This Contest Ain’t Workin’

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Recently I announced a fun contest for readers. Cast the Bell Mountain movie, using actors living or dead to play at least six characters, and whoever comes up with the coolest cast wins a copy of The Silver Trumpet.

A lot of people have read that announcement, but so far only three have entered. What kind of contest has only three people in it? Are many of you just waiting around to see what others say? Crikey, I could get three entries into “Name That Tent Caterpillar”contest.

C,mon now, folks–spread your wings and let your imaginations take flight. You can cast anyone you want for any part. If you want to cast Yul Brynner as Ellayne, fine–you won’t win, but you could do that.

This game will only work if a lot of readers play. ‘Nuff said?

6 comments on “This Contest Ain’t Workin’

  1. Hmm…I think I will name the tent caterpillar…

    Hesqueech the Stinker, in loving memory of Hesket the Tinker.

    1. Would you believe it? I now have three entries for the “Name That Tent Caterpillar” contest–only one short of the number of entries for the movie contest. *sigh* I’ll bet if I offered a prize, the tent caterpillar contest would do better than the movie contest.
      And I don’t actually have a tent caterpillar.

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