the house. Now days she is thinking she needs to get a gun and a carry permit. Mark Steyn says the route to America fully becoming like Europe is the confiscation of guns.

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