Until Next Christmas

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Today our Christmas tree comes down. It’s a big job and I’m still trying to pump myself up to do it. Has to be done, it’s getting too dry. But we always love our Christmas tree, and once it’s gone, we’ll miss it for a while.

The thing we want, though, is to make this Christmas work all year, by God’s sovereign grace, in answer to our prayers–to make it carry on all the way to Christmas 2019, drawing people’s hearts to Jesus Christ Our Lord, amen.

3 comments on “Until Next Christmas

    1. I’m sure those are electric candles.
      When I was a little boy, somebody read me a story about people who put candles on their Christmas tree and it caught fire and burned the house down. I had bad dreams about that. To this day I marvel that once upon a time people really did have lit candles on their Christmas trees. How they failed to burn down whole towns and cities is anybody’s guess.

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