‘Everything Is Bad for You’

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They could drive you crazy.

“Everything is bad for you,” said my sister–a health care professional, by the way–“so I’m just giving up and having pizza.”

What do you get when you mix science with politics? You get politics.

What do you get when you mix science with “journalism”? You get pure, unadulterated, scare-mongering “journalism.”

There used to be a feature on the evening nooze around here. a Dr. So-and-so, who came on every night to urge his viewers to get tested for just about everything. If you were ever mad enough to take him seriously, you’d be doing nothing but running to the doctor for one test after another.

Life is incredibly complex, nature is vaster than anyone can truly grasp, and listening to the Experts, who told us that “millions” of us were gonna die from COVID-19, led to truly crazy public policies–shutting down the economy, placing healthy people under quarantine, forbidding church services, weddings, and funerals–but not riots!–and thrusting us all into this weird drama that’s gone on for six months so far and is still in force wherever the ruling politicians want it to be.

Sometimes you can’t even do what the experts advise because their advice splits off into several contradictory directions all at once. Eat this! Never eat this! Beware the Obesity Epidemic–but “fat” is something to be proud of! Conform your meals to the government’s Food Pyramid, and you wind up looking like a pyramid!

I think we can all agree that doing anything to excess will turn out badly. But that’s too simple–not enough scope for Experts to spread their wings and fly. They want to be our gods. Turn from the real God and worship Experts. And if their advice lands you in the morgue before your time–well, what else would you expect?

“‘National Health’ to Push “Stop Drinking” Pill’ (2014)

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One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small…  (Jefferson Airplane)

As C.S. Lewis once said, the robber baron robs you and then moves on; but the know-it-all meddler will never get enough of interfering with your life.

‘National Health’ to Push ‘Stop Drinking’ Pill

Britain’s National Health Service, always on the lookout for another choice to snatch away from people, came up with a pill that supposedly would make you stop drinking alcoholic beverages. I mean, really, c’mon–who wants all that free will jazz? When the government knows what’s best for you! Why should they just stand by and do nothing when you make wrong lifestyle choices?

And then, after poking and pushing and telling you what you can do and can’t do all your life, next thing you know, they’re bundling you into “end of life counseling” and trying to talk you into letting them kill you… They don’t want you hanging around as a “useless eater.”

What is wrong with us, that we would ever consent to stuff like this?

(P.S.–Would you  believe it? I left out the original post!)

Dementia Cases Expected to… Triple?

dementia cure - jab with new vaccine could prevent Alzheimer's disease  symptoms | Express.co.uk

Here’s a really alarming story that we missed somehow when it came out in 2017.

According to a press release by the World Health Organization (https://www.who.int/news-room/detail/07-12-2017-dementia-number-of-people-affected-to-triple-in-next-30-years), cases of dementia, worldwide, can be expected to triple in the next 30 years, from 50 million to over 150 million.

In 2017 the cost of dementia in the United States was $818 billion–and it may be expected to climb to $2 trillion in the foreseeable future.

There are several kinds of dementia, but the most common–and the worst–is Alzheimer’s Disease.

We cannot handle this without God’s help. We aren’t exactly coping with it now. A crisis like this calls for strong families, strong churches, and strong communities. Simply making the government bigger, and funding bigger and costlier bureaucracies, will not accomplish anything.

Hollowing out our culture will leave us defenseless.

‘Humanist Doomsday Myth Scares Children’ (2009)

Sully and Mike are back in Monsters Inc prequel trailer Monsters University  | Daily Mail Online

Some years ago, a survey came out reporting that “one in three children fear the demise of the planet” due to Man-Made Climate Change.


By 2020 this vision of doom had pretty much passed its shelf life, at least in America. But for a while there it was giving children nightmares.

Humanism always needs a boogieman to scare people into compliance with its diktats. And along came COVID-19 to fill that role. Thanks to the panic raised up by the virus, the world has frittered away six out of this year’s nine months so far–shutting down nations’ economies, quarantining all the healthy people along with the sick, destroying small businesses, freaking people out with fear, and generating a malaise that has deadened everything.

There’s always going to be a doomsday myth. In the 1970s it was The Coming Ice Age. We get Doomsday du Jour. All marine life wiped out! White supremacists take over!

The humanists’ god is the State–that is to say, themselves–and denying the real God, they promise to do everything they say God should have done but didn’t, because there is no God. So the State will create paradise on earth–blah-blah-blah, you know the drill. And if they have to break a few eggs to make the omelet… We’ve seen that one, too.

“Yea, let God be true, but every man a liar,” wrote St. Paul (Romans 3:4).

We’ve come uncomfortably close to that.

‘Liquid Water Found on Mars… Maybe’ (2015)

Image result for images of martian landscape

Maybe there are nicer places than this on Mars, but we haven’t found them yet.

What they mean is they’ve found suggestions that maybe, on certain rain occasions, and only temporarily, liquid water might be found somewhere on Mars–provided it also contains certain chemicals that would function as a kind of natural antifreeze.

Liquid Water Found on Mars… Maybe

Naturally, anyone would be excited if any life were found on Mars. And if it were, you can bet your last dime there’ll be talking heads all over the airwaves proclaiming that this half an amoeba found on Mars proves (mind you!) that there is no God and so can we please move on to worshiping… them?

Sometimes I really wonder what He sees in us.

Poll: Millenials Think 2% of Them Will Die of COVID-19

ᐈ Fear stock pictures, Royalty Free afraid photos | download on Depositphotos®

Dr. Joseph Mercola has called attention to a poll in which “millenials” (ages 18-34) think 2% of them will die of the Chinese Communist Death Virus, COVID-19. The poll was taken in May by Harvard and Oxford Universities and Universita Boconi (https://www.economist.com/graphic-detail/2020/07/21/young-people-see-covid-19-as-a-bigger-threat-than-their-elders-do).

The poll, said Dr. Mercola, is “evidence that technocratic fear propaganda is working.”

Millenials are the group least at risk of dying of COVID-19, but they’re the group with the most fear of it. They anticipate a death toll some ten thousand times higher than has actually been recorded.

Who is scaring these people? Where is the panic porn coming from?

(Cue “Jeopardy” theme) Bzzzzt! Time’s up!

Well, dog my cats! We can trace the fear, the panic porn, right back to our good ol’ grinnin’ nooze media! Harping on doom and gloom morning, noon, and night–one’s only defense is to turn off the TV.

And where are the noozies getting their whoppers from?  I think we all might hazard a guess or two, don’t you?

The point is, people are way more scared than they ought to be, and it’s because somebody, on purpose, has been scaring them–probably to make money and get corrupt Democrats elected to run the country for everybody’s benefit but the American people’s.

Off with the masks and off with our chains!

Now That’s What We Call a Shark!

Massive 6 1/16''  Megalodon Tooth Replica image 0

British scientists have “used mathematical calculations to work out the size” of Carcharodon megalodon, the biggest shark that ever lived (https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/03/world/megalodon-shark-scli-intl-gbr-scn/index.html). At 60 feet long and weighing 48 tons, Megalodon was twice as big as a full-grown great white shark… according to CNN Fake News.

Actually, the great white tops out around 20 feet long; but CNN didn’t know that.

CNN also goes on about “rare fossil remains of its teeth.” They got that wrong, too. Those fossils are not rare. In fact, you can buy them online. “Sharktooth Hill,” near Bakersfield, California, is famous for yielding lots of fossil Megalodon teeth. A friend of mine had one, years ago. And yes, it was as big as your hand.

I don’t know why people who write about sharks are so fond of exaggerating their size. Like, a 20-foot shark is chopped liver? Last I looked, the world-record great white shark caught on hook and line was 16 feet long. But 20 or 30 feet long makes a better story, somehow.

We can be thankful that this bruiser is extinct, except in monster movies. We’ve got enough real monsters to worry about.

The Mongolian Death Worm


All I wanted to do was add another post–and WordPress torpedoed me. Suddenly the whole format has been changed. I don’t know what I’m looking at. I have no idea why they do this to their users., I can’t start a new paragraph, and now I can’t see what I’m writing!

I just found the paragraph.

When Roy Chapman Andrews was organizing his 1926 Gobi Desert expedition, to search for fossils, Mongolian authorities asked him to keep an eye out for a kind of “death worm” inhabiting the desert: two feet long, looks like a sausage, and just to touch it causes instant death. How he was supposed to collect a specimen was not explained.

Several expeditions since then have tried, but no one has yet found any trace of the death worm.

I think it has moved to WordPress and is feeding on the brains of defenseless users. Like me.

I have no idea whether I’ll be able to post this. Here goes nothin’.


My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 27 (‘Moral Enhancements–in Your Drinking Water)

I just can’t get over the “ethics” professor’s call for “moral enhancements” to be added to our drinking water.

‘Moral Enhancements’—in Your Drinking Water

And you thought Bob Hope was kidding.

This is where “science” takes us after it’s divorced from God. It’s just another expression of Original Sin. And the university is the rash it’s broken out in.

If you can’t treat the root cause, you might as well treat the symptoms. We can’t cure Original Sin; but we can defund the colleges.


Mr. Nature: The Return of the Elephant Shrew


Jambo! Mr. Nature here, in the Horn of Africa–and so is the elephant shrew.

Actually, this cute little guy didn’t “return” from anywhere. He’d never left. But for 50 years or so, scientists couldn’t find any–although the local people said yeah, sure, they’re still around. But now, finally, science has rediscovered the elephant shrew–with the aid of no-kill traps baited with… peanut butter. Somebody had a bright idea!

As tiny as it is, the elephant shrew is most closely related to aardvarks, manatees… and the elephant. Or so they tell me.

And if it had been a cryptozoologist who’d rediscovered it, he would have succeeded himself right out of a job.