When the Prof Sold A’s

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Somehow I missed this college cautionary tale when it came out.

Back in 2016, the University of Central Florida fired an adjunct professor of psychology for selling–oops! I mean “awarding” students grades of 100 percent on their final papers if they donated $100 to his teaching assistant’s sorority (http://www.orlandosentinel.com/features/education/os-ucf-adjunct-fired-donations-20170116-story.html).

You could also skip a final paper in November if you donated $25.

Does that sound just a little fishy to you? Anyhow, they fired him after a student called the school’s “ethics hotline.” That an ethics hotline should exist sort of implies ongoing problems with ethics. What else is new?

So you’re an employer and you’re looking at an applicant’s resume and it shows these great grades in college… Can you trust it? What if the student simply bought those grades? What if the prof handed them out as a reward for keying a conservative’s car? What if the school allowed students to grade themselves? For all you know, you’d be hiring some kind of pluperfect idiot.

College–making America dumber by the day.

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    1. Too many Liberal Arts majors. They’re not even creative enough to aim for something useful.

  1. How about sexual favors for better grades? Lots of that going on. Students who goof off and barely get a BA degree with a C-average are treated as equal to the ones who had good grades – employers only see the degree, not the grades.

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