‘The Silver Trumpet’ Available in Kindle

The Silver Trumpet (Bell Mountain Book 10) by [Duigon, Lee]

Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed colleagues, lovers of fantasy fiction: it gives me great pleasure to announce that The Silver Trumpet is available today as a Kindle book on amazon.com. In fact, if you’ve got Amazon Prime, it’s free. (Don’t ask me how I make any money out of that. I’m sure I don’t know.) And coming out of the starting gate, it’s in the Top Hundred for Fantasy and Science Fiction this morning.

It doesn’t appear that any paperbacks have been sold yet, although they’re now available, too.

Plus there’s a “Be the First to Review This Book” notice up, so I’ll be on tenterhooks to see what kind of customer reviews I get. It suddenly occurs to me that I don’t, in fact, know what “tenterhooks” are.

So there it is, boys and girls. (I promise not to stop with the microaggressions.)

What–you mean you haven’t ordered it already? Well, don’t just stand there–!

17 comments on “‘The Silver Trumpet’ Available in Kindle

  1. That’s great! I’ve been waiting for The Silver Trumpet for a long time and I am looking forward to reading it. I read books 1 to 9 so far. Of course I love all of them, but my favorite one is The Last Banquet.

  2. Lee tried to leave a review but could not. Said i had to a minimum amount of debit or credit charge purchases.

    1. I’m swamped with lots of books and I mainly read nonfiction with the exception of comic books. However I’m really really considering your books for my wife and kids though my kids are not school age yet….

  3. Thanks for another fantastic book! I am forcing myself to put it down after reading the first four chapters…otherwise it will be over with too quickly 🙂

  4. I just finished “The Palace” and will be entering a review of it on Amazon.com. “The Last Banquet” is my favorite so far also. The first couple of books I read almost straight through, but now I just read a couple of chapters before bed to make this journey last as long as I can.

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