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Desk Jobs Keep You Sharp?

boring desk job - American Grit

Sharp as a tack!

Science sez desk jobs keep you sharp! Great for your cognitive ability!

Or so says a study by the University of Cambridge, studying 8,500 adults for twelve years (

So why do I feel like my brain is leaking out my ears, sitting here at the computer and trying to get stuff posted?

We might also ask, if certain people are this dull with their desk jobs, what would they be like if they weren’t working?

And a note just handed me, “Saving of draft failed…” So we’ll see how this turns out.

If you like futility, I’ve got it to spare! Come and get it.

Not a Shred of Integrity Left

Feminist Science – the Queer Interspecies Tango | Rantzerker (with ...

Looks like what I’ve been saying about Science lately is, unhappily, true.

Scientific American–you remember that: it was a science magazine, once upon a time–has published a load of feminist crapola equating refusal to wear a face mask with refusal to wear a condom, both being an expression of–ooooh!–“masculine ideology” (

And guess what? It’s all Donald Trump’s fault! Dig that Science. Yep, he’s one of those “white men with epic swagger”–men who are not white are apparently okay–and “the high priest of this ideology.” None o’ those “emasculating face condoms” for them!


There’s no integrity in Science anymore. The most sensitive instruments cannot detect it. You look for a “scientific,” informative article, and all you get is some ditzy feminist Trump-bashing. Oh. And white men are bashable, too. And it’s not Hate Speech if you just hate them!

What about all those women who refuse to wear face masks?

Shut up, the Scientist explained.

When you mix Science and politics, all you get is politics.

Lefty ‘Law’ Center: ‘You’re Not Allowed to Think About That’

See the source image

See only what they tell you to see.

Long established as the most obnoxious pack of leftids in the Western Hemisphere, the Southern Poverty Lie–er, Law–Center passionately lusts for control over other people’s lives and thoughts. But that’s what leftists do.

Lefty ‘Law’ Center: ‘You’re Not Allowed to Think About That’

In 2014 they were trying to ban a movie about astronomy. Uh… “racist astronomy”? Well, who can unravel their thinking? It’s not sane. It’s not decent.

Now that they’ve been joined by Only Leftist Black Lives Matter, they’re twice as arrogant as they were back then.

Really–who wants to live in the world they have in mind for us?

The Stupidest Idea Ever

What If We Detonated a Nuclear Bomb on the Moon? - YouTube

I’d heard about this story for years, but always thought it was an urban legend: the top-secret plan to detonate a nuclear bomb on the Moon (

The secret came out in 2000. Project A119, aka “A Study of Lunar Research Flights,” was a plan, in 1958, to kaboom the Moon with a nuclear bomb. A few years later we learned the folks in the Soviet Union had a similar project in the works. The flash was expected to be visible with the naked eye from the Earth–and was expected to “boost morale” of the American people.

A couple of nagging problems soon became apparent:

–What if they, like, missed the moon? Wouldn’t the nuclear bomb then fall back to earth? Oops.

–What if the explosion, uh, did something to the Moon? Like maybe knock it out of its orbit. That could get dicey.

The project was abandoned owing to fear of a “negative public reaction.” They blew up the Moon??? They blew up the freakin’ Moon??? Are they [blank]ing crazy???”

It’s rather nice that we never found out what would happen if they did it.




‘Crazy Science: Rats with Human Brains’ (2017)

See the source image

I wonder what kind of progress (if that’s the word for it) they’ve made on this since 2017. Does the world still need rats with human brains, or has it moved on to something even more ridiculous?

Crazy Science: Rats with Human Brains

Why do [trumpet fanfare] Scientists do stuff like this? I’ll bet Boris Karloff could’ve told us.

Imagine the chagrin of the first human who loses a chess game to a rat–after betting his house on it.

Science Marches On!

Vintage rare 1950's Miller Aliens Earth Invaders Saturn Sci Fi ...

Right now you’re probably asking yourself, “Are there 36 alien civilizations out there?” Disregarding the short answer–“No”–what about all those “new calculations” that indicate there are 36 alien civilizations out there in the universe?

But alas, they’re all way too far away for us to ever get in contact with them.

You’ve got to applaud Science for resolutely marching on toward total irrelevance. In the absence of anything like evidence, the “calculations” don’t even rise to the level of shots in the dark. But of course for people who don’t know the difference between evidence and pure assumptions untainted by any kind of facts, this will not be a problem. Evolution is real so there!

What happened to turn our science into baloney?

Publicly-funded college happened.


My Newswithviews Column, June 11 (‘”Science” Disgraces Itself’)

See the source image

Never mind the social distancing! Let’s have a Mass Protest!

I hope you’ll all click the link to my Newswithviews column today–’cause we could actually witness the demise of science, as an avidly willing sacrifice on the altar of Far Left politics.

‘Science’ Disgraces Itself

(This computer, by the way, is giving me fits this morning. Do computers take LSD when we’re not looking?)

I think we have actually reached the point where a “scientist” will say anything, if it seems to be politically expedient. True or false, right or wrong, never enter into it.

Pagans, all of them.

Alas! Poor Trachodon! I Knew Him, Horatio…

Marx Trachodon Second Type | The revised Trachodon from 1959… | Flickr

Marx Toys’ classic Trachodon

I’m in a retrospective mood today–maybe because 2020 is racing by so fast, even with the Great Quarantine to paralyze it.

Behold the mighty Trachodon, the pre-eminent “duckbill dinosaur,” as faithfully rendered into plastic by the Marx Toy Co. I still have a troop of these in my animal and dinosaur box. Nor was there, when I was acquiring those toys, a dinosaur book that didn’t mention Trachodon.

I don’t wanna hear it, that there never was a Trachodon! I don’t care if all they ever had was a few teeth somebody dug up in 1850–Trachodon was in all the books, I had the toys, I’d even seen the straight-up-standing skeleton in the American Museum of Natural History–and now you want to tell me there was no such thing? Away wi’ ye!

We will never be able to see live dinosaurs, so we will never know just how wrong we were about them. Which icons of today’s Settled Science will follow Trachodon into oblivion?

“I knew him, Horatio: he was a dinosaur of infinite jest. How his broad duck bill would gape with laughter!”

I’d like to know what we’ll be laughing at twenty years from now.

They Weren’t So Stupid, After All

Oldest art ever? Zigzags on a clam shell are more than 400,000 ...

The scientific world got a shock recently when archaeologists discovered cave art that could only have been made by Neanderthal people. Although their brains were actually a little larger than our own, it was Settled Science that Neanderthals were “primitive.”

But that’s nothing!

Now they’ve got art that was produced by Homo erectus–known as the “Java ape-man” when I was a boy–and it’s knocked a lot of settled theories for a loop (

What we’ve got is fossil clam shells with abstract designs carved on them, dated to 540,000 to 430,000 years ago. Young Earthers, stay with me: there is not supposed to be any such thing as Homo erectus art, no matter what the age.

So… what was Homo erectus? An ape-man? A missing link? Here’s a skeleton:

Turkana Boy skeleton - Stock Image - C014/7421 - Science Photo Library

This was once a 12-year-old boy in East Africa, now known as “the Lake Turkana boy.” In life he would’ve been on his way to six feet tall–no stooped, crouching ape-man here. From the neck down, only an expert can tell that this is not a modern human skeleton. But the head is shaped differently from ours.

Were these people, or something else? It wasn’t so long ago that Western scientists were debating whether modern Africans were people. It’s like, they’ve gotta look like us or they’re not human. You could find a carved ivory chess set clutched in the skeleton hands of a deceased Homo erectus, and some still wouldn’t accept him as human.

As for, “Well, Homo erectus simply Evolved into more modern forms of pre-humans, until finally the real human threshold was reached”–fap! There were erectus men and women living at the same time as “modern” humans and really “primitive” characters like little-bitty Homo habilis.

So now we’ve got erectus art. Never mind the dating: it makes certain persons uncomfortable.

But I think it’s cool!

A Good Dinosaur Gone Bad

TRILOGY OF LIFE - Ballad of Big Al - "Ornitholestes" - YouTube

One of these days I’m going to want to bring a dinosaur or two into the fantasy world of my Bell Mountain novels.

Ornitholestes was the most famous small dinosaur when I was a boy–and by famous I mean in all the books, on all the posters, toys and museum souvenirs: if you were at all interested in dinosaurs, you knew Ornitholestes (the name means “bird hunter”)–probably from this famous drawing by Charles R. Knight, found in just about every children’s book on dinosaurs.

Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs: Vintage Dinosaur Art: The Bird Hunter

See? There he is, catching a prehistoric bird.

The fame of this creature rests upon a single fossil, consisting of a damaged skull and some bits of the skeleton–to this day, the only fossil of Ornitholestes yet discovered.

By the time the popular documentary, Walking with Dinosaurs, came out in 1999, Ornitholestes–it really needs a shorter name; how about “Bob”?–had been jazzed up a lot. Now Bob had a kind of crest on his nose–very sporty. Looks great in a movie. But after only a few years they decided Bob’s flashy nose crest was really only a piece of the skull that had gotten knocked loose, so now he’s back to where he was when Charles R. Knight drew him in the 1930s. Only some artists like to give him feathers. No feathers have been found, there’s only one fossil, oh, well…

In spite of all the confusion, I find it easy to imagine this critter darting in and out of the undergrowth in Lintum Forest—–Wait a minute! Hold the phone! Did I just get the faint whiff of an opening scene for Bell Mountain No. 14? You know what? I think I did!

I think the Lord has just given me a birthday present. And this is not the first time that’s happened. Thank you, Father! This is just so cool!

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