Gop Scare Tactics–Enough, Already

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Every day, without fail, I get emails from this or that Republican fund-raising group warning me that unless I send them money, the Democrat Blue Wave will swamp America, we’re all doomed. Not that they’re building an Ark or anything. They just want my money and are afraid to compose an honest message that says “We want your money.”

See, I don’t believe in the Blue Wave. Anyone with half an eye can see it’s a fiction brewed from wishful thinking by the nooze media, polls that way oversample Democrats, and GOP scare tactics as a fund raiser. The emails come from GOP Establishment types, bow ties and all, who never lifted a finger to help Donald Trump and would probably be more comfortable with Hillary the Stalinist.

I resent them thinking I can be made to believe just by mere repetition. It’s the political equivalent of Climbit Change. It’s fake. It’s poop.

As incredible as it seems, politics is actually growing more dishonest than it’s been. Every time you think it’s bottomed out, it drops another level.

I think this is because God is mad at us. And who can blame Him?

3 comments on “Gop Scare Tactics–Enough, Already

    1. Job One is to knock out the Democrats, for good: they sponsor all the disastrous policies. Only then will it be time to deal with the Republicans. We must use the primaries to knock out liberal Republicans.

    2. One good question for republicans seeking nomination would be to have them define Republicanism. I would bet that few could.

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