Sorry I’m Late!

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After a whole week of truly rotten weather–stultifying heat, heavy rain, or both at once–today is just a corker, sunny and fair: not to mention being sick, too. So I thought it wise to get a bike ride in before anyone could stop me.

Who would stop me? Oh, you know: the phone rings. “Hello! This is a government agency you never knew existed! You are required to report to our office on top of Mount Olympus at 5:45 a.m. on Monday to answer certain questions regarding your aunt who died recently. Please bring copies of her grade school records, her first three paychecks, and photographs of her three best friends in 1938. Please be prepared to spend at least five hours in our waiting room…”

Ah-ha, ah-ha! The phone has just rung: somebody trying to sell me solar panels for this building which I don’t own. Who knows what I missed by not being here earlier?

Well, this day cries out for a relaxing cigar. One more post, and I’m heading for my lawn chair.

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  1. Shalom, friend. Easy, sit…breathe, you’ve got this. Life is so stressful now for almost everyone- we have to fight it- with deliberate calm.

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