The Contest So Far

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Our first annual Christmas Carol Contest started off with a bang. Mary, Did You Know? held the lead on Day One, but has since been overtaken by Away in a Manger with 17 views on the day it was posted.

See–the idea is for the lead to change hands again and again. That’ll make it exciting, he said hopefully.

We have only one request so far today, which I’ll post momentarily. But first a word to potential contestants–

These contests only work if a lot of people play. Some of you come here very often and have yet to request a hymn.

Look, there’s no need to be bashful. It’s not like being 40 years late for your bar mitzvah and mumbling through your beard, “Today I am a man!”

So let’s get festive, everybody! It’s Advent time. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!

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  1. So Lee, there is one song that really touches my heart and this year especially. If you could please post this one and dedicate to my Mom I would be ever so grateful. It is especially fitting. It is called “The Christmas Shoes”

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