‘You Can’t Get Away from Faith’ (2013)

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I came in for some abuse when I asked atheists “What do you believe in?” and then didn’t accept “rationalism” as an answer. Only because “rationalism” always boils down to a matter of opinion. One man’s “rational” is another man’s wall-climbing crazy.


As Christians we know what we believe and we know Whom we believe in. God is a person. He made us in His image and He loves us.

“Rationalists” are only idol worshipers, venerating things like Science, The State, The Party, etc., that they themselves have made with their own hands.

There’s an awful lot of it around today.

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  1. I once had a debate on another website I frequent with someone who puts “rationalism” on a pedestal. Really it’s just a form of pride, they elevate their own “opinions”, as you put it, above everyone else’s, including God. Your right in that it is subjective. What is rational to one person, may not be rational to another. So how can there be absolutes? This same person always complains how he hates humanity. If rationalism can’t even get you to love thy neighbor, how useful is it really?

    1. Leftids think it’s “rational” to destroy a man on the basis of unsupported accusations, so I think we can see what their rationalism is worth.

  2. I am all for rationalism. I look around and I see a world of complexity and wonder and the only rational explanation I can come up with is that it is the product of design. The next question would be; who designed it. I like to call that Designer; God, or Yahweh, or Jehovah or simply Creator, used as a Proper noun. They all mean the same thing.

    I look around the area I live in and I can see two things; the obvious effects of a lot of water sometime in the past and the obvious lack of water in the present; it is the Sonoran desert of SE Arizona. A global flood would explain this and there’s nothing irrational about this. If someone doesn’t choose to believe that, there’s no skin off of my nose, but it makes sense to me and I find it a lot easier to believe than some of tales offered by science.

    I am a rationalist and I’ve come to the rational conclusion that the things I see around me didn’t happen by accident. I don’t care how much time one allots for this or how many rolls of the dice one imagines by positing that there are infinite number of universes, which is the fable du jour, the “multiverse” theory.

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