The Lights Go Out in Britain

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A man in Merrie Olde England has been sentenced to 13 months in jail for reporting news of the trial of 29 accused pedophiles, all of them Muslims (

Not only that: the judge has slapped a gag order on all the nooze media in the UK, forbidding them to cover… well, anything that has to do with this case. Obligingly, some of the nooze media have deleted their initial reports.

Are we in China? Are we still in the country where they drew up the Magna Carta?

English Defense League leader Tommy Robinson, at the time already under a suspended sentence for reporting news that some judge told him he couldn’t report, will get 13 months in prison–which, given his high-profile criticisms of the UK’s insane immigration policy, and the heavily Muslim population of the prison, is tantamount to a death sentence, Robinson’s supporters say.

As he stood outside the courtroom trying to report on the pedophile trial, Robinson was surrounded by seven police officers–yes, it was seven to one–and arrested. Why so many? Who did they think they were busting–King Kong?

The purpose of those seven officers, boys ‘n’ girls, is to scare the rest of us. Give the plebs a good scare, and they’ll do as they’re told.

Why is England trying to abolish England?

14 comments on “The Lights Go Out in Britain

  1. YouTube is abuzz with this story today but I doubt we’ll see much about it in the lame stream media. Meanwhile, England is attempting to abolish England just as other countries are attempting the same in their respective lands. Sovereignty must be abolished to bring to fruition the satanic kingdom of one world government slavery and darkness which the Bible warns will arrive just before the return of our King.

  2. Thank you for reporting on this Lee. This is how people are silenced for speaking up absolutely everything which resembles the truth. You are imprisoned or you lose your job or reputation. Thankfully, social media hasn’t been silenced and plenty of people are demonstrating in London.

    1. I am too, but I’m equally glad that the US seems to be moving in the direction of goodness, at least in some ways.

  3. If you are a believer in traditional values, you are a target of the Left. Roseann Barr has shown how one “bad” tweet joke can cost you your job and reputation by the Left. As Otto Scott used to say how America used to be famous for its freedom to speak one’s mind.

    1. Not that Roseann is anybody’s idea of a conservative. But in supporting Trump, she put herself squarely in the Left’s crosshairs–never mind that she’s as far out to the left as they are on many issues.

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