‘Robots Get Married; Gay Robots Protest’ (2015)

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Honk if you see any point to this charade.

Does anybody else here think Japan is getting a bit too deeply involved with robots? Or never mind Japan–what about the whole world?

Robots Get Married; Gay Robots Protest

It’s just further evidence that suggests the whole world is going barking mad crazy, largely thanks to humanist experts, sages, counselors, prognosticators, “scientists,” “educators”–fercryinoutloud, why do they call them “educators” when all they do is make people stupid?

I don’t think God will let us go extinct–but He sure doesn’t have to keep this particular civilization around a minute longer than He pleases.

‘Kook: Humans to Marry ‘Droids by 2045’ (2018)

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Too late, sunshine, you’ve already done it…

I’ve been just about 100% convinced that the whole world has gone totally off its rocker.

Yeah, okay, let’s marry machines…

Kook: Humans to Marry ‘Droids by 2045

Has this guy got a crystal ball, or what?

(Hello, is anybody out there?)

Meanwhile–this is King Jesus’ royal estate you jerks are messing up, and King Jesus’ people whose minds you’re playing it. It’s not wise to provoke the King.

Can Scientists Resurrect the Aurochs?

Return of the Aurochs | Discover Magazine

Europe’s domestic cattle are descended from the aurochs, a wild animal that died out in 1627, in a Polish forest. For some decades now, scientists have been trying to bring the aurochs back to life via back-breeding. An particularly notorious attempt was made by zoologists in the the Third Reich, resulting in sort-of/kind-of pseudo-aurochs called “Heck Cattle.”

Well, at least we know what the aurochs looked like, because our ancestors painted its picture on the walls of caves. Julius Caesar and other ancient writers described the aurochs’ size, strength, and speed. But by 1627 there were only a few of them left. The local people tried to save them, but at last a winter came that took away the last of the mighty aurochs.

We also have aurochs skeletons.

Aurochs | extinct mammal | Britannica

So… We have skeletons, we have pictures drawn from life, written descriptions, and many domestic breeds of cattle with aurochs DNA in them. And there are still projects ongoing to breed cattle back to the aurochs.

Can this ever succeed? Will it usher in an age of restoring colossal prehistoric animals?

And just how badly do we want that?

Should I Do Nooze Today?

Study suggests T. rex's legs were made for walkin' – not running

A new study “strongly suggests” that Tyrannosaurus rex used its legs for walking. Well, that knocks the old ballroom dancing theory into a cocked hat. The jumping-jacks theory still has a few die-hards hanging on.

I happened upon a nooze story a few minutes ago and got a blood pressure surge, nor could I restrain certain vigorous exclamations. My wife said, “I thought we weren’t going to do this on the weekend.” Get all worked up over the nooze, she means.

Well, fair enough.

Attention, readers! What would you like to see on this blog on the weekends? I’d like to see more dinosaurs, but that’s only me. What would you like? Don’t ask me to be clairvoyant–tell me! As Popeye once said, “We aims t’please!”

Coming up by and by: Byron’s TV listings.

‘Experts’ Whitewash Shark Attacks

Shark attack Swimmer - Great White Shark Stock Photo - Alamy

Relax! The shark is only curious. And this is just an “interaction.”

“Experts”–yeah, we just love ’em–are now saying that shark attacks shouldn’t be called shark attacks–unfair to the sharks, don’t you know–but “negative interactions” or just “encounters” with sharks (https://nypost.com/2021/07/15/shark-experts-insist-on-re-branding-attacks-as-shark-interactions/).

Like sharks care what you call them. Like it’ll hurt their feelings.

These particular experts are in Australia, a country well known for shark attacks. But really it was just some innocent big fish taking an innocent bite out of someone’s leg, just to see what it’d taste like.

The truth is that the waters around our beaches are full of sharks, pretty much all the time, and occasionally a shark bites somebody… or takes several bites, and kills the swimmer. This is what sharks do. They are predators. It’s how they live.

There’s no point in being mad at sharks, hating them, declaring war on them, or being so afraid of sharks that you won’t step into your bathtub. But there’s no point in trying to depict them as a lot of cozy-cuddles, either.

Then again, we live in a time when people can get arrested for using the wrong pronoun, or trolled on the social media for wearing a Chinese-style prom gown.

Again I say it: there’s no one as anti-human as a humanist.

‘The Oldest Bird?’ (2018)

Image result for protoavis

A scientist can get his colleagues pretty mad if he discovers something that’s not supposed to be there.

Sankar Chatterjee accomplished this by digging up a fossil bird that he says lived alongside the first dinosaurs. Uh-oh.

The Oldest Bird?

So much in “science” is said with such authority! As if they really, truly knew. Maybe Protoavis was a bird, and maybe it wasn’t. But “maybe” doesn’t pull in many grants, and certainly won’t land you any PBS specials.

What if there wasn’t really any Triassic Period, after all?

I’d better watch out, saying things like that…

My Newswithviews Column, July 8 (‘Can They Hijack Our Dreams?’)

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;The Nightmare’ by Fuseli

Are there any good ideas out there, anymore, or only bad ones?

How about letting advertisers target us in our dreams, while we sleep? How does that rate as a truly wretched idea?

Can They Hijack Our Dreams?

Our ruling class is in love with Manufactured Consent–so much more convenient than real consent!

Maybe they’d like manufactured people, too.

Now They Want to Own Our Dreams

Sly Laugh By Red Devil Royalty Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock  Illustration. Image 75564116.

(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip)

Rogue scientists hired by Coors Breweries are working on a way to pump advertising messages into your brain while you’re sleeping, so that you’ll buy their product while you’re awake (https://news.yahoo.com/nightmare-scenario-alarm-advertisers-seek-080045887.html?guccounter=1). They want to hijack your dreams.

They call it “Targeted Dream Incubation,” and they’re pretty sure they can make it work. Critics call it “weaponizing sleep”–against the sleeper–and warn that it might be done through “Alexa” units that the unsuspecting consumer already has in his bedroom.

The good news is that the Federal Trade Commission has the authority to ban this. The bad news is, how would we ever know they really did?

And what about what might happen if governments get their hot little hands on this technology? Wow: Democrats unanimously elected! And suddenly everyone is so obedient! The CDC wants to see what happens if they inject you with Gorilla Glue? Why, sure! Where do I sign up to volunteer?

Go ahead, tell me this stuff doesn’t come from the pit of Hell and smell of brimstone. I won’t believe you, but tell me anyway.

Oh, No! Air Is Racist, Too!

47,249 Air pollution Images - Free & Royalty-free Stock Air pollution Photos  & Pictures | Depositphotos

Uh… Aren’t our polluted cities governed mostly by “Science”-loving liberals?

When the National Academy of Sciences talks Science, all you peasants better listen!

The NAS has just discovered “pollution inequity,” caused by racist white people whose activities–such as using electricity–turn the air itself racist (https://www.conservativeglobe.com/articles/oh-great-now-the-air-is-racist-time-for-rep-air-ations/). ‘Cause, see, white folks cause most of the air pollution and People Of Color… breathe most of it! (Shut up! This is Science!)

But not to worry, social justice is at hand. The government’s got this. Simply charge those evil white folks more money for electricity–’cause after all they use so much of it–and charge POCs less! It’s a kind of reparations. And NPR is all in favor of that, so there!

Had enough yet, America?


Our First ‘Dr. Kishore’ Article

2 with Cape ties face Medicaid fraud charges - z* Breaking News Updates -  capecodtimes.com - Hyannis, MA

Dr. Punyamurtala Kishore, persecuted hero

This is the first of Martin Selbrede’s 18 articles on the pioneering addiction treatment work of Dr. Punyamurtala Kishore and his persecution at the hands of Massachusetts medical and law enforcement authorities.


Once they’d successfully “demonized [him] as a monster,” the authorities set about discrediting Dr. Kishore’s character, ruining him financially, and finally packing him off to prison.

His crime: finding a better way to treat opioid addiction instead of just replacing one addictive drug with another.

These are long articles, but they’re important. With opioid addiction claiming thousands of victims all over the country, Dr. Kishore’s sobriety-based approach produced far better results than what the medical establishment had to offer–and for this he was severely punished.

All 18 articles are available at http://www.chalcedon.edu/ .