A Peaceful Day

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Well, that’s not the most compelling headline I ever wrote, is it?

I had to walk to the mailbox just now, and was passed on the sidewalk by a band of Catholic schoolboys in blue shorts and clean white shirts, running, yelling, whooping, laughing. Where can I go to get that kind of energy?

Uncharacteristically low, low, low readership day. *Sigh*

But it was too nice a May day to pass up a bike ride, and I wrote a decent chunk of my new book. Writing books in a series can be tricky. For the benefit of the reader, you have to backtrack a bit: it’s been months since anyone read the preceding book. You might even have some readers who haven’t read any of the earlier books, and you don’t want to lose them in a forest of unfamiliar names and places. But if you backtrack too much, you risk boring your audience. It can be tricky, deciding how much past history to provide.

And there’s still a high stack of paperwork, relating to Aunt Joan’s death, to plod through.

Still waiting to announce the imminent publication of The Silver Trumpet. Jill at Chalcedon HQ tells me it’ll be any day now. She’s also my tech support, and had to work a lot of magic yesterday for me to post that article about the seminary president gone bad: when I finally found it on the Chalcedon website, the first half of it was missing! But I was amazed by how quickly Jill was able to fish it out of cyber-limbo and repair it.

Aloha for now. See you in a little bit, for Cat Video time.

6 comments on “A Peaceful Day

  1. Youth is wasted on the young. There’s no question about that.

    As for the book; sometimes I wish there were an index of characters with just enough history to refresh the memory.

    1. I just realized you have a really good idea there. I could have a list of the characters at the beginning of the book. Too late for the first 10 books, though.

  2. I think you do a masterful job of refreshing the reader’s mind of past events and people without making it boring. I think each of the first five books i have read can stand alone, and the sixth one I am almost finished with is the same. Keep up the good work, Lee. And a special blessing on Jill of Chalcedon!

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