‘Martin the Warrior’ (2013)

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After some headaches getting the ol’ computer into gear this morning, I happened to think of this book I’d read some years ago: Martin the Warrior, by Brian Jacques.


Sometimes I just don’t get it. Like, Mr. Jacques sold 30 million books–no, I don’t get it. His books were adapted as TV shows and even… an opera! I read a couple of them and really, there was nothing much there.

Not that the book was truly awful. But the only thing memorable about it was all those dinner scenes. I didn’t get that, either.

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  1. For what it’s worth (my opinion, that is), through life observation, I’ve noticed many people who know the world but don’t know Jesus have wild worldly success. You have been obedient and followed His calling and the result is He has given you all you’ve needed to accomplish it. Praise God!

    1. For all I know, the guy who wrote these books was about the nicest Christian you’d ever want to meet. I found a benign spirit in the ones I read. But I didn’t find much in the way of good writing.

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