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Climbit Change Mob Takes Aim at… Babies

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You selfish and immoral people! Given the grim seriousness of Climbit Change, how dare you have a baby? You carbon footprint, you! Gyaaaaah….! [Collapses with pink foam oozing from ears. Funny: we thought that space in there was vacant.]

Yes, now the Climbit Change wackos have got a Big Professor of Bioethics to do their shouting for them, and he’s got his knickers in a twist over “the moral aspect”–like any of these guys would recognize morality if it bit ’em in the ass–of having babies in this age of we’re-all-gonna-die Global Warming blah-blah ( ‘Cause, ya see, children contribute to Climbit Change.

He doesn’t quite come out and say, like, immediately completely stop having babies waddayou, crazy–! He just wants us to have a lot fewer offspring. Does that mean he wants us to go extinct slowly, instead of in just another generation? He actually likens having a child to releasing a murderer from prison, “knowing he will kill again.” Liberals do that all the time, of course, and it doesn’t bother them a bit. They like murderers. Murder reduces that ol’ carbon footprint. Anyway, says the Big Professor, stop having those confounded  babies!

Where was this great advice when his mother needed it?

In his novel, That Hideous Strength, C.S. Lewis described an all-powerful scientific consortium whose ultimate goal is to scour the planet clean of life, so it will be “pure.” Their scheme is inspired by Satan. C.S. Lewis never heard of George Soros.

Anyway, did he hit the nail right on the head, or what?

(Thanks to Linda for the news tip. Thanks to WordPress, the above news line doesn’t work. Not my fault.)

Global Warming Wiz Pleads Guilty to Fraud (2013)

Please do not make the mistake of thinking this was the last time a Climbit Change superstar was caught lying and cheating.

Global Warming Wiz Pleads Guilty to Fraud

Most of the comments on this piece are in rhyme. Feel free to join in!

ET, Here We Come!

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In 20 years or less, scientists will probably discover life on another planet, according to NASA bigwigs ( Hey, a couple of Jupiter’s moons have water under their ice. There might be mermaids.

Dig this quote. “We’re using the same climate models that we use to project 21st century climate change on Earth to do simulations of specific exoplanets that have been discovered, and hypothetical planets [emphasis added].”

I guess you can always make Climbit Change models work on hypothetical planets created by you and your computer. You will probably find hypothetical life on your hypothetical planets. Too bad you can’t fund it with hypothetical tax dollars.

Humanist religion demands a universe full of inhabited planets where life arose spontaneously through random events and then evolved into Al Franken. “See? See! This proves there is no God! This proves he didn’t create nothin’!” That’s what they’re looking to shout from the housetops.

There is no reason why God should not have created life on other planets. I suspect He probably has. But so far, we have found no evidence of it. And what may or may not have happened on some planet a dozen light-years from ours, even if it could be known, is probably irrelevant.

Or at least hypothetically irrelevant.


The Very Rare Frilled Shark

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(Thanks to “Unknowable” for the news tip)

Well, well! Somebody finally caught a frilled shark and took pictures of it. (

Okay, I’m Mr. Nature so I knew what a frilled shark is, although I never saw anything but line drawings of it. “Demon shark with snake’s head” is laying it on a bit thick, but it certainly is a unique shark. They caught it deep in the waters off Portugal.

If you link to the news article, look closely at the pictures. See those teeth? They have a very odd shape; you wouldn’t be likely to mistake them for anything else. (Well, for some weird kind of pasta, maybe.) I found quite a few teeth like that, fossil-hunting around the Jersey shore, suggesting that sharks like this were more common, once upon a time. Lots and lots of shark teeth, all different shapes and sizes, in the Navesink Formation.

The frilled shark is still here, even if some of the seas it used to swim in aren’t. God has created many variations on the basic shark body plan, and this one is one of the strangest.

Robots Get Married (2015)

If you missed this inspiring news the first time around…

Crazy Science: Rats with Human Brains

Check out this headline from The Sun (UK): “Scientists are implanting tiny HUMAN brains into rats” (

Hmm… what’s goin’ on here? Like, where do you get tiny human brains that can fit into rats’ skulls? This Science is being conducted at Stanford University, so maybe that’s where the tiny human brains are. Maybe the campus is lousy with ’em.

Later on the reporter lets slip that what he means by “tiny human brains” is, in fact, little clumps of cells, taken from human brain tissue, called “organoids.” These micro-items are implanted in a rat’s brain, three or four organoids, and at least sometimes, by and by, become “functionally integrated with the rat.” The Sun Illustrates this point with a picture of a hamster. I guess if you’ve seen one little furry animal, you’ve seen ’em all.

Scientists have already, the reporter adds, “hacked rats’ brains,” making them run or freeze or turn around just by throwing a switch… “using an invisible magnetic field.”

Uh, aren’t all magnetic fields invisible? You can’t just look out your window and see one, can you?

The purpose of these experiments, we are told, is to learn more about the function of the brain and maybe how to fix it when it malfunctions. Well, okay, who can be opposed to that? But some bioethicists are worried about what might happen if they cram, say, 1,000 organoids into a rat’s head. Wouldn’t that make the rat… human-like? And thus entitled to “some kind of respect”? Hopefully more respect than Christians or conservatives get on campus.

We’ll know better if the rats start lying to each other, stealing stuff, getting lost in mazes that they used to run successfully, or cheating at cards.

Meanwhile… couldn’t we, like, respect them just as they are?

Even the UN Pans Paris Climbit Pact

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Remember the Paris Climate Treaty, and how the whole world’s gonna die because President Trump took the US out of it after President *Batteries Not Included tried to suck us into it without ratification by the Senate? Yeah, that Paris Climbit Pact.

Well, now even the UN says that treaty wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on. Not because it was sheer baloney, start to finish, but because it “doesn’t do nearly enough” to save “hundreds of millions of people from a miserable future” ( All it did, sorta, was to let China and India pollute till the cows come home while concentrating on hog-tying America’s economy. But that’s leftids for you. They can’t catch up, so they always try to pull you down.

I wonder what “miserable future” they’ve got in mind. What could be a more miserable future than being governed by know-it-all liberals? They’ll turn your whole country into one great big Detroit, if given half a chance.

But for the UN to be going thumbs-down on a Global Warming treaty… It must’ve been appalling. It’s like the New York Times dissing a Democrat: just isn’t done! Who can even imagine it?

But one thing the Paris Climate Treaty would’ve done to a tee was waste untold billions of dollars and make thieving, lying, fat-headed globalist politicians even more powerful than they are already.

Liberal heaven is hell; and don’t wait till you’re in it to find out.

Muslim Vikings: Baloney! Says Scholar

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Historical Note: Movies to the contrary, only Muslim Vikings wore horned helmets.

Back on Oct. 13 we reported the “staggering” finding that there were Muslim grave goods in a Viking burial, indicating that the Vikings were markedly influenced by Islam, yatta-yatta blah-blah (see “Scholar (LOL) Thinks Vikings May Have Been Muslims). Clue: The, ahem, scholar who announced this works for the University of Uppsala in Sweden. That’s the country whose ruling class hates their own history and is eager to hand it over, lock, stock, and barrel, to invading Muslims. So turning Vikings into Muslims would serve a political purpose.

Now an expert in Islamic art and archeology has blown those “findings” to smithereens (, on two counts. A) The supposed “Arabic inscription” woven into the ancient textiles does not spell “Allah,” but actually spells nothing at all. B) Even if it were a genuine Arabic script, that type of script did not exist until some 500 years after those particular Vikings were supposedly buried with it. [ thanks to ECAW’sblog for the news tip.]

Aw, what does she know! We want Muslim Vikings! That way we’re not giving our country away; we’re giving it back.

Aren’t you glad there ain’t no politics in Science?

Saudi Arabia Grants Citizenship to… a Robot

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If it’s your vacuum cleaner, it’s only a machine and you don’t think twice about it. But make the machine complicated enough, and next thing you know, people who are supposed to be sane, and maybe aren’t quite all there, start treating it like it’s one of the boys. Or one of the girls.

Saudi Arabia has made a robot a citizen. The UPI news report describes the glorified vacuum cleaner as “hot robot Sophia.” ( Hot? They’re kidding, right? And the article is peppered with the expression, “Sophia said.”

Can it be that there really are people out there who honestly don’t understand that even the best and most lifelike robot in the world can never be anything more than a simulation? And all this talk about “Artificial Intelligence”–uh, don’t they know what “artificial” means?

Crikey, we don’t even know what real intelligence is; so how are we supposed to produce it artificially?

But i think, judging by all this carrying-on over a robot–who, when all is said and done, is little more than a hi-tech souped-up ventriloquist’s dummy–we can say what it isn’t.

A New ‘Biggest Dinosaur’

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Patagonia, in South America, used to be known for extraordinarily big men. Now it’s known for extraordinarily big dinosaurs.

The newest contender for the crown, Patagotitan, was discovered in 2012 and only presented to the world this year. Scientists calculate it as being roughly the size of eleven elephants, and some 120 feet long.

Bob Bakker, the paleontologist who did more than anyone to change the public perception of dinosaurs, once told me he thought God must have taken real delight in creating these giants. Who am I to disagree?

Now that they’re looking for them in the Southern Hemisphere, scientists keep discovering bigger and cooler dinosaurs–it’s hard to keep track of them all. We needn’t take the Darwinian spiel seriously, and we do have to allow for normal human error in reconstructing the whole animal from an incomplete set of bones: but we can certainly step back and admire God’s handiwork.

Any animal this size really ought to make us humble. And this is Mr. Nature, with more of God’s stuff, signing off.

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