‘How Did Civilization Start?’ (2019)

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Gobekli Tepe… It has no business being there.

I don’t know how civilization started, but one thing I do know for sure–this dagnabbed computer had nothing to do with it!

How Did Civilization Start?

I’m having rather a hard time with this machine today, it doesn’t want to cooperate in any way. Yes, I know I’ve run this post before. Crikey, I’m lucky I can run any posts at all, the way this thing is acting up.

Maybe computers made some ancient civilizations… fail. Disappear, go extinct, turn into piles of junk.

I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.

‘Biggest Dinosaur Yet?’ (2017)


The little tiny black thing is a full-grown human being.

I’ve been in love with dinosaurs all my life, but I still find it almost impossible to imagine an animal as big as our apartment building. Or even bigger. I mean, literally, compared to some of those dinosaurs, we human beings are like crickets or something.

Biggest Dinosaur Yet?

Imagine these creatures walking, eating trees, herding together. Why did God make them so huge? We certainly couldn’t have developed much of a civilization with these brontosaurs stepping on our buildings. Has God put them in the fossil record just to remind us who He is?

Because we do need reminding, don’t we?

AI Inventor Predicted ‘Perils’ of Computer Addiction

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It’s only hi-tech make-believe.

More than 50 years ago, the man who invented the first “conversational” computer, now known as “Artificial Intelligence” or “AI,” predicted the dangers of users getting, as it were, addicted to the “superficial conversations” provided by computers (https://www.vox.com/future-perfect/23617185/ai-chatbots-eliza-chatgpt-bing-sydney-artificial-intelligence-history?fbclid=IwAR2xHMA5SHuU9yyXrUnafdQC8vRWQ-HxUpedzKRNMwJmY42qc6aPvtjR7_I).

It seems the computer is only “parroting back what its users ask for.” Its interactions with users mimic human relationships without actually experiencing them. The more you use AI, the more it “learns” about you.

And somehow the users gradually grow more lonely, more loveless, more devoid of insight, than they were before.

All of this was apparent to the inventor of “ELIZA” in 1966. Now we’re in 2023… and all the problems with ELIZA are still there. Which doesn’t stop us from diving headfirst into AI as an infallible guide to living life.

Yo! A computer doesn’t KNOW anything! It doesn’t experience anything. It doesn’t feel anything. It only mimics humans–without anything we can call “understanding.” The more you put into it, the better it mimics human thoughts and feelings. It can string together a bunch of cliches into a love letter, a short story, or a political speech. All it can do is imitate life without being alive.

And while all this is going on, the AI is, in a way, “programming its users.” The machine imitates us, and we wind up imitating the machine.

I do wish God had made us wiser.

‘”Smart City”–You Sure You Want to Live There?’ (2018)

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“No humans left? That’s really smart!”

Oh, there’s that word “smart” again! Here they wanted to make the whole city “smart.”

I think it’s time we recognized the globalists for what they are.


‘Smart City’–You Sure You Want to Live There?

They mean to devour our freedom. In effect, eat us alive–by controlling everything. Maybe you can do that with the right degree of urban planning. Worth a try!

(“He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh; the LORD shall have them in derision”– Psalm 2: 4)

Asteroid… Just Missed Us

Asteroid With Tail Of Fire Flying Between Planets In Space ...

Has God just fired a warning shot across our bows?

An asteroid zoomed past our planet the other day, missing us by some 2.3 million kilometers, whatever that is. The Jerusalem Post estimated its size as that of “112 camels” (https://legalinsurrection.com/2023/03/asteroid-the-size-of-112-camels-zoomed-by-earth-on-wednesday/). How would you check that for accuracy? How would you test it?

You could ask, “What would happen if 112 camels all tied together slammed into the earth?” You could ask, but who would answer?

We probably don’t need an asteroid crash, if our goal is merely to destroy our own civilization. There are already plenty of people working on that.

But maybe we should stop doing stupid stuff. Just in case that asteroid was out there for a reason.


Doctors’ Group (Finally!) Opposes ‘Transgender’ Nonsense

The Stoicism of Augustus - The Good Men Project

Augustus Caesar called them “Murderers of your own posterity”–and that was just senators who wouldn’t marry or have children. He never could’ve imagined what we get up to.

I don’t know how influential they are, but the American Assn. of Physicians and Surgeons has to be more influential than I am. And they have just come out strongly against “transgender” and “gender-affirming care” (https://aapsonline.org/transgenderism-the-new-medical-standard/).

“Gender-affirming care” is a euphemism for lopping off healthy sexual organs and shooting children full of “puberty blocker” drugs. In almost all cases, says the AAPS, the patient receiving such care will be sterile for the rest of his or her life. The whole business requires “a lifelong need for medical, surgical, and psychological care.” Repeat: “a lifelong need.” You will never stop being a patient. The effects of this, uh, “care” are irreversible. But “doctors” involved in it… get rich! The number of these doctors increased by 400% from 2000 to 2014.

Does anybody really, truly, need to say this? “Changing physical appearance does not change biological sex.”

Hello? How many children can you sterilize before you put your country irrevocably on the road to extinction?

This madness has all bloomed during my own lifetime. I do remember a time when such things were unthinkable. Is this our civilization’s suicide not?

May God in His mercy deliver us.

‘Insects’ Brains for Computers?’ (2019)

See the source image

“Eureka! We did it, we did it!”

A few years ago the Pentagon offered a $1 million reward to anybody who could install a live and functioning insect brain into a robot. (“Mad, you say? It’ll show those fools at Stanford who’s mad!”) We haven’t heard whether anybody’s claimed the reward or not.

Insects’ Brains for Computers?

Somebody out there is working pretty hard to see that we wind up in a 1950s monster movie. A housefly armed with death rays–what could possibly go wrong?

‘Scientists’ (LOL) Call for ‘Meat-Shaming’

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“I’ve got it, I’ve got it! Artificial meat made out of floor wax!”

Oh, that World Economic Forum! What’ll they think of next?

“Scientists” recruited by the WEF are on a campaign to “shame” at least a billion people to stop eating meat (https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2023/02/22/use-cigarette-style-graphic-labels-to-shame-people-into-not-earing-meat-scientists-say/). You can get a “scientist” to say anything, if you pay him enough. Some of them come cheap.

Why do we have to stop eating meat? Because “animals suffer” and “the Amazon rain forest is destroyed.” Time out for this:

Yeah, they want to put “graphic labels” on the packaging for “meat-shaming”–you’re supposed to be ashamed of eating meat.

Yeahbut, yeahbut! Don’t you WEF johnnies want us to eat… bugsHaven’t you said so a thousand times?

Unlimited government–no one does it better than the globalists.

A Hippocratic Oaf

Bugs Bunny Daffy Duck Art - Doctor Art - Hypo-Duck-Riac @ Chuck Jones  Gallery — Chuck Jones Catalog 2023

Columbia University has a new Hippocratic Oath for new, Far Left Crazy-educated doctors. It’s very, very long. It has to be: it’s full of that much hot air (https://whyevolutionistrue.com/2023/02/16/white-coat-ceremony-oath-at-columbia-university/#:~:text=Class%20of%202025%20Oath&text=We%20take%20this%20oath%20of,and%20communities%20I%20will%20serve.)

I promise you, if you try to read this freakin’ thing out loud, you’ll gag.

My sister, a health care professional, makes a point of avoiding young doctors… but only because their education has been more about political conformity than medical practice. “The patient died, but I celebrate diversity!”

Hey! Is there anything in America that “woke” isn’t destroying? Crikey! Out in Minnesota they’ve got their young doctors “confessing” that modern Western medicine is not any better than ancient witch doctors’ mumbo-jumbo.

And maybe, by now, that’s true.

The Dance of the Planets

Venus and Jupiter Conjunction: Planets to almost touch in night sky - BBC  News

This month, the planets Venus and Jupiter will appear in the sky together; they will be in conjunction, as in the photograph above. Patty called me outside yesterday evening to see it. The two planets were bright jewels in the sky.

I then had a disturbing thought.

What’s the chance that I could walk into any public high school classroom and suggest to the students that they ought to watch closely, in case Venus and Jupiter collide? Like, they’re getting closer and closer… y’know?

I’m not going to put this to the test. I’m afraid of the results.