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‘Climate Change Made Me Do It!’

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And all because we didn’t pay a carbon tax! We’re doomed!

Among the more sickening aspects of our age is the way lying liberals and their Climate Change Doomsday-preaching has preyed on young minds rendered defenseless by what we laughingly call our education system.

And so we have this nooze report of “young people” not bothering to save money because they’ve been taught the world is gonna end because of Climate Change so what’s the point of saving for a future that isn’t going to happen? ( Hey, Ocasio-Cortez gives us only 12 more years till The End Of The World. And 88 percent of millenials, according to a Pew poll, believe it.

Not surprisingly, “major depression has increased 52 percent from 2005 to 2017” among young people–but not among older adults, who have already heard so many tall tales about The End Of The World that they just tune them out.

Gee, thanks, Climate Cult! Thanks, teachers and professors and noozies! Thank you so much, Democrats! First you dumb them down in school and college, and then you bum them out with all your scare tactics–all for the sole purpose of sucking up our hard-earned money and acquiring more arbitrary political power over defenseless people’s lives. That’s your noble cause! I’d say you really ought to be ashamed of yourselves, but I don’t think leftids can feel shame.

Kids, wake up. They’re lying to you. They want you dumb and they want you glum. They’re doing you, but good.

Snap out of it!

They Want You to Live Like Morlocks

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How long does it take for people to Evolve into Morlocks?

Boy, the crap that’s in the nooze these days…

“Experts”–the unnamed kind: just “experts”–are touting the virtues of moving our civilization underground to escape the ravages of Climbit Change, Overpopulation, food shortages, and any other globalist boogeyman they can think of (–spt.html).

See, they’re into “re-purposing places below street level” so they can meet “seven of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.” [How do you spell the sound a raspberry makes? Never mind, I’ll get the video.]

Anyway, living underground like moles will protect us from the “severe weather Climate Change is expected to spark”–expected by whom? By schmendricks who believe this bunk. Going underground will slow down the loss of farmland–farmland that gets paved over by the same corrupt politicians who are serving us this environmental pap, richly seasoned with hypocrisy. And we can stuff all our cars underground, too! Because cars–at least cars owned by us peasants–are so baaaaad! “Cars are killing cities,” prattle the experts. Wrong, bozo. The jerks who govern the cities are killing the cities.

So then, boys and girls, all the lib’rals went underground to live, and over thousands of years, the magic of Evolution turned them into Morlocks! And then they came out of hiding and ate the defenseless Eloi people–breakfast, lunch, and supper! And the moral of the story is, The Experts Are Always Right! Now eat your roach milk cakes, or we’ll have to report you to The Party…

Marty the Supermarket Robot

Our Stop & Shop now has one of these. “Marty the Robot” wanders around the store, looking for spills, broken glass, empty spaces in the shelves, whatever. (Y’know, this store in Pennsylvania somewhere looks exactly like our supermarket. Our robots are identical, too. This story is eerie enough without that. I mean, what if the people are identical, too…?)

Some of the shoppers were amused, some didn’t seen to notice Marty at all, and a few had to pause in wild surmise.

What do you want to bet Marty is also programmed to blow the whistle on shoplifters? Thou shalt not steal.

I’ve grown rather fond of the people who work at our Stop & Shop and would never want to see them replaced. We share jokes, news, commiserate with each other–yo, corporate! You gotta keep the people!

Recently a little child somehow got separated from his daddy, got scared, and started crying. A store employee took him by the hand and comforted him, and was all set to take him up to the front desk so they could page his daddy; but Daddy found them first.

A robot can’t do anything like that; and I would rather they didn’t try.

‘Now That’s a Mystery!’ (2016)

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A Socotra landscape. I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, Toto.

So how do a bunch of primitive little prehistoric ape-men get to an island hundreds of miles out to sea?

Maybe they hitched a ride from someone with a boat? Or maybe the “stone tools” found on Socotra aren’t really tools, but just stones?

Or maybe we just don’t know a lot of things we say we know.

You Know You’re Dead When…

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“Haunting new research suggests”–note it says suggests–that “you know you’re dead” and consciousness continues, “if only for a short time,” after you’ve been pronounced dead (

Researchers have found that survivors of cardiac arrest–but if they’re “survivors,” doesn’t that mean they didn’t really die?–can accurately describe what was going on around them after they were pronounced dead.

But we shouldn’t have to wait for a major heart attack to shut us down before we realize that we’re dead. Here are a few handy tips.

You know you’re dead when…

You consistently vote Democrat and never miss an election.

You can sit through a superhero movie.

You can listen to rap music without running away as fast as you can.

You watch CNN or MSNBC and sagely nod your head… which, of course, is just gravity beckoning you to the grave.

You dream that the state you’re living in suddenly will tip over and capsize, even if it’s hundreds of miles from the sea.

Keep these in mind in case you’re ever worried that maybe you aren’t alive.


The Ultimate Science Folly

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Their idols are silver and gold, the work of men’s hands… They that make them are like unto them; so is everyone that trusteth in them.   –Psalm 115: 4,8

Some people are spending way too much time with computers.

An MIT physics professor–are we sure that means he should know better?–says it’s “more likely than not” that reality isn’t real, we’re all just living in a simulation, “We are in a video game,” yatta-yatta, all that science fiction movie jazz (

Even if he’s just showing off, and doesn’t really mean it, it’s not nice to say such things to college classrooms full of ignorant defenseless stoners.

The earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.  –Psalm 24:1

This is the next logical step, after all that “transgender” twaddle, in the rejection of God, the revolt against reality. We don’t just deny things, like there being only two sexes, that are real. We’re going to deny all of reality. There ain’t any.

Worship a block of stone, turn into a block of stone.

This prof isn’t the only one who’s saying this. A lot of folks took those “Matrix” movies rather too seriously: the ultimate conspiracy theory, I guess.

We were the last thing God put into His Creation.

And those who have rejected salvation in Jesus Christ will be the first thing He takes out of it.


Your Car is Watching You

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If knowledge is power, there sure is a lot of power lying around out there, waiting for someone to pick it up and use it.

Modern cars are full of computers, and those computers transmit all sorts of data back to the car’s manufacturer: not only data on the car’s performance… but on yours ( Data on your weight, what restaurants you go to, what music you listen to, and your choice of destinations.

And if you connect your smartphone (beware anything that’s sold to you as “smart”!) to your car, watch out! You’ll be sending the manufacturer a lot of personal information expressed in your phone calls and whatever else a smartphone does. I don’t have one.

Although European Union courts have ruled that the information thus collected belongs to you, the car’s owner, here in the U.S. we don’t yet have any laws as to how this information may be used, or by whom–just a set of voluntary guidelines adopted by the industry five years ago.

Who’s to stop the manufacturer from selling your information to whoever wants to pay for it? From turning it over to, say, the IRS or some other government agency? Nobody, actually. What we have here is your car watching you, listening in on you, and reporting all of it back to the manufacturer. And where it goes from there–who knows?

And another thing nobody knows–how to put this genie back into the bottle.

Memory Lane: ‘I Am Joe’s Whatsis’

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All the different households in my family subscribed to Reader’s Digest. All those great long-running series–“The Most Unforgettable Character I’ve Met,” and “Life in These United States,” and of course their Book of the Month, condensed for a quick read.

Of all these well-known features, can you guess what was the most popular Reader’s Digest series ever–with over 7 million reprints sold? (No, it was not “Dating Tips for Babbling Jidrools”–that wasn’t even in Reader’s Digest.)

RD’s all-time popular series was “I am Joe’s Body” by J.D. Ratcliff, 33 articles, each focusing on a particular body part belonging to hypothetical Joe, the most frequently examined human on the planet–“I am Joe’s Heart,” “I am Joe’s Kidney,” and so on. I remember reading these in the 1960s. Well, heck, a lot of people read them! Including some who were fired up to become doctors when they grew up.

The essays were later collected into a paperback book, “I Am Joe’s Body,” currently available on Y’know, I think I’ll get it for Patty for her birthday.

And yes, there were a lot of bawdy jokes made at the expense of this series–but I like to think they were made affectionately.

‘Piffle Alert: “The Lunar Temple”‘ (2017)

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Do they really have to be such horses’ asses?

Just two years ago, the European Space Agency was babbling about how, when they go to the moon (C’mon, I’d just love to see you find the money for that!), they’re gonna leave bad ol’ “religion” behind and once they’re up there on the moon, they’re gonna build a “temple of contemplation” that won’t have no stinkin’ religion, blah-blah-blah…

That’s okay, though–they can worship the State and Science!

It’s people like this that give fat-heads a bad name.

A New ‘T. rex’… with Feathers?

This is the brand-new Tyrannosaurus reconstruction at the American Museum of Natural History in New York–complete with feathers. Scientists “know” T. rex had feathers because “closely related species” about a twentieth his size have left fossils with traces of something that might be feathers. So that’s how they “know.”

Sorry, I’m not buying this. For one thing, it looks shabby–more like a “winosaur” than a “dinosaur.” I mean, really, Turok Son of Stone would’ve laughed himself silly if he ever saw a Tyrannosaur that looked like a worn-out feather duster. Or a worn-out 1960s celebrity trying to make a comeback on a 1990s TV talk show.

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Oh, well… If you can’t idly speculate about dinosaurs, what can you idly speculate about?

Make it idle enough and you just might win a chair at a prestige university.

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