We’ve Shattered a Record!

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My stars, look at all them views, this month! Over 9,000 of ’em–zooming right past the old record, set only last month, of 7,750.

Come to think of it, “SlimJim” predicted we’d break 8,000 this month. Give that man a crystal ball. On second thought, he doesn’t need one.

Now the next question, of course, is, Can we do it again? Nine thousand views, that is. And if we can, does that mean that someday we’ll hit 10,000?

Thanks to all of you who viewed, liked, and commented! We’ve done it together.

P.S.–The top post of the month, with 100 views, was the baby sloth video, “Where sloth is not a sin.”

17 comments on “We’ve Shattered a Record!

  1. H’ray for you! You are gaining ground, and the various types of posts are
    what is doing it, I think. something for everybody.

  2. Congratulations, Lee! Fantastic news! I remember a couple of years ago when the thought of jumping past 5,000 was more than you’d hoped for. Erlene is right. You have something for everyone here. Starting off our day with hymns, then there’s Mr. Nature, Joe Collidge, Violet Crepuscular, sweet animal videos, news – and best of all a comfy Christian welcoming atmosphere. What more could we ask 🙂

    1. Oh dear. Sorry to hear this UnKnowable. Feel better. As always, you’re in my prayers – as is everyone here at Lee’s.

    2. Indeed! 🙂

      The plague continues. I’m up and alert, but solid food is less appetizing of a prospect than solid rock would be. I drank a cup of coffee for breakfast and it upset my innards. I would have preferred locusts. 🙂

    3. I was thinking in terms of locusts as a plague. 🙂

      The cat loves anything that moves and her seasonal prey of choice is the Cricket. I’m finding a lot of dead crickets of late.

    4. Is this the same malady you had a while ago–the one that came and went real fast? If so, maybe you’d better have it checked out.

    5. It is, but there seem to be a lot of people at work experiencing the same thing. We had any number of people call in sick yesterday.

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