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Kids Succumb to Peer Pressure… from Robots

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This is a little bit alarming, don’t you think?

A study recently published in Science Robotics found that children are vulnerable to peer pressure exerted by “small humanoid robots” ( It doesn’t even have to be from other kids.

The test, repeated on 43 different children, was to sit a child down with three “small humanoid robots” and ask, “Which of these lines is the same length as that one?” When the robots answered first and gave the wrong answer, so did the child–even though he could see, of course, which line was the same length as the other. Peer pressure applied by freakin’ robots trumped the testimony of the child’s own eyes 74% of the time.

It didn’t work on adults. Adults needed peer pressure from other human beings to get them to give the wrong answer.

Do we see in this experiment evidence that our children’s minds can be easily manipulated by whoever’s programming the robots, the TV shows, the smart phones, and the other gizmos?

Of course, we don’t need electronic doodads to accomplish this. The main lesson always taught by public schools, long before anybody had a robot, is that the most important people in your life are your age-group peers–and you’d better conform to them, or be considered an oddball: no friends, no dates. Family, schmamily, your “friends” are where it’s at.

It’s a good thing God has provided us with a Savior, because we need one. Let me count the ways!

Drivel Alert: ‘Sex-bots Will Improve Marriage’

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This story is much too disgusting to illustrate. Here is a picture of a luna moth instead. God’s stuff is better than ours. Ours sucks.

Shakespeare thought of this first, when he had Lady Macbeth cry out, “Come, you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here…!”

Be careful what you wish for.

Just when you thought humanism couldn’t dehumanize us any further, along come the sex-bots–machines you can “have sex” with. But not to worry: an “expert” (oh, please) at the University of British Columbia says having sex with machines can make our marriages better (

See, if you get your jollies making whoopee with a glorified toaster-oven, that’ll give you and your spouse “more focus on companionship and creating a family.” She does not explain how you and your spouse will do that if you’re both having sex with machines instead of with each other.

Oh, but what’s not to like? This’ll “give couples greater opportunity to define their own type of marriages,” according to whatever addled pumpkin-guts you have in place of a brain. Why, it “could soon become a societal norm”! Oh, frabjous day. More societal norms that college doodlebugs make up as they go along.

Sophisticated sex-bots are bound to be expensive, so maybe for the time being you can make do with your printer or some other handy appliance–whatever floats your boat.

Are there really people out there who don’t understand that “sex” with a machine is only a simulation of sex?

I do hope not.

‘The Stone Age Tribe That Wasn’t’ (2015)

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Ah, settled science!

Remember “the gentle Tasaday,” whose language had no words for “war” or “conflict”? Yowsah. They lived in the sticks in the Philippines, supposedly cut off from the rest of humanity for at least a thousand years, and therefor “natural” and “unspoiled”–living proof that man, if left uncorrupted by capitalism or whatever, is born to be a hippy.


After a couple of media orgasms, it came out that the Gentle Tasaday were just another hoax ( They were putting us on. It seems being international media stars beats being poor.

And to think they could’ve wound up decorating containers of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream!

Ah, well–the next hoax will be even better. Maybe someone will discover a tribe of naturally transgender persons who’ve been messing about with their identities for a thousand years and still can’t make up their minds…

‘Cardiff Giant Supports Climate Change Summit’ (2015)

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We’re always happy to hear from the Cardiff Giant!

Like he says, hoaxes get lonely for other hoaxes and really appreciate it when a good one comes along.

The biggest hoax of the 19th century has nothing but admiration for the biggest hoax of the 21st.

Walter Williams Socks It to ‘the Experts’

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I love Walter Williams, and he’s on target today. Check out his brilliant column, “Can We Trust the Experts?”

Dr. Williams has collected a little treasure chest full of some of the most tomfool things “the experts” have ever said about a variety of subjects. I think my favorite is the prediction that “the horse is here to stay” and automobiles are just a fad.

‘97% of Scientists Say…’ (2015)

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If Christians defended Christianity with the same fervor that humanists defend “science,” it would scare the dickens out of everybody.

The origins of that “97% of scientists” figure are lost in the depths of time. There is a 97% likelihood that some liberal just made it up.

‘Prof Seeks Funds for Zombie Studies’ (2015)

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Since this announcement was made in 2015, how many students have graduated from college thinking zombies are real?

Then again, you might say they seem more real than they did three years ago! Take a gander at the nooze. If some of those people aren’t zombies, they do a really good imitation of ’em.

UK Says ‘Yes’ to Designer Babies

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“Maybe we used too much frog DNA…”

The Nuffield Council on Bioethics has said it’s okay for scientists to proceed with work on “genome editing” of human babies, to produce what we might call “designer babies” or “GMO babies” ( Or even “Franken-babies.”

Get this: Go ahead, said the council, “if it was in the future child’s interest and did not add to the kinds of inequality that already divide society.”

What? What are they talking about? Are these people quite all there? Like, it’s okay to genetically mess around with a baby as long as it doesn’t make him “better” than others, in some way, any way? Well, if it doesn’t, then why the devil do it? Or maybe for every “improvement” the genetic editors make, they’d have to “dis-improve” the baby somewhere else. “We’re going to make your baby very intelligent, Mrs. Windsor, but we don’t want to leave others feeling that they’re not equal to him–so we’re also going to make him frightfully ugly.”

Really, you wonder about the kind of people we have sitting around up there, making decisions for us. What loony bin did they escape from?

Hello? Hello? Didn’t any of these doofuses ever see Jurassic Park? Messing about with genetics leads to results that are inherently unpredictable. And the dinosaurs get loose and eat you.

The Age of Total Surveillance

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We keep hearing and reading stories about how your “smart” phone and your “smart” TV–beware the word “smart”!–spy on you for this or that government agency or private corporation. They see what you do and hear what you say.

And there are other headlines, scattered all over the Internet, about spy technology that can be placed in your furniture, light bulbs, food, clothing–even sprayed onto your skin without your knowledge. I have no way of knowing how much of this is true.

Now all this information, collected by “smart” devices, is way too much for any number of human beings to store and process: your head would explode. So they pass it on, instead, to a bigger computer and design Al Gore Rhythms to govern how the big computer handles the information. At no point is there an actual mind involved–just this misleadingly named “Artificial Intelligence” that simulates some of the operation of a mind without having any consciousness of what it’s doing–let alone anything we might call a “thought.” There is no intelligence in Artificial Intelligence.

We saw earlier this month how Facebook’s Al Gore Rhythm decided, on the Fourth of July, that our Declaration of Independence  was “hate speech.” That was mindless. The computer had no ability to take into account the historical context of the document, or to weigh the intent of its content against the current Political Correctness value of its language. Humans eventually had to override their own computer’s brainless simulation of a decision.

The point is, computers and their Al Gore Rhythms are bloody stupid–and so are those who put their trust in them. Just like those who put their trust in idols: see Psalm 135: 15-18 (“They that make them are like unto them: so is every one that trusteth in them”).

Our idols today are fancier, but they’re still just idols.

LA’s ‘Record Heat Wave’–Not

Image result for images of weather station surrounded by cars

Not the coolest place you could find…

Oops. Caught again.

According to a veteran meterologist, Los Angeles’ recent rash of record high temperatures was due not to Global Warming/Climbit Change, but to “faulty weather stations… compromised by heat sources and heat sinks” ( Sort of like hanging your thermometer over your oven on Thanksgiving.

For example, one weather station was on top of a parking garage surrounded by cars. Yeah, it can get hot up there.

Another weather station was next to an airport, where it was exposed to “jetwash” up to 400 degrees.

This happens all over the world.

But the science is settled, right?

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