Alec Baldwin: ‘We Need to Overthrow the Government’

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Remember when he called for Henry Hyde and his family to be stoned to death? What a sweetheart.

Oh, fap, the news again–! I hate the news today.

Speaking to an audience of fabulously wealthy Democrat donors–regular people, it seems, don’t send money to the Party anymore–leftid Alec Baldwin said, “We need to overthrow the government” (–peacefully, of course. By voting. Line up the dead, the illegals, and the multiple voters to put Democrats back in charge of the country.

Why is it that when Democrats say “peacefully,” that one can’t help thinking of Antifa riots, left-wing harpies chasing Republicans out of restaurants, and Far Left Crazy Democrat stooges pounding and clawing at the doors of the Supreme Court while Brett Kavanagh was taking his oath of office? Is that what they call “peaceful”?

Why, pray tell, do we “need to overthrow the government”?

Because, babbled Baldwin, Republicans “cash NRA checks”–Dem-speak for the crime of upholding the Second Amendment–and “spit in the faces of the global community” rather than conform our public policies to the Climbit Change Myth. Oh, and they also hate women. According to Baldwin.

Uh, what “global community” is that, Einstein? Is that the one that wants to abolish our nation-states and impose a global government? President Donald Trump is definitely not on board for that. So he’s gotta go.

Well, if you want to go ahead and vote for the party whose leaders call normal people “deplorables” and “the dregs of society”–you have an awful lot to be ashamed of.

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    1. Y’mean sorta like Donna Brazile, in 2000, in a year when more black voters voted than ever before, telling the black people in Florida that their vote was suppressed–just to rile ’em up, for her party’s advantage? I think that was sedition. But as usual when a Democrat does something unlawful, nothing happened.

    2. Brazile lost the election for Al Gore. She was the worst campaign manager I’d ever seen in my life. I worked under the campaign manager, Sal Guzzetta, for John Heinz’s re-election as the Administer of his campaign, so I know thing or two about what makes a good one. Whether Brazile did it deliberately or not, i’m sure glad she did. But to this day, I don’t know why she did it…perhaps her leftology interfered with her abilities, as they do with her faculties.

  1. I see where they have given Alec Baldwin his own talk show – and who is his first guest? It’s Robert Di Nero – you can imagine what they are going to talk about. We need the billionaire patriots to buy up the MSM corporations – the sooner the bettter.

    1. He tried to do a talk show once before, and he bombed badly. Normal people won’t listen to a Far Left Crazy radio talk show.

    1. Oh, he does politics, all right–Far Left, rug-chewing, venom-spewing politics. He’s among the worst of a bad lot… and that’s really saying something.

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