Progress on ‘The Temptation’

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I heard from my excellent copy and continuity editor, Kathy, today. She’s finished her work on The Temptation, aka Bell Mountain No. 11–and she loved it. Her main job is to find mistakes and contradictions in the text, and she doesn’t seem to have found any–none, at least, requiring my attention.

So now I’ve got to contact our artist, Kirk DouPonce, and see about a cover. I don’t think he’s had a chance to read the book yet, but there must be a scene in there somewhere that he’ll want to use. Not all cover artists read the book first, so I’m very grateful that he does.

Meanwhile, I’m toiling away on No. 12, His Mercy Endureth Forever, taking every opportunity I can, between rain and thunderstorms, to get outside and write. I don’t know yet where the next few chapters will be going: I can only ask the Lord to guide me.

While you’re waiting, there are now ten Bell Mountain books in print, including No. 9, The Throne, pictured above. I know some of you have already read all ten. If you’re eagerly waiting for the next one–well, I’m working as fast as I can.

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    1. 12 and up–but lots of adults love them, and I’m always surprised when people tell me how much their very young children enjoy them: including kids who haven’t quite learned to read yet, so their parents read the books to them aloud.
      I’ve been writing these since 2010, and I suppose that if a reader is 12 years old when he first reads Bell Mountain, he’ll be significantly older and more sophisticated by the time he reaches The Silver Trumpet.

    2. They’re a blessing to those of us who read Lee’s books too 🙂

  1. Excellent! That’s one thing I’ve noticed about your books, Lee. No typos and no other errors or contradictions I’ve ever found. Refreshing, especially these days when even the most prolific authors (including journalists) have many typos and errors in their final copies. Having worked for attorneys in a paralegal capacity, I’m a stickler for those sorts of things. I’ve yet to find a single one in all your work so far, and I’m about to begin The Silver Trumpet. 🙂

    1. You’re the second one who’s mentioned that today.
      We have an excellent team of proofreaders, and the book will be proofed a dozen times before it goes to press.

  2. Hello Mr. Duigon,
    I read The Silver Trumpet last month, and as I read it I did notice just one error, and please tell me if I’m mistaken.
    Towards the beginning of the book it talks about how Sunfish was teaching the Abnaks how to read in Obannese because the Abnaks didn’t have a written language, but then – later on in the book – when Fnaa is looking at Uduqu’s journal – or narrative – Uduqu says that it was useless for him to try because Fnaa couldn’t even read in the Abnak language.

    That is the only mistake that I’ve found in the whole series, but maybe it’s not a mistake I just didn’t understand that part correctly?

    Thank you!
    Elijah Holston

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