‘Are You Ready to Receive the Mark?’ (2017)

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You won’t be able to see if after it’s implanted.

Oh, boy! We can have microchips implanted in our hands!

But for the time being we’ll settle for mandatory face masks and mandatory vaccines and antisocial distancing.

Are You Ready to Receive the Mark?

Several of you noted with horror that no one showed even the least misgiving about having a chip in one’s hand. Hey, if it’s new, it must be good! And it’s computerized, so what could possibly go wrong? And we all know that hi-tech stuff can never be used for evil purposes–don’t we?

‘Now They Can Hack into Your Brain?’ (2016)

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You just know this invention has a brilliant future!

Now They Can Hack into Your Brain?

You put the little cap on, see–the one with the electrodes in it–and they can extract all kinds of information out of your mind. And maybe, someday, they’ll be able to put things in! Now they can take things out; tomorrow they can put things in.

We need rescuing from sin and folly. Satan plays the tune on his hornpipe, and we’re dancing off the cliff.

‘The Humanist Messiah’ (2017)

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They call themselves humanists, but they want to get rid of the human race and replace it with something better: something created by themselves.

The Humanist Messiah

Artificial Intelligence! Homo sapiens 2.0! This time it’ll be perfect! We’ll have a perfect utopian world with free stuff for all and philosopher-kings to manage it for us!

Lord Jesus defend us.

‘What NOT to Do When You Dig Up a Skeleton’ (2013)

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I offer this as a public service. Just in case.

What NOT to Do When You Dig Up a Human Skeleton

We want to be good citizens, we want to do the right thing–but here they’ve made the price too high: five thousand dollars (for starters), plus indefinitely prolonged loss of access to your own back yard.

Yeesh! I remember one hot day of digging post-holes for my grandpa. The job was hard enough without suddenly happening upon a skeleton.

Once Again, ‘the Hottest Year Ever’

Three-card Monte - Wikipedia

Would you buy a used planet from these guys?

Honk if you’ve heard this before.

“Wow! This was the hottest year ever! Man, that Climate Change is really heatin’ up, we’re all gonna die, we’re doomed–doomed, I tell you!–unless we give the government a lot more money and a lot more power…” blah-blah-blah.

Yes, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) is up to its old tricks. This time the Hottest Year Ever is–you guessed it!–2020 (https://www.nbcnews.com/science/environment/2020-likely-end-hottest-year-record-rcna199).

This is an Associated Press nooze article on an NBC website; in other words, there is virtually no likelihood of it being true.

It’s always the hottest year, the hottest month, the hottest day. I guess they’re feeling their oats, expecting China Joe Biden will cow-prod America back onto the Citizen of the World Climate Change bandwagon, bringing back John Kerry and all the rest of the commie retreads. This is what happens when you allow criminals to steal elections.

‘Scientific Ninnies’ (2017)

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Kowabunga! It’s the stairway to socialism!

Betcha didn’t know it’s capitalism that wrecks civilizations! If only they’d had the good sense to practice socialism–like Venezuela or North Korea–they wouldn’t have wound up like this.

Scientific Ninnies

Surely someone must have practiced socialism, somewhere, in history. And because socialism is not capitalism, that ancient socialist civilization should still be in business today–and by far the most properous country in the world.

Honk when you find it.

‘Global Warming Hysteria… Again’ (2013)

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Totally imaginary–but still scary!

Gasp! The horror! If all the oceans in the world, all at the same time, were suddenly to release all the heat stored in them, we’d all be fried! It’s true, I tell you! The International Panel on Climate Change says so! Oh, if only the government had more arbitrary power over us–!

Global Warming Hysteria… Again

The fact that there could be no reason for all the oceans to cough up all their heat didn’t faze any of the Climate Wizards of 2013; and they’re still around today, still trying to control your life. And now that their buddies have stolen a U.S. presidential election, they think they’re in the catbird seat. “Boy, will we sock it to the deplorables now!”

How do you get a job making people afraid of impossible things?

‘Let’s Make Robots That “Evolve”‘ (2016)

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Boy Robot meets Girl Robot–what? what about all those other “genders”?–they make baby robots, and after I dunno how many generations of this, the robots *evolve* into other kinds of robots with no resemblance to the original–

And this teaches us… what?

Let’s Make Robots That ‘Evolve’!

Try to make sense of this. “There is no Intelligent Design!” And then, to prove it, they design robots, design them to “evolve”–and it’s all just a simulation, there’s nothing real involved–and then claim that this proves Evolution by totally random chance and there is no God and no God’s laws so really we can fornicate with a pile of rocks or anything else–[pause for hyperventilating Scientist].

Our culture continues to melt down.

Obsolete Dinosaurs

Nabisco 50s-60s Palaeoscincus Armored Dinosaur Cereal Premium Dark Pink  (5-23-19)

Nabisco’s Paleoscincus

If there’s anything worse than going extinct, it’s going extinct twice.

As a little boy, I was on fire to learn all that I could about dinosaurs. Uncle Bernie patiently read to me, over and over again, from my dinosaur books. Later in life I discovered how badly he’d butchered the pronunciation of the names–but so what?

Alas! Some of my favorite dinosaurs have been abandoned, rejected, cast out by today’s scientists–who will someday find their own work abandoned, rejected, and cast out by tomorrow’s scientists.

*Paleoscincus. Waddaya mean, it never existed? You could find a perfectly good one in a box of Nabisco Wheat Honeys or Rice Honeys.

*Trachodon, the archetypal duck-billed dinosaur. Look! Here’s a whole mob of Trachodons!

What do the Marx Trachodon and Constantinople Have in Common?

Now we are told Trachodon was a 19th-century blunder reconstructed from teeth from two unrelated groups of animals. I must have a dozen of these Marx Toy Co. trachodons in my dinosaur box. No, they’re not for sale! And hang in there, guys, there’s hope. Remember how they got rid of Brontosaurus for several decades, only having to bring it back last year.

*Deinodon, a fearsome carnivore on a par with Tyrannosaurus rex–only now we’re told that it, too, was cobbled together from teeth from unrelated animals. Who is there left so hardy (or so daft) as to defend poor Deinodon?

*Aliwalia rex, the supersized carnivore from way back in the Triassic–a leg bone and a jaw bone from two different animals put together to make an awesome dinosaur that now they say never existed. Aliwalia lasted just long enough to get some authoritative words about him published in several dinosaur books.

Well, some of today’s dinosaur all-stars will one day be dismissed: don’t get too attached to any of them. Thank heaven I never got that Paleoscincus tattoo…

Fauci to America: ‘Do What You’re Told’

Coronavirus: Dr. Fauci on why 'television baseball' could work - Los  Angeles Times

“Just shut up and do what you’re told–all of you!”

Wow! And you thought you were out of grade school, out from under getting grounded by your folks. You thought you were an adult.

Dr. Fauci says you’re not. Not really. Not to any degree that he or any other [trumpet fanfare] Scientist has to respect.

Fauci the Virus Czar acknowledges that the American people have “an independent spirit” which is now getting in the way of The Science: “I can understand that, but now is the time to do what you’re told” (https://nypost.com/2020/11/13/anthony-faucis-new-covid-19-guidance-do-what-youre-told/). Presto! You’re back in middle school gym class.

Meanwhile Doddering Joe, who thinks he’s the president, has promised nationwide lockdowns, nationwide mask mandates, etc. If you voted for him, you have done a bad and foolish thing.

Why are they treating COVID-19 as if it were the deadliest disease the world has ever known? I can think of only two reasons. Either A), It really is super-horrible-doomsday-etc. and there’s something about it that they haven’t told us yet; or B) This is just the most glorious excuse they’ve ever had to take control of other people’s lives and pile up more power and money for themselves.

Does anybody out there actually believe this schiff? Are we or are we not getting the biggest damned hosing in all of history? Of which the recent stolen-election caper is only a part!

This is what happens when government has no fear of the governed. Thomas Jefferson told us so. We should have listened.