‘Fiddling with Fantasy while Rome Burns’ (2011)

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People were asking me this seven years ago, and I still get asked today: with the world on fire all around you, why are you writing fantasy?


If anything, there’s more fire in more places than there was in 2011; and I have to work harder on my fantasy. Is it too simple an answer to say I do it because God has called me to do it?

This is my work. I do it in His service, and I pray it gives Him glory and that He will find a use for it.

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  1. Ps 118:24 This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

    If we put life on hold while we await God’s final deliverance of fallen mankind our wait will seem pretty long. All we have been given is this day.

    1. As the author toils to find a conclusion, he stops for a moment and realizes that creation has been restored to its intended glory, and that is the happiest ending possible. 🙂

    2. Good idea. Truly, the Bell Mountain books strike me as infused with the hope of the restitution.

      Imagine the creative arts possible under righteous conditions.

      Just today, I read a book about the LA music scene in the ’60s. There were some great songs from that time and place, but the back stories tend to be tawdry. At the very least, they tend to be cautionary tales about drug abuse and other self-destructive behaviors. The nasty end of the scale was unspeakably bad, culminating in the Tate/LaBianca murders masterminded by Charles Manson.

      How much better it would be if our arts were used for the upbuilding of mankind.

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