Toaster Oven, R.I.P.

So the moment Patty tried to make our supper tonight, the blinkin’ toaster oven conked out, kaput, adios. She had to order a new one online.

I dunno… We loved that oven. *sigh* What’s next?

17 comments on “Toaster Oven, R.I.P.

  1. This type of thing seems to be happening more and more. Very discouraging to pay top price, install or set up and then have them die
    in a short time. sighhh

    1. Oh yes it does> I can vouch for that on numerous occasions. “What’s next” is the only thing one can say to the first one.

    2. Haha – maybe you’re in the wrong business. Selling the same appliances to the same people every 2-4 years or so sounds profitable.

    1. LOL!! I just love it when these things happen to other people. Oh darn, my coffee pot just broke…

    1. I feel obliged to re-state that I used a stock photo. We were fond of our toaster oven and were very sorry to see it suddenly fail.

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