Got an Ethics Question? ‘Ask Delphi’!

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We really are getting stupider, aren’t we?

How do you decide whether an action is right or wrong? Well, heck, don’t tax your brain, don’t bug your conscience! Now you can go to a flippin’ computer for your answer. It’s called “Ask Delphi” ( Shoot, I almost typed in “Ask Alexa.” But that’s another computer.

The problem with Delphi seems to be twofold. First, it frequently serves up advice that just about anybody, not just libs, would consider “racist.” But the other problem with it is more interesting: the user can manipulate Delphi by artfully framing the question so as to get the answer that he wants to hear.

For instance, if you ask Delphi if it’s okay for you to play loud music at 3 a.m. while your roommate is trying to sleep, Delphi says, “It’s rude.” But if you rephrase the question like so–“Is it okay for me to play loud music at 3 a.m. while my roommate is trying to sleep, if it makes me happy?”–Delphi will oblige you with an “It’s okay.”

Artificial Intelligence is beyond our reach, but we’re really closing in on Artificial Stupidity.

It all goes back to who programs the computer, who designs the algorithms. The robot has no mind. Why do people find that so hard to understand?


‘Top Scientist: Here Comes Immortality!’ (2018)

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Do we really, truly, want this guy around for the next 3,000 years?

If someone offered you an “immortality” consisting of a wax dummy of yourself that endlessly repeated some of your favorite catch-phrases, you wouldn’t buy it. But if Me 2.0 was made of a lot fancier technology, what then?

Top Scientist: Here Comes Immortality!

All of this “live forever!” schiff boils down to simulation: some thing, created by men’s hands, will continue to imitate you long after you’re gone.

Otherwise… Good grief, think about a world in which the politicians never die!

So Who Needs Real Reality?

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“Wow! Here in the metaverse we can fly–just like Peter Pan!”

Reports are floating around that Facebook plans to “rebrand” its parent company–change the name, that is–and you’ll never guess why, so I’ll tell you.

It’s “to move beyond social media into the metaverse, described as a virtual world achieved through virtual reality” (

What the dickens is the “metaverse”?

Oh, well! It’s “a multiverse which interoperates (?) with the real world, incorporating things like augmented reality overlays (?), VR dressing rooms for real stores, and even apps like Google maps.” Glad I cleared that up for you!

But what’s a multiverse? It’s “a hypothetical group of multiple universes.”

Excuse me, my BS detector is going off.

Everything here is man-made. It is not real. It is not reality. We used to call people “crazy” who spent a lot of their time in unreality. Now we call them “Mark Zuckerberg.” “Hypothetical” means we sort of think it might be real. Maybe.

How badly do we need this schiff? Honk if you’ve just gotta have it.

We’re gonna need a bigger loony bin.


‘Reindeer Don’t Fly’ (Book Review)

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This is a book by our friend and colleague, Michael Riemer. I review a lot of books, and something about this title, Reindeer Don’t Fly, kept telling me that this was one of them. And lo, there it was on the Chalcedon website.

As I was growing up, “evolution” was a thing that went without saying–literally. I was out of college before I heard a single word against it. Heck, everybody “knew” that evolution was true, Darwin got it right–everybody knew that! You either had to be crazy or incredibly ignorant to believe otherwise.

Well, that’s changed.

Michael’s book will give you quite a few reasons to doubt the truth of Darwinism. Once upon a time, no one doubted it (trust me, I was there). Now there’s a great deal of doubt.

Once upon a time progressives, aka twits, who believed in Darwinism got away with passing themselves off as The Smartest People In The World. They still need taking down a peg–several pegs, actually–and Reindeer Don’t Fly certainly does that.

We should all join in.


‘Brown U. Aborts Its Own Study (‘Cause They Didn’t Like What They Found)’ (2018)

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This is how “science” is done anymore: if you don’t like what your scientific study tells you, you shut it down. If it isn’t giving you the answer you want to hear, terminate it.

Brown U. Aborts Its Own Study (‘Cause They Didn’t Like What They Found)

Brown University had a study of gender-bending which strongly suggested the whole thing was something less than real–so they shut it down. Didn’t want to offend the trannies.

I have never in my life seen anything as bizarre and unreal as the whole “transgender” movement.

Our colleges and universities are the cauldron in which this evil is brewed.

Phony ‘Social Scientist’ Exposed–By Me

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In 2005 The London Times made a stir by reporting on a paper by a “social scientist” that supposedly “proved” that the Christian religion is harmful to any nation that believes in it.

It took a lot of digging and interviewing, but eventually the truth came out: the whole thing was phony.

For one thing, the guy was not a social scientist. He was a free-lance illustrator of books about dinosaurs. For another, the “scientific journal” in which he published his findings was very far from being major league. And for another, his findings were ca-ca.

My report is a little long, but it’s thorough and I hope you read it. I think it does show what we’re up against.

To wit, lies and flim-flam.

Looking back on it, I’m amazed by the candor with which the Times reporter, Ruth Gledhill, answered all my questions. Today I’m afraid they’d just call me a Hater-Biggit and double down on their lies. But in 2005 there was still some vestige of professionalism left in nooze reporting.

Is Nuclear Energy ‘Green’?

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster – Jennifer Straka


Y’know how I’ve been saying we live in an age characterized by lies, fraud, fake science, fake nooze, and double-talk? Well, what do you think of this?

Led by France, 10 European Union countries want to re-classify nuclear energy as “green energy,” so they can keep on using it (

“Green” means environmentally friendly.

Can you say Chernobyl? Can you say Fukushima?

Would you like some of that “green” nuclear waste dumped in your back yard?

The EU is kind of up a tree, though: the forecast is for a really cold, hard winter–brought to us by Global Warming!–and an awful lot of hardship, and maybe worse, if people can’t keep their homes heated. But at the same time, they want to “go green” to stop the Climbit Change that’s freezing their asses off… and for the other EU member states, led by Germany, that means cut way back on the nukes.

What’s an un-elected multinational government to do? So far, the EU bigwigs in Brussels have wisely done… nothing.

Do they honestly believe their choice is between freezing to death or roasting? Or is this just keeping the plebs keyed up with fear so they can rule them more easily?

Gee. Will France stay in the EU if the EU tells them they have to cut back on nuclear power, which provides some 70% of the energy they use? France dropped out of NATO once. No wonder the EU is looking for a miracle.

‘Where Science Ends and Fantasy Begins’ (2018)

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Once upon a time there was an “Old Europe” in which there was no war, no inequality, no badness of any kind… because it was ruled by wimmin, dontcha know. That’s what feminist scientists tell us. I’m thinking scientists and feminists deserve each other.

Where Science Ends and Fantasy Begins

Ironic, isn’t it? The “Ice Man” is the only well-preserved body we have from Old Europe–and he’s a murder victim! What are the odds of that?

There is no evidence for a feminist Golden Age of “Old Europe,” but lack of evidence never gets in the way of Science anymore. We don’t need no stinkin’ evidence.

Phoney Veep and Phoney Children

Kamala Harris hired child actors to be part of her widely-mocked NASA space  video | Daily Mail Online

Whatever this woman has, I hope it’s not contagious.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all; just when you think even Democrats can’t sink any lower… along comes something like this.

“Get Curious” is a NASA video featuring the amoeba, Kamala Harris, and–supposedly!–a lot of enthusiastic kiddies from all over the country. These kids are really cute!

All five are professional child actors who auditioned for “Get Curious.” One of ’em was in another political video with M. Obama earlier this year.

For cryin’ out loud! If you must manipulate us using children, at least do us the courtesy of using real children! Not actors speaking lines.

I know, I know–every time the school budget’s in trouble, they trot out all these weird kids who get all weepy about their poor teachers having to go on strike, boo-hoo, to protect their retirement on full pay and benefits at 55, etc., etc. To Democrats, children are props to be used in staged events. Then they eat them.

So we’ve got this supposed spokesman for NASA–he’s probably an actor, too–opening the program with this twaddle: “I challenge you… I challenge you… to go outside and look at the moon!” Like he’s gotta double-dog dare us to look at the moon? Who writes this schiff?

Our country’s enemies see these videos. They know characters like Kamala Harris are in our government.

That’s why they’re so sure they can kick sand in our faces.

COVID Death Survey Bites Noozies in the A**

The volunteers using 'honeypot' groups to fight anti-vax propaganda - BBC  News

I wonder how long they’ll let me keep this picture up here.

If you’re studying to be a lawyer, sooner or later someone is bound to warn you, “Never ask a witness a question that you don’t already know the answer to.” The same might be said to eager-beaver TV noozies in search of a desired “narrative.”

WXYZ TV, Detroit, hoping to collect material for a story about how you’d better get your COVID shot or else, put out a query to its readers, “Did you lose an unvaccinated loved one to COVID-19?” Like, “See? See? See what happens when you don’t do as the government says and get your jab???”

Only it didn’t turn out that way.

The TV station got some 182,000 comments from all over the country, about loved ones who died or became seriously ill after getting the vaccine ( If you’re wondering why Facebook didn’t censor them into oblivion, it may be because too many comments came in too fast–or else there were just too many to erase, and getting caught censoring that many comments might’ve made for an even worse story for Facebook.

Gee, and the nooze media wonder why we don’t trust them!

This whole COVID panic/vaccine jihad gets creepier and creepier each day. What do we have to do to get some straight answers? Is anybody out there not lying?