We Finally Found the Doctor’s Office

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Well, there we were–lost again, thanks to Mapquest’s so-called “directions.” They’re really great at sending you on a wild goose chase for streets that don’t exist, and the ever popular “slight right” turn onto some blind alley that takes you farther and farther from your goal. We’re probably lucky we didn’t wind up in Mordor, or Venezuela. I had to stop at a library and ask directions–which turned out to be radically different from those provided by the jidrools at Mapquest, a lot simpler… and correct!

Really, it would have been easy to find this doctor’s office if only we’d had the right directions. “It’s easy to get there from here,” said the librarian; and she was right.

So Patty had a couple of tests, she’ll have the last of them on Monday, and then Dr. Swan can decide on a course of treatment. Naturally, we’re worried that the tests will indicate a whole passel of truly dreadful problems–so please, please, keep those prayers coming. And thank you all for the prayers you’ve prayed for us so far.

My own short-term prayer is for us to have a normal, peaceful day tomorrow.

And maybe I can finish writing my book!

7 comments on “We Finally Found the Doctor’s Office

  1. The Lord answered the prayer for guidance to the place you needed to go, and I’m sure you will get more favorable answers. Prayers continue.

  2. Daily prayers being offered in Arkansas!

    I’m really enjoying the section in “The Temple” where King Ryon’s army reaches the Thunder King’s headquarters – great drama! And at the same time more drama with what is going to happen to all that gold now stockpiled at Obann?

  3. The map in my iPad led me off course and onto dirt roads during a recent cross country trip. It probably cost me 45 minutes. At least you made it. Prayers sent.

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