Another Shameless Commercial Message

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As we try not to stew over what the doctor will say to us tomorrow, Patty’s recording my quarterly book sales statement. I haven’t the heart to look at it.

But say-hey, as Willie Mays would say! My books make great Christmas presents! For family members, friends, and casual acquaintances. For anybody. Give ’em Bell Mountain and get ’em hooked on the whole series. The books can’t do their job unless a lot of people read them. Unless maybe there’s one person out there who reads them and gets inspired to do something great.

Meanwhile, in sweater, coat, and hood, I’m out there every day it doesn’t rain, trying to finish writing His Mercy Endureth Forever: six hand-written pages today, and my hands are like ice. At the rate I’m going, I hope to finish sometime next week. Give God the glory for that!

And please don’t tell me you never heard of Willie Mays.

4 comments on “Another Shameless Commercial Message

  1. Oh, yeah, I’ve heard of Willie Mays alright, but hadn’t though of him in a long time. That is one of the things I enjoy about this blog; the reminders
    of many things I had forgotten. I also love the spiritual songs, your take on the news, and the comments of all the other members. A great group to belong to.

    1. Willie lit up my childhood. With the Giants out in San Francisco and me in New Jersey, it was hard to keep up. I used to grab the afternoon paper first so I could look at the box scores and see how he did that night. And for the first couple of seasons after they left New York, there were still a lot of day games and we still had the Giants on the radio. Glorious!

  2. I loved the “Say Hey Kid’ and the way he caught flies out in center field using his glove like a bucket. Definitely one of the greatest baseball players of all time! Ted Williams said, “They invented the All-Star Game for Willie Mays.”

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