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Are We ‘Summoning Entities Into Existence’? (Hint: No)

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H.P. Lovecraft with one of his imaginary playmates

The CEO of Kindred A.I. the other day ruffled some feathers by warning that “tech developers are summoning entities into existence” (

Say it ain’t so!

Warns the CEO, these “entities” will be (or already are) as indifferent to us as we are to ants: “they’re way smarter than every single person in this room, in ways that we can’t even comprehend.” Well, gee–not knowing who was in the room with him when he said that, we can only speculate. I mean, if it was Joe Biden and Rosie O’Donnell, he had a great chance of being right.

These scary entities that we’re going to summon into existence, he said, are “like Lovecraftian The Great Old Ones…” Those were monsters in H.P. Lovecraft’s fantasy/horror stories. Not intended to be taken seriously. We wonder whether Mr. CEO quite understands that.

Sorry, dude, but Shakespeare got in before you. He even got in before Lovecraft. Henry IV Part I, Act III, Scene 1.

Glendower: I can call spirits from the vasty deep.

Hotspur: Why, so can I, and so can any man. But will they come when you do call for them?

(Why do I think I hear someone crying, “Call for Phillip Morris”?)

See, beings either exist or they don’t. No yo-yo down here on earth can summon them into existence. We already have inborn human depravity and hosts of malevolent spiritual beings turned loose on us by Satan. What can some clowns with computers add to that?

HPL was only kidding; but this guy at Kindred is nuts.

Oops! Another Problem for Darwinism

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As if soft tissue turning up in dinosaur fossils weren’t bad enough–well, they aren’t even talking about this.

The Mesozoic Era, or Age of Reptiles, begins with the Triassic Period 240 million years ago: the first dinosaurs appear. (“Presto!”) It ends 65 million years ago, in the Cretaceous Period, in which the dinosaurs disappear.

Imagine discovering a modern human skeleton, with a cell phone, right next to a Tyrannosaurus skeleton. Whoever discovered that, of course, would be in very big trouble. But imagine it anyway. If you take your Darwinism straight, that human skeleton would be 65 million years out of place.

But that’s nothing.

In 2013 we read of pollen–that is, fossils of flowering plants–being discovered in Triassic rocks in Switzerland ( But Settled Science had always said flowering plants didn’t come along, didn’t “evolve,” until the Cretaceous. This pollen from Switzerland is therefore 100 million years out of place. Cores from the Barents Sea, north of Scandinavia, have also turned up pollen. In fact, some evidence pushes the fossil pollen back into the Permian Period–before the dinosaurs.

You don’t hear a lot about this old, old pollen. It’s so embarrassing. It’s as far out of place as a Jurassic Stegosaurus would be if it walked down Broadway in the traffic.

How many of these embarrassments–don’t forget the dinosaur soft tissue–can the Darwinist time scale take before it crumbles?


Fired Christian Wins $400G Settlement from University

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(Note: I missed this story in 2017. Here it is now. Better late than never.)

A scientist who found soft tissue in a dinosaur fossil, and published it, has won a settlement of nearly $400,000 from the university that fired him, so says his lawsuit, for his religious beliefs (

Mark Armitage, who managed their electron microscope lab in 2010, accepted the settlement from California State University at Northridge. The looniversity denied any religious bias, heh-heh. Despite the fact that a biology professor came into Armitage’s lab and announced, “We are not going to tolerate your religion in this department.”

Hmmm… What do you suppose would’ve happened, had Armitage been named Abu Shebet instead of Armitage, and was a Muslim? How many looniversity officials would have had to hang themselves before the Democrats’ wrath was satisfied?

Nowadays, just two years later, Settled Science finds itself stuck with dinosaur soft tissue, it just won’t go away. Now that they know how to find it, everybody’s finding it.

Armitage’s thought crime was seeing soft tissue as evidence that the fossil couldn’t possibly be tens of millions of years old; and that Darwinist dogma, tied as it is to an earth that’s billions of years old, can’t possibly be true. You are not allowed to think that, if you’re on a college campus.

Dinosaur soft tissue offers only two possibilities. Either our whole understanding of fossilization is all wet, or the fossils are nowhere near as old as they’re supposed to be. Either way, Settled Science gets egg on its face. They’re learning toward Door No. 1, Monty… They’ll sacrifice their own credibility to save Darwinism.

Because they’ve got so much invested in it, politically. Without Darwinism, communism and socialism take a major hit. No true academic intellectual would allow that to happen.



Oh, No! Your Sex-Bot Might Kill You!

Image result for images of katydids

No, I’m not going to post a picture of a sex-bot! Here’s a nice summery katydid instead–and thanks be to God for the way they sing to us at night.

“All it takes it one line of bad code,” an expert warns–and next thing you know, your superhumanly strong mechanical girlfriend has got her hands around your neck and won’t let go, she’s strangling you, dude–!

No, not a nightmare. More of an absurdity. Be that as it may, we have been warned: “coding errors” might turn your sex-both into an unstoppable killing machine (

Especially, warns the expert, “if they are equipped with free will.”

Equipped with free will? By who? Oh–by the programmer. So you mean they are programmed to have free will?

I can hardly believe I’m typing this absurdity. But I assure you I’m not making it up. It only sounds that way.

So, if you’re one of those weird people who has a sex-bot…

Well, whatever happens probably serves you right.

Now They Want Us to Eat… People

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(Thanks to Watchman for the nooze tip)

If you were worried that our looniversities are the worst in the world, relax–the ones in England are every bit as bad as ours.

Y’know how “experts” are always trying to talk us peasants into eating bugs, To Save The Planet? It’s really so they can laugh at us behind our backs–but now they’ve come up with something worse.

According to a pair of psychology profs at Lancaster University, it’s gettin’ to be time for us humans “to overcome our repulsion and disgust” when it comes to chowing down on our fellow human beings (  Oh, not yet, not yet! the profs reassure us. We can still indulge this totally unreasonable little prejudice against eating human flesh–which is, say the profs, “not the product of reason and may even contract reason.”

Which only goes to show you what “reason” is worth when uncoupled from a fear of God.

Oh! And then there’s this argument. This one is the crusher. Who can hope to stand against it? Ready? Brace yourself. Here it is:

We should practice cannibalism [drum roll]… because some animals do it!

Devastating, wouldn’t you say?

Dudes! The reason (yeah, see, we’ve got reasons) we don’t eat each other is because man is made in the image of God and because we each of us belong to God, who created us, breathed into us our living souls, and redeemed us to eternal life by the shed blood of His son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. It’s for the same reason we don’t commit murder, theft, adultery, etc–at least, we ought not to do these things, and we know they’re wrong. We dare not treat the image of our God, which we can see in each other, with such disrespect. And if we do, we have sinned. The fact that we regularly break God’s moral laws does not in any way diminish their authority.

It’s true that the Bible offers us a shocking instance of cannibalism in 2 Kings 6:28-30. Besieged by enemies, the city of Samaria has run out of food; and two women appeal to the king to decide which one’s infant child ought to be eaten first. You may have noticed the the Bible is not entirely about nice people doing nice things. That the people were so hard pressed as to cast off this “taboo” merely shows one of the things that happen in a fallen world of which war and sieges are a part.

But the two psych profs at Lancaster say it’ll be less difficult for us than we think, to shed our taboos and get into eating people. It might be necessary, one o’ these days. To Save The Planet, dontcha know.

Higher education–where moral imbeciles go to be called smart.

The Race for Eternal Life

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The monkey juice doesn’t do much for his posture.

Companies race to find the key to eternal life–I thought it was click-bait, but I clicked anyway.

It’s a Market Watch article about companies investing hundreds of millions of dollars, worldwide, in various scientific schemes to “reverse aging” (

This is not new. In 1923 Arthur Conan Doyle published a Sherlock Holmes story, The Adventure of the Creeping Man, in which an elderly professor, obsessed by his desire to marry a young woman, tries to restore his own youth by dosing himself with an “extract” from monkeys. It debases and degrades him, with Holmes and Watson only narrowly preventing a tragedy. Such “science,” reflects Holmes, would lead to a calamity for the human race: “It would be the survival of the least fit.”

Which brings us back up to 2019.

Perpetual youth would be bound to be expensive. Only the rich and the powerful, and great criminals, could afford it: “the least fit.” Trust Holmes to get it right.

In a Godless age, Godless men and women look to their idols, science and the state, to do for them all the things that God has promised to do–only of course they don’t believe in Him. Let’s be smart! Let’s give incredible and unprecedented powers to fools and sinners! And they’ll take us to Utopia, by cracky!

Think about it–another 700 years of being lorded over by every power-hungry jidrool in Congress, Hollywood, and Wall Street. All the ones we’ve got now, forever.

If that doesn’t make you run screaming back to the Bible, what will?

Conservative Gene Found!

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Scientists at Settled Science University have discovered the gene that makes people conservatives.

In a grueling two-day study jointly funded by George Soros and a local panhandler named Bob, scientists have identified a gene which they have named “Gene.” When stimulated by Climate Change, Fox News broadcasts, or too much butter in a dish of pastina, Gene the gene “makes people turn to the biggitry we know as conservatism,” says the study’s leader, Dr. Alexa Bathmat.

“All human beings are genetically political progressives,” she explained. “But when Gene the gene kicks in, it all goes haywire.” The scientists on her team are looking for a cure, she says, but because this gene is located primarily in the coccyx, “It makes it kind of hard to get at.”

Until a cure can be found, the scientists have recommended that in any future elections, Republican votes should not count.

“And as a bonus,” Dr. Bathmat added, “having only one political party is a major step toward true Diversity and Social Justice.”

Are You Ready for Your Brain Chip?

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“It is He that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are His people, the sheep of His pasture.”   –Psalm 100:3

Well, of course secular humanists don’t believe God made us, never mind made us in His image. So they see a clear path to go about re-making us. Humanity re-made by idiots and sinners: what could possibly go wrong?

Enter Elon Musk’s new “brain chip,” to be implanted in the human brain to “merge biological intelligence with machine intelligence” and help us “deal with the AI (Artificial Intelligence) apocalypse” (

When all is said and done, this is a religious controversy. If you believe in God, and that He has revealed Himself to us in the Bible, then you know we’re already made and don’t need to be remade. If you don’t, then, hey, Humanist Manifesto II says we can now “direct the course of [human] evolution.”

And that’s how we get to utopia, folks–brought there by The Smartest People In The World. Forget salvation by Jesus Christ and the eventual establishment of His Kingdom on the earth. Don’t need it anymore. Just stop praying and start paying–’cause we’re gonna need to raise your taxes, big-time. Abolishing everything bad in the world will cost a lot of money! Oh–and it will also require you to obey your masters (because they’re so smart!)… or else.

Just for the record, there is no such thing as “machine intelligence.” Machines do only what humans program them to do. They can only simulate intelligence. Take away the perhaps questionable intelligence of the programmer, and machines do nothing at all.

It boils down to the worship of false gods, of idols, that we have created with our own hands. Idols are nothing. And those who worship them, as the Bible makes clear in several places, are “like unto them.”

No wonder our world is getting so screwed up.

The Science of… Loneliness?

Image result for images of loneliness

Can you take a pill that will cure loneliness?

Researchers at the University of Chicago Brain Dynamics Lab think they’ve found a hormone that may “reduce an exaggerated threat response similar to the kind of hyper vigilance lonely people feel” ( It seems to work in mice–although how they can tell when a mouse is feeling lonely is more than I can say.

They got into this study because some of the researchers themselves were feeling lonely, they “felt their relationships seemed superficial and forced.” They say they are not trying to “cure loneliness with a pill.” What they are trying to do, well, search me.

In a fallen world, everybody has a time in life when they feel lonely, sad, unable to connect. You can feel that way even if you’re surrounded by other people. For most of us those times are something that passes. For a few, they don’t. Some continue to feel lonely even when family and friends who love them and care about them try to reach out to them: it doesn’t seem to help. I once had a friend like that, many years ago. We were toddlers together. But his life fell into a bad way, his family couldn’t help him, he seemed to lose interest in his real friends, and the story had a tragic conclusion.

We were young and didn’t understand or appreciate the power of prayer. It never even occurred to me at the time. I wish it had.

In a world stocked to the gills with false prophets, preposterous ideologies, rampant immorality and selfishness, lying as a means of communication, fake nooze and foolish public figures shouting doom and gloom, it’s a wonder there isn’t more loneliness.

God labors to preserve us in spite of ourselves. He sees something in us that a lot of us will never see–His own image, ransomed and saved by Jesus Christ.

“…And He shall win the battle.”   –Martin Luther

‘The Vatican and Space Aliens’ (2015)

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It’s an article of faith, with some people, that super-intelligent life is out there in the universe somewhere, and someday the space brothers will teach us how to be as clever as they are. No one expects to discover kind of dumb ETs who can’t believe professional wrestling isn’t real.

And of course it means that if we do find space aliens, well, then, the Bible can’t be true…

This is wishful thinking.

This is false religion.

I do sympathize with the guy from the Vatican who had to do this interview.


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