Prayer Request: Pastor Mark

I hadn’t seen my friend, Pastor Mark McCreary, for several weeks, wondered if he was on vacation or leave of absence. But today, as I stopped at the Second Baptist Church to ask about him, I was told he’d had a stroke. I was also told he’s on the mend, but isn’t expected to return.

Mark and I have prayed together, have shared many hours on the basketball court, and undertaken a few charitable works together. Please join me in prayer for him.

O Lord our God, the fields are white with harvest and yet the laborers are few! Please, Father, have mercy on your servant, Pastor Mark, please heal him and make him whole. Please, Lord, reward your servant and bless the prayers of his family, his congregation, and his friends. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  1. Amen to Lee’s prayer, and as we continue to lift him up, we pray that all health may return to him, and great shalom.

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