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Jackalope Population Explosion!

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This candid photo of a mother jackalope fiercely defending her young was taken by an amateur washing machine repairman in Ongs Hat, New Jersey. He had a narrow escape.

We are getting jackalope reports from all over the country now, a strong indication that the jackalope population has increased dramatically. Scientists believe it’s because of Climate Change and transphobia. What the jackalopes themselves believe is a secret.

They look cute and cuddly, but don’t get too close! A pack of hungry jackalopes can skeletonize a grown man in less than 60 seconds. I have always wanted to use the word “skeletonize” in a sentence, and now I’ve done so.

‘A Prehistoric Mystery’ (2016)

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“Kilroy was here,” 15,000 B.C.

Once upon a time, before the Sahara was a desert, people lived there and sometimes painted pictures on the rocks. Sometimes they just spread a hand on the rock and squirted paint around it: probably a kind of signature.

We are occasionally asked to believe that lizards did this, too.

I’ve had a lot of different kinds of lizards as pets, and not a single one of them ever displayed the slightest interest in painting anything.

‘”Climate Change” Con Artists Caught Again’ (2015)

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All because we wouldn’t pay a carbon tax!

Three years ago they caught NOAA, an agency of the federal government funded by defenseless taxpayers, ***making up*** temperature data to convince the public that Climbit Change It’s Real! and If We Don’t Give Goverment Fantastic New Powers and Lots More Of Our Money We’re All Gonna Die…!

What I want to know is, why weren’t these lying, thieving con men punished? Why wasn’t the head honcho of NOAA called before Congress and told, “You like fast talk: that’s good, because you’re gonna need some now! Give me one good reason why we shouldn’t cut NOAA’s funding, starting by firing you”?

Oh, but anyone in Congress who did that in 2015 would have been called a Racist! And a Climate Change Denier! And Anti-Science!

Fear of the media makes cowards of them all.

Looking for Reasons to Kill You

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The British Medical Assn. has issued “guidelines”–hold on to your hats!–to relatives of seriously ill and non-communicating hospital patients, asking them to “trawl through” their loved one’s emails, Tweets, and Facebook postings to find “any indication that they may want to die” (

In 2017 they put a patient to death based on an email she sent her daughter in 2013. Recalling her father’s dementia, the woman told her daughter, “Get the pillow ready if I get that way.” Interpreting this as a green light, hospital authorities pulled the plug on life support and killed the patient.

One thing they’re not telling us is how far back they want patients’ kin to “trawl,” looking for some kind of “I wish I were dead” remark. Like, what did you say when no one asked you to the prom? When you peed your pants in kindergarten and all the other kids found out? When you lost your job at 40 and couldn’t find another?

Some of my readers believe there is a section of the world’s ruling class that seriously wants to depopulate the earth, and is taking steps toward that end. I’ve always resisted that suspicion, on the grounds that being a tyrant is no fun unless you’ve got a lot of people to pick on, the more the merrier.

But Satan would like to see us all dead, and God’s world a lifeless, blackened shell. And don’t waste your breath trying to tell me the Far Left Crazy isn’t satanist. Not to mention all those people who say they don’t believe in Satan, but serve him anyway.

Again we ask–can the human race survive humanism?

In Christ alone we can. And will.

‘The Cause of, Well… Everything’ (2013)

Let’s face it, the wannabe rulers of the world will never give up Global Warming. You can justify anything, no matter how costly, how violent, how oppressive, how crass, if it’s done to Save The Planet.

See? Global Warming causes all our problems? Or was that, uh, heterosexual white males? No, it was Income Inequality! Or hate speech. It’s gotta be somethin’…

‘Ninny Break: No, This Is not a Dinosaur’ (2016)

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It’s still not a dinosaur.

Really, how dumb do they think they are, that they can tell us a fish is a dinosaur and get away with it?

The Internet is in many ways a boon to civilization, but it does have its flaws. One of its flaws is a complete absence of quality control.

Not that I can think if anyone whom I’d want to be the quality controller!

So Libs Like Gross Things…

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“Dirty sink? What dirty sink?”

The news cycle seems to have missed this when it came out in 2014, but it’s being reported now.

According to an international team of scientists at Virginia Tech University, your reaction to disgusting images is almost certain to reveal your political ideology ( In fact, one reaction to one disgusting image is 95% predictive of a person’s politics. How about that!

Simply stated, Republicans and conservatives react adversely to images of maggots, mutilated carcasses, or a sinkful of rotting garbage, but the same images don’t much bother Democrats and liberals.

Well, really–if the imagined (thankfully!) image of Hillary Clinton as president isn’t going to turn you off, what is? If only Chuck Schumer were as easy to get rid of as a sinkful of garbage.

It’s fun to watch the scientists trying to explain this in Darwinian terms, with fairy tales about long-ago cavemen learning not to eat stuff that the maggots had already started in on.

Look–if you like transgenderism, two guys getting “married,” San Francisco sidewalks heaped with human feces, Barak Obama as a sage, and the whole idea of global government, you already like disgusting things. A bunch of roadkill rotting away in the sun is hardly going to put you off.

I hope we didn’t have to pay a lot to find out this scientific thing that everybody already knew.

But now, at least, it’s Settled Science! And you libs have got to embrace it, or else be revealed as hate criminals and anti-science biggits.

From ‘Not Having to Wear Contact Lenses Anymore’… to Suicide

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Is not wanting to wear glasses or contact lenses a compelling reason to have eye surgery?

TV weather reporter Jessica Starr thought so; and now, unable to live with the complications following the surgery, she is dead: by suicide (

Lasik eye surgery is fairly safe, but not 100% safe. Statistically unlikely, but still possible, complications may ensue, ranging from blurred vision to constant pain.

So I think we have to ask–is wearing glasses so terrible? Is the 1% risk of personal catastrophe acceptable?

I mean, people get this surgery every day, lots of people get it, and almost everybody’s happy with the outcome. So maybe you’ll have dry eyes for a month or so, recovering from the surgery. No big deal.

But Jessica–only 35 years old, married, with two children–said her recovery was “brutal,” and it reached a point where she couldn’t take it anymore. The same thing has happened to other Lasik patients: not many of them, but the disastrous aftermath is not quite a zero probability. It can happen, and does.

How small a risk is too small to consider? I’ve worn glasses since I was a little kid. I don’t hate them enough to subject myself to surgery. It’s not like having cataracts, which, if left alone, will eventually leave you unable to see it all. That’s a lot worse than having to wear glasses. Which is why my wife, Patty, chose to have cataract surgery a few years ago and has not for one minute regretted it. Fifteen minutes in the doctor’s chair, and she could see again. Cool!

But just to get rid of your glasses–no, not worth it.

UN: Only 12 Years Till Doomsday!

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Gulp! In just twelve years, we’re all gonna die from Climbit Change unless the governments of the world Do Something to Save The Planet… according to the latest 700-page Nostradamus wannabe from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (

Yep, twelve years–that’s all we’ve got… to “remove carbon dioxide directly from the air,” and accept “massive and unprecedented changes to global energy infrastructure”… because, chimes in one of the seers, “Half a degree matters!”

And don’t you worry about a thing, boys ‘n’ girls! See, Science will be in charge of everything, backed up by the power of the State! So even if it seems a shockingly bad idea to remove carbon dioxide from the air–if you could even do it, at a cost of no one knows how many billions of dollars–ten-to-one they can’t really do it–there’s not a thing that can go wrong, once we’ve given government fantastic new powers to run our lives, and trillions more dollars in taxes, and provided everybody obeys the government and believes every word of Science–

Honk if you find this persuasive. Honk if you approve of corrupt idiots trying to customize the earth’s atmosphere.

The beauty of gloom-and-doom predictions is that, when nothing happens after all, you can always say, “See! We kept bad stuff from happening! But we might not be able to do it again unless you give us more power and money.”

Ask yourself: if these globalist scheisskopfs really, truly, honestly believed in what they’re telling us… would they live in colossal mansions, ride around in stretch limos, zoom off to Davos in private jets, and leave individual carbon footprints bigger than those of certain countries? Do they act like they believe one freakin’ word of what they’re selling us?

I’m getting a sense that the 21st century is trying to tell us something: that our “leaders” need to be a lot more afraid of us than they are.

‘The Vatican and Space Aliens’ (2015)

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All it takes is a flying saucer and a dream…

There’s just gotta be super-intelligent Space Brothers out there who’ll show us how to solve all our problems and there’ll be paradise on earth and we can join the Galactic Federation–stop me if you’ve heard all this before.

So here’s the “earth-like planet” of 2015–every year has at least one–inspiring a, well, “journalist” to grill a Vatican official about Space Brothers.The guy from the Vatican resists the temptation to reply, “Klaatu barada nikto.”

There are plenty of false religions out there. The above is one of them.

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