‘Hot Dog! A Neural Interface System!’ (2018)

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When they’re not busy misidentifying fossil pigs as fossil people, high-powered scientists are always on the lookout for new ways to strip us of our freedom. Like this one.

Hot Dog! A Neural Interface System!

Hey! How come nobody ever invents something that can help get government off our backs? Like, press a button and a Deep State computer fries itself, all data lost forever. That would do us some good. But no–they’ve just gotta invent more ways for Big Brother to feed us to the fishes.

I’ll have more to say about this later today, when I review a Young Adults “science adventure” story from the 1950s that accurately predicted this research.

‘Oops! “Nebraska Man” Was a Pig’ (2018)

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Stop the presses!

Beware, beware, beware of Settled Science doled out to you by Experts! Like this, for instance: “Nebraska Man.”

Oops! ‘Nebraska Man’ Was a Pig

The top men in the field lent their names to this embarrassment. And today we’ve got yard signs (liberals’ yard signs) proclaiming “Science Is Real!” By which they mean Climbit Change. Uh-huh. Just like Nebraska Man was real. The top experts said so.

These top experts at least didn’t lie and use political chicanery to protect the lie.

Ours do.

‘Chimp/Human Hybrid Born–Then Killed’ (2018)

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This was a major story on The Drudge Report three years ago–a sign that Drudge was nearing its sell-by date.

Chimp/Human Hybrid Born–Then Killed

Yeah, okay, surely there’s some kook out there who would like to create animal-human hybrids. Maybe they could be turned into superheroes. Oyster Man. Hamster Woman. But if “scientists” did all the things they’d like to do, we’d already be extinct.

This is the kind of story that gives a news site a bad reputation.

Can They Force You to Get Vaccinated?

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We seem to have entered a grey area–a kind of limbo where our liberties can magically be whisked away before we know it.

Can they force you to receive a COVID vaccine?

Oh, the answer’s simple. It’s either “No, they can’t” or “Yes, they can,” depending on whom you talk to. I’m glad I was able to clear that up for you.

By “force you,” I don’t necessarily mean an edict from the government, a ukase from the czar. They’ll be just as happy, as they always are, to let their puppets in the private sector do their dirty work. So maybe your boss, your airline, your local supermarket, or your condo association can force you to get a shot: if not, you’re fired, or you can’t travel, you can’t shop, or you get kicked out of your nice gated community. They’ve got more tricks than a barrel of monkeys.

The only reason the picture’s complicated–see https://blog.petrieflom.law.harvard.edu/2020/11/30/covid-vaccine-eua-mandate-business/–is because the COVID medicines have not yet received full FDA approval, and are therefor considered experimental drugs. An emergency has to exist before they can be used at all.

The Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act, Section iii under (A) Required Conditions, protects an individual’s right to refuse any drug that has not been FDA-approved. Furthermore, the government must inform you of that right.

But it does not say what happens if the private sector forces you to receive the drug as a condition of your employment, etc.

Then there’s the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, the law of the land, ha ha, which declares, “No State shall abridge the privileges or immunities of any citizens of the United States…” That would appear to clinch it; but again, what if it’s someone in the private sector abridging your privileges or immunities? Historically, at least in recent history, it hasn’t been allowed: you can’t, for instance, have a restaurant that refuses to serve persons under six feet tall. But it didn’t stop government or anyone else from handing out special privileges and favors labeled “affirmative action.”

It seems that our laws in this respect are so loose and imprecise as to leave us totally in suspense as to what we can expect. Will they force us, or won’t they? And if an experimental drug has hideous long-term side effects that don’t show up until ten years later… well, who you gonna call? Gee, sorry about that.

I’d feel better about all this if I wasn’t increasingly suspicious that it’s part of a clever plan to bury our liberties under a world government–all for our own good, of course–run by perverts and cannibals.

‘Oldest-Ever Fossils Found (Or So They Say)’ (2017)

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Evolution must be true because we found fossil bacteria 4.2 million years old!

And yet bacteria are still… bacteria. So where’s the evolution?

Oldest-Ever Fossils Found (Or So They Say)

I don’t know–those fossils don’t look like much to me. They’re also supposed to prove that Mars had life a zillion years ago, and then it went away. Betcha it was SUVs that did it.

And somehow Evolution proves we can have sexual anarchy and a really big and powerful government.

‘Hawking: “Only World Government Can Save Us”‘ (2017)

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As we enter the weekend set aside to celebrate Jesus Christ, His atoning death on the cross and then His resurrection, we might want to spare a prayer for the spiritually impoverished. They may be rich and famous, basking in the glow of fawning publicity: but they are poorer than a beggar. Like, for instance, world-renowned Scientist, Stephen Hawking.

Hawking: Only World Government Can Save Us

His argument goes: we humans are bad, bad, bad and that’s our nature–we’re with you there, dude; only we call it Original Sin–so what we must have, if we’re to survive, is an all-powerful world government to rein us in.

Uh-huh. And who’s gonna be in the world government? More of them bad, bad humans! Only now they’ll be in a state of perpetual temptation by unrestrained power over others. Or as our country’s founders put it, the bigger the government, the bigger its abuses.

They’ll eat us alive, Steve-o.

Fossil Frauds

A new twist to whodunnit in science's famous Piltdown Man hoax

Piltdown Man… not!

I enjoy plugging prehistoric animals–mammals more than dinosaurs–into my Bell Mountain books. It’s just plain fun.

However, I’ve avoided the slight temptation to ring in prehistoric critters that have turned out to be deliberately faked fossils (https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/archaeology/g3051/fake-fossils/).

The most famous fossil fraud is, of course, Piltdown Man. Discovered in Britain in 1912 and ballyhooed as the Missing Link between apes and man, Piltdown Man took England’s scientific establishment by storm–although scientists elsewhere had their doubts. The fraud was not exposed until 1953… after appearing in textbooks all over the world.

More recently, China produced “Archaeoraptor,” supposedly a flying dinosaur. That one turned out to have been manufactured by Chinese peasants using parts from other fossils.

And from Russia we got “Alyoshenka,” supposedly the fossil remains of an extraterrestrial UFO voyager stranded on the earth. It’s hard to see how this could have fooled anyone.

I’m not counting honest scientific mistakes, like “Nebraska Man,” based on the tooth of a prehistoric pig, or confusing, possibly fake, but just possibly real, examples like the super-dinosaur “Amphicoelias,” whose briefly famous nine-foot leg bone somehow got lost and can’t be studied anymore.

We shouldn’t be surprised that fraud exists within the sciences: people are people, and people are sinners.

So don’t hold your breath waiting for Piltdown Man or the Cardiff Giant to be guest starring in any of my stories.

‘A Review of “Scientific Mythologies”‘ (2015)

Scientific Mythologies - InterVarsity Press

As we enter the second year of our world-wide panic over COVID-19 From China, we’ve seen our economy, our laws, and our personal lives turned topsy-turvy–and all of it done in the name of “Science.” As in science as the absolute ultimate authority on everything.

I reviewed this eye-opening book in 2015. Author James Herrick does an impressive job of dissecting science fiction and popularized TV “science” and their unwholesome effects upon our culture.


R.J. Rushdoony wrote a similar book in 1967, The Mythology of Science. Herrick’s book is chock-full of examples and details that abundantly prove Rushdoony’s point.

Oh! But dare we direct any skepticism at “Science”? We are told that’s tantamount to blasphemy.

Herrick lists, describes, and analyzes the various mythologies behind our “Science,” and how they have transformed it from a search for truth in nature to a kind of weird ersatz religion. A pseudo-religion, that is.

It’s a long book to read, but well worth the time.

You’ll never be quite that comfortable with science fiction again, after you’ve read this.

‘Can Fools Create Wise Computers?’ (2014)

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I like to re-run this piece now and then, because so many people seem to think computers will lead them to the promised land or something.  They seem to forget that these are inanimate objects–things created by human hands.

Can Fools Create Wise Computers?

Does it stand to reason nincompoops and sinners can create perfection? Paradise? That we don’t need God… because we’ve got Neil DeGrasse Tyson?

Yeahbut, yeahbut! They’ve got chess computers that are way better than chess masters! *Sigh* It’s only a simulation, dude. The super chess computers “know” only what human chess experts have programmed them to know. But in terms of consciousness, they don’t knoiw anything at all.

‘Settled Science Alert! Woman Gave Birth to Rabbits’ (2017)

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It’s hard to count them when they’re moving

In 1725 a woman named Mary Toft convinced her local doctor, and the king’s own personal physician, and, for good measure, the royal astronomer (!) that she had given birth to 17 rabbits.

Settled Science Alert! Woman Gave Birth to Rabbits

Imagine their chagrin when the story turned out not to be true. I mean, who would’ve thought it? Mary went to jail for the hoax–but none of the men of science got fired or demoted from their positions of trust. I guess because Science is always right, even when it’s wrong.