‘What Is “Christian Fantasy”?’ (2014)

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This blog wouldn’t exist if I weren’t writing fantasy novels steeped in a Biblical worldview–notice how cleverly I dodge the term, “Christian fantasy”–so it’s a subject that ought to be discussed here, from time to time.


You know I don’t want to just slap “Christian stuff” onto my stories like refrigerator magnets. The “Christian” in any Christian fiction should be the heart and soul of the story, without which there is no story.

A simple enough idea, but there seem to be a lot of writers who don’t get it.

To put it simply, and to make clear that this is my personal statement, “Christian fantasy” is any fantasy fiction firmly anchored in the Bible: cut the cable, and the story simply drifts away.

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  1. As was recently discussed, Christinaity is a way of life, not just a mantle taken up one day per week. People infused with an appreciation for their Maker will reflect this in their daily activities.

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