We’ve Got Our Air Purifier

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We were going to watch BBC Narnia today, but you know there’s never any rest. Our air purifier arrived ten days early, in a gigantic box, and we’ve just finished setting it up, after 2:30 p.m. It’s getting kind of crowded here, what with the Christmas tree and now this device.

Okay, it’s plugged in and humming away, supposedly removing allergens from our air. I have high hopes for this. Robbie’s cough, Patty’s trouble breathing, and my allergy attacks which bring on sinus infections–if we can clean the air, all three of us might be doing better. But it is technology, which means I don’t understand it, and won’t be able to fix it if anything goes wrong. So all I can do is give it a few days and see if it makes a difference. I will have to spend more time dusting than I used to: the replacement filters are expensive.

Please pray that this winds up working for us!

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  1. I do pray that this purifier will work for all of you. I believe it will certainly help. All those who have them love them. In a previous home, we had one connected to the furnace/ac and it worked wonders.

    1. No, but the sound is very soft and rather soothing.

      Once we take down the Christmas tree, we’ll have more room. But I only just put it up, so we want it here for a while.

  2. I understand Honeywell is one of best purifiers. But I thought it would indeed be “quiet.” However, I don’t know why I thought so because everything “quiet” that I bought – refridgerator, air conditions, etc – always made too much noise. Anyway, will pray this unit works to relieve your distress and frankly, I know it will most certainly help. PS: I wonder if there was a model with ‘washable’ or ‘cleanable’ filters. In any event, dusting more often should offset the expense. PPS: Check out some youtubes because I remember watching a video explaining what other cheaper materials can be used to filter appliances.

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