‘Australia to Sieze and Vaccinate 24,000 Children’ (2021)

A long line of people on the street. All are wearing winter clothes and face masks.

We must never forget this. Never. And allow it never, never, never, never again.

It’s a truism that “the public has a very short memory.” That’s why wicked and insane rulers are able to do the same things to us over and over again.

Could we please not forget the lessons of The Great Pandemic?

Australia to Seize and Vaccinate 24,000 Children

Every instinct I have, as a historian and a political scientist, tells me that the lockdowns and the forced “vaccinations” and the world-wide panic were experimental probes toward setting up a global government. And I believe it would be a Satanic government.

We really must, must, must internalize, and also shout from the housetops, “We will not comply! We will not comply!”

And mean it.

What’s Your Dog’s Favorite Kind of Music?

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Choose your dog’s music wisely.

What kind of music do dogs like best? What kind of music calms them down? What kind winds them up?

Dr. Becker has reported on several studies of dogs and music (https://www.barkandwhiskers.com/2023-11-03-music-calming-for-dogs/)

It’s classical music, hands-down: that’s the music for your dog. In one of the studies, 85% of the dogs tested found classical music to be the most calming. Solo piano pieces, solo harp selections, and soft rock also scored high.

At the other end of the scale, heavy metal music made the dogs antsy and provoked a lot of nervous barking. Bark if you’re surprised. Like we needed a scientific study to tell us heavy metal is lousy music.

Anyway, the tests were done at veterinary hospitals and animal shelters, on up to 50 dogs at a time, and the results were quite consistent. I don’t like that yelling-and-screaming pseudo-music any more than dogs do. But see what A Little Night Music by Mozart can do. Or maybe some Liberace, if you remember him.

[I seem to remember, quite a few years ago, reading about a study that showed plants (!) responding well to classical music. Does that ring a bell with anybody?]

‘Flash! Global Warming Causes Snowstorm’ (2019)

Why Have a Winter Wedding?

The Climbit Change Crowd like to have it both ways: if the weather’s hot, it’s Global Warming/Climate Change; and if the weather’s cold, it’s Climate Change. Heads they win, tails we lose.

Flash! Global Warming Causes Snowstorm

Government’s job, its mission, is to scare us into giving it more and more power over our lives. Why anyone should want this–ask the Devil, he knows.

No, it doesn’t have to be consistent, or make any kind of sense. It just has to be scary. A good scare will always whip the plebs into line.(See COVID, End of World, etc.)

Kaboom!… and Bust

Electric Vehicle Fires: Tips on What to Do if Your Vehicle ...

Anyone got marshmallows?

Suddenly there are doubts. Suddenly it may be that electric cars (EVs) are not the answer, after all–indeed, that they are very far from being the answer to anything.

A researcher for the auto industry says electric cars’  batteries, which cost a fortune, are easily–very easily!–damaged and the cost of fixing the problem could be prohibitive… rendering EVs “effectively uninsurable” (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/net-zero/electric-cars-risk-becoming-uninsurable/).

Holy spontaneous combustion! Remarks like this can cost you: “[W]e have no way of understanding whether the battery has been compromised or damaged in any way.” And we all know what happens, don’t we, when an electric car’s battery gets up on the wrong side of the bed.


And there’s also a “threat of thermal runaway.” That really does sound bad.

Hey, World Economic Forum! Hey, radical greenies! Back to the drawing board, eh? Looks like we’ll get to keep our cars a little longer. Curses, foiled again.

World’s First Cities: Dangerous Places to Live?

Research finds dramatic increase in cranial traumas as the first cities were being built, suggesting a rise in violence

Cranial trauma: someone didn’t live through this.

An international team of scientists, studying the ruins of the earliest cities of the Middle East, have made a startling claim.

The world’s first cities, they claim, were very violent places (https://phys.org/news/2023-10-cranial-traumas-cities-built-violence.html). They studied more than 3,500 skeletons and found a high incidence of cranial trauma. Apparently people settled their differences permanently.

Later in history, as cities developed laws and governments, the level of violence ebbed–to rise up again when the Bronze Age civilizations collapsed circa 1200 B.C. Well, there’s a lot of trouble when whole nations go belly-up.

Oddly, when I found the article on Free Republic, all the commenters had the same thought I had–construction accidents. It couldn’t have been easy, building a walled city circa 5,000 B.C. Not much in the way of safety devices. I mean, I thought the point of living in a city was to enjoy greater personal security.

Yeah, uh-huh. Our own cities, here and now, are drowning in crime. Maybe our ancestors were the first to defund the police.

Would any serious reader of Genesis expect our earliest cities to be anything but hotbeds of crime and violence?

And our cities today are nothing to write home about.

‘When a Phony “Social Scientist” Hoodwinked the Media’ (2020)

Medicine show - Wikipedia

This is a cautionary tale: how pure crapola winds up being exalted as “Science.” As in “Follow the science!” And “The Science is settled–so shut up!”

When a Phony ‘Social Scientist’ Hoodwinked the Media

We saw The London Times completely taken in by a supposed “social scientist” who had no advanced degrees in anything and whose “published scientific papers” were, in fact, published in an amateur magazine.

I checked. I talked to the Times reporter and to the man who published the magazine. They admitted to having been gulled. But in the meantime this guy was all over the place, babbling about how Science “proves” that “religiosity”–by which he means Christianity–is bad. For a couple of weeks there, he was media royalty.

Yes, you should be skeptical of “science.”

And the media.

Science (with Government!) Marches On (Newswithviews, Oct. 5)

Sputnik 1 in Earth orbit, illustration - Stock Image - C050 ...

The Russians did it first! Quick, everyone–panic!

I grew up in the Sputnik Panic Era, when the Soviets’ satellite freaked out America’s establishment and suddenly everything was Science. We had to catch up!

Science (with Government!) Marches On

Over the years, Science got fat and stopped hitting. It was the Climbit Change scam that finished it off for me. Now they were just like everybody else in Washington: nothing mattered but to grab more money, more power.

Did Government poison Science, or did Science poison Government? It’s the sound of one hand clapping…

What Makes People Fat? (You’ll Never Guess!)

That seesaw got a workout. @jackgiberson #fatguysdoitbetter | TikTok

Discrimination drove them to it! Ask the Science.

I know–you’re probably thinking “some combination of too much food and not enough exercise,” that’s what makes people fat.

But Science says you’re wrong!

“Experiencing discrimination” is a major factor in obesity (https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/discrimination-may-disrupt-brain-gut-talk-raising-risk-obesity-study-f-rcna118558). Science says so, and Science is always right! Unfortunately, the article from NBC News does not make it clear who performed this survey.

Next question: what do we do about it?

Government action, of course! Another job for government! Get rid of discrimination “through policy changes”!

“More government” is the answer to every human woe. Government policies based on Science: could anything be more wise? More certain of success? No way!

Now, thanks to Science, we have discovered that when people are feeling low, they reach for comfort foods.

Uh, wait a minute… Did we already know that?

‘Hooray! “Gay Caveman” Discovered!’ (2015)

They’re bound to find that Gay Gene they’ve been looking for. The scary part is, What will they do with it?

“There’s gotta be gay cavemen! Just gotta be!” And they won’t stop looking for it till they find it.

Hooray! ‘Gay Caveman’ Discovered!

Please understand: they wanted this “discovery,” they’d do just about anything to get it–and hallelujah, here it is!

Does Science ever fail to discover something it wants so very badly to discover? There’s a lot of money in discovery these days. Passionately-desired finds will be rewarded.

Sorry–“Climate Science” has made me skeptical of Science.

‘”Everything Is Bad for You'” (2020)

Crazy Cat GIFs | Tenor

Experts! If we listened to them and never ate,drank, did, or thought of the things they say we should never eat, drink, do, or think–we’d be ghosts.

‘Everything Is Bad for You’

(If you start to feel oogy while looking at that cat picture, surely there’s a bunch of tests that you can take! Keep testing until you find out you’re sick.)

I wonder what it would be like, to follow all the expert advice you’ve ever heard. All of it.

Sounds like an essay contest in the making.