Placebos Are Better Than Ever!

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This is weird science news: apparently, placebos–pills and potions that are basically inert, not supposed to do anything, used as a yardstick against which to test the effectiveness of a new drug–have in recent years been getting stronger.

This strange phenomenon is discussed in a long article which I had probably better not try to paraphrase.

Placebos shouldn’t do anything for the patient, and yet they do. Mind over matter? You truly believe the pill you took will help you–and it does make you feel better, even though it’s not really medicine but only a harmless placebo.

This gets weirder and weirder. Why are placebos now roughly three times as “effective”–pseudo-effective: is that a word?–as they were in the 1990s? What if you know your “medicine” is only a placebo? Does it still work anyway?

And how many horror movies have you seen about a voodoo curse that kills the victim only because he believes it will? Sort of an anti-placebo.

This brings us closer to that shadowy, shifting border where science ends and woo-woo stuff begins.

6 comments on “Placebos Are Better Than Ever!

  1. Yes, I do think the mind plays some pretty weird tricks. This is the area where the attacks of the enemy come from, and you can just look around at the really weird things people are being sold these days, so why not placebo meds? Not really as strange to me as the ideologies people are buying into.

  2. I suspect it has a lot to do with all those obedient worshippers coming out of the Church of Public Education that were told to “believe” for so many years and now cannot think for themselves. Yowsa, mastah! This reminds me of the psychological tests done on people who were instructed to push a button that would broadcast a person behind the wall who would scream in excruciating agony every time the testee pushed the button. And they push it as many times as they were told. To paraphrase Bradlee dean: “Obedience to God is disobedience to tyranny.”

    1. The thing that puzzles me is why placebos should be more pseudo-effective than they used to be. Are we getting more suggestible? If so, you can think of as many reasons for that as I can.

    2. Suggestible, yes. “Suggestions” from fake news, schools, congress, the UN, globalists, the totalitarian oligarchy – it’s overwhelming. It’s all effectively pseudo.

    3. I think that people are getting more and more suggestible and also, as spirituality decrease in any quarters, there is a need to look for something greater than the mundane.

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