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M.I.T., EPA Experts: Climbit Change Is a Scam

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In a peer-reviewed scientific paper, reviewed by experts from M.I.T. and the Environmental Protection Agency, we have “conclusive findings” that Man-Made Global Warming and Climate Change blah-blah is a deliberate campaign to deceive the nations of the world (

In fact, they lay it on the line: “It is quite clear that the [temperature] data have been intentionally tampered with.” So all that stuff you heard about the last three years being the warmest in history, that was just NASA and NOAA and other scam artists cooking the books.

Not that we needed scientists to tell us that Gore and Kerry and Obama and Clinton and all the rest of the Climbit Change Gang, partying all over the world on private jets, yachts, and limousines, living in colossal mansions, and behaving every day like persons who don’t believe a single word of what they’re selling… are totally unworthy of anyone’s belief. (Whopper of a sentence!) I mean, really–if you believe anything those people say, you really are a sap. Get help! C’mon, now–“Save The Planet by expanding our power beyond anything seen by man since Stalin died, and by forking over huge new taxes…!” What is anyone’s excuse for swallowing that line?

Again I thank God for sparing us President Hillary. Under her party’s platform, this scientific paper would constitute Climate Change Denial and might land its authors in prison.

‘Let’s Plug Soldiers in to Computers…’

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The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has put up $65 million to see if they can find a way to hook up people’s brains to computers ( Five grants will be handed out to five assorted research bodies.

Oh, boy.

Now, I do hate conspiracy theories. But what we have here is a lot of talk about “developing an implantable system to provide precision communication between the brain and the digital world” and it’s going to have all these wonderful peachy-keen medical applications. We also get some muttering about using new technology to produce “super soldiers.” I’m sure The Outer Limits did an episode about that in the 1960s.

So here we go again, this time actually putting up money for it–the Smart Science dream of half-human, half-computer supermen.

And again, the thing is, we already know this is a very bad idea! “Colonel, I demand to know why my soldiers are marching backwards!” “Well, gee, General, we just plugged ’em into Lee’s computer.” “Confound it, Colonel! Yesterday you plugged them into Susan’s computer and they all forgot how to put their shoes on!” You can see the potential.

And it always comes wrapped up in a lovely promise of great strides in medicine, nobody gonna be sick no more, doo-dah…

The only silver lining on this cloud is that $65 million, in the scheme of things these days, won’t go very far. They’ll burn their way through that in a week.

And we know it’s a terrible idea. Every instinct cries against it.

Maybe, just for once, we ought to listen. God gave us those instincts for a reason.

New Career Path: Become a Robot Shrink!

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So what are you gonna be when you grow up–if you ever do grow up, and don’t just stay in collidge pounding Play-Doh for the rest of your life?

Well, hey-hey! Become a robot psychologist! That would be someone who tries to understand what computers and other “Artificial Intelligences” are thinking, presuming they think at all (

The Wall Street Journal reports that engineers designing AI seem to be losing their handle on it.  Could it be that no one remembers that “Artificial Intelligence” is only a simulation of intelligence, and not the real thing? You know–like Strat-O-Matic is a nice simulation of baseball, minus the pine tar. But it’s not really baseball. You should be able to figure that out when Babe Ruth comes up to bat.

From the outside looking in, it looks like computers even now are not as good as they used to be. Can an Artificial Intelligence go mad? Or will it only simulate madness? And just how badly do we want these machines, these robots, driving our cars and prescribing medical treatments for us?

But that’s the price you pay if you want man to be the Creator instead of God.

Once Upon a Time, Among Dinosaurs…

Have you ever seen Walking with Dinosaurs? Tim Haines’ dinosaur recreations really are the most convincing. Here it’s Ankylosaurus fighting off Tyrannosaurus rex. The voice-over by Kenneth Branagh has been deleted and replaced with Godzilla music: from Godzilla versus Megalon, if I don’t miss my guess.

Anyhow, all this dino-stuff still has the power to stoke the fires of my imagination–and make me eager to get back to work on my book.

When an Old, Old Joke Becomes Reality

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Don’t you love it when that happens? A satire takes tangible form. A joke isn’t a joke anymore because it’s come to life.

“We want to make better humans,” gabbles the CEO of a company that manufactures and sells “cognitive supplements” ( He calls it “biohacking,” with a view toward “cognitive enhancement.” The idea is that if you take his little pills, you’re gonna get smarter. And surely they can hook you up to a computer to give you regular boosts of real smartness.

Anyway, here’s the ancient joke they’ve brought to life:

Some ninny was sold a packet of rabbit droppings, having been told that they were pills that would boost his intelligence. The next day he came back to the vendor, hopping mad. “You %$#@%! You sold me rabbit turds!”

And the vendor smiled and said, “See, you’re getting smarter already!”

It is He that hath made us, and not we ourselves (Psalm 100:2). Boy, oh, boy, do modern pin-heads have a problem with that verse!

A Very, Very Dangerous Medical Technology

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Is there anybody who does not want to find cures for cancer, HIV, diabetes, and other so far incurable diseases? Really bad diseases, that can kill you?

Probably not. But next question: how far are we willing to go, to get those cures?

Dr. Mercola reports on new “gene-editing technology” that seems to offer real hope of curing terrible diseases… and is also a mine field strewn with unintended consequences and prospects for disaster (

It turns out to be not quite so easy as they thought. Testing on mice showed these procedures brought in “more than 100 additional deletions and insertions”–whoa! that means stuff taken out that they didn’t mean to take out, and stuff put in that they didn’t mean to put in–“and more than 1,500 single-nucleotide mutations.” Does that sound good to you? It doesn’t sound too good to me!

So, OK, we’re gonna “cut and paste your DNA” and maybe nothing  but good will happen, and maybe not. We might be tempted to try to make designer babies, and next thing you know, we’ve unleashed some unimagined horror on the world.

Of course we want to alleviate suffering! Of course we want to heal diseases! And of course we’re going to try.

But, oh, boy–to pursue that course without humility! We are not going to be able to abolish disease and death, any more than we can abolish war or injustice–because we are not God. God will do those things, not us. We can only try our best to make the world a little better, a little less terrible: and that, by God’s grace and with His help, we can do. Only a fool would deny that medical science has made great strides since the 19th century.

But what we might call “moral science” sure as shootin’ hasn’t! How much power do we want to put in the hands of moral imbeciles?

Some folks out there need to re-visit Jurassic Park.

We Gonna Be Gods!

One thing you can say for Satan: he’s never left the building.

I have stumbled over a highly-touted book, Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari, said to be on every  globalist big shot’s required reading list. It’s all about how “Our inheritors will be godlike” and achieve all sorts of neat stuff, like abolishing war and poverty and disease and getting eternal happiness, immortality, and lots of nookie ( ). Yeah, yeah… they always say that. Ever since the Serpent told Eve, “Ye shall be as gods.”

It’s full of really smart-sounding quotes like, “The free individual is just a fictional tale concocted by an assembly of biochemical algorithms.” Y’know, I’ve heard that before. Rutgers Biology, 1969. A lecture about how total government control of every aspect of our lives–the government advised by infallible scientists, of course–is necessary, inevitable, and totally great. Someone asked, “But what about our freedom and individuality?” Answered our classroom instructor (the lecture was on CCTV), “Those are obsolete concepts that must be engineered out of the system.” She was really good at sticking dissecting needles through the heads of live frogs, but seemed to have no other talents.

But! says Yuval. But we gotta  be careful, ’cause just when we’re really getting into being gods, Artificial Intelligence will evolve to become smarter than we are and it will exterminate us.

Some of these guys, I don’t think they actually have to work with real computers and therefor have no idea at all of how unreliable and erratic computers are. And they seem to be getting worse instead of better. And common sense seems to be in short supply, too. The idea that a lot of sinful, wishful-thinking, sophomoric, ignorant, incompetent bullshit artists can grant us eternal life and happiness–I mean, really! Find someplace where they’re selling brain cells, and buy a few.

I’m so glad so many important people read books like this. Knowing that helps me to understand why they behave like immoral and psychotic numbskulls. Even the former occupant of the White House, President *Batteries Not Included, once recommended Homo Deus on TV. As seen on TV! It just doesn’t get more authoritative than that.

Lord, anytime you’re ready…

Is It a Fossil, Or Is It Memorex?

Please ignore the appalling music, and focus on the pictures

Here’s something you don’t often hear from a scientist who is studying a dinosaur fossil:

“It might’ve been walking around a couple of weeks ago.” (

“It” has been called the most perfectly-preserved fossil of its kind, an armored Nodosaur from the mid-Cretaceous Period in Canada. They have what’s left of the animal from snout to hips. Look closely at the pictures within the National Geographic story. I find them somewhat haunting.

The fossil was found in 2011, and it has taken the Royal Tyrell Museum staff six years to free enough of it from the surrounding rock to allow it to be exhibited. It’s difficult, painstaking, and exciting work.

Alive, paleontologists estimate this Nodosaur would have been around 18 feet long and weighed about 3,000 pounds.

And I ask myself: Just how far away from our own present-day world has God removed the dinosaurs? In my Bell Mountain novels, He brings back ancient animals to usher in a new age of the world, and to demonstrate His sovereign power.

The fossil dinosaur’s face is almost well-preserved enough, when you look at it, to look back at you.

That’s what haunts me.

The Second Tower of Babel

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Trying to prove himself God’s equal, Satan always tries to do what God does. The result is never more than a lame or perverted imitation. But God confounded human language, to stop the building of the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11), so Satan has gotta confound the language, too.

He has chosen our colleges and universities to serve him in this enterprise.

Take a gander at this snippet from The Lost City of the Monkey God by Douglas Preston.

“John Hoopes organized a talk at his university… When I asked him what the talk would cover, he explained to me the discussion would be mostly aimed at helping students ‘think about how “hot” issues such as those of colonialism, white supremacy, hypermasculinity, fantasy and imagination, and indigenous rights… intersect with the narratives that have been and are being spun about [an archeological site].” (pgs. 275-276)

If they thought the jungle growth around their site was thick, it was nothing compared to the impenetrable mass of academic drivel now growing up around it. You’re trying to learn something about an archeological study, and you have to machete your way through all that pure crapola… You’ll never be able to cut it down as fast as it grows up. Academic drivel grows like kudzu.

And in another email sent to me today, Gloria Steinem–a silly old fraud who tries to think young, but hasn’t had a new idea since 1972–blames “forced childbirth” for Global Warming. By “forced childbirth” she means, I think, simply not having an abortion. You see, abortion helps to Save The Planet.

How come everything low-down, bad, or evil is pitched to us as necessary to Save The Planet? I mean, if that were really what we had to do to save it, would it even be worth saving?

But again we see language being used to lie to us and confuse us. I’m sure you can think of as many more examples as I can.

Yes, Global Warming is Over

While the globalists and the “We worship Science!” crowd tries desperately to drive home their Global Warming/Climate Change scam, the Danish Meteorological Institute is reporting that instead of melting, a la Al Gore, the Arctic Ice cap is growing and, instead of rising, the temperatures are “plummeting” (

Obviously the DMI is staffed by Climate Change Deniers and other enemies of the people, and needs to be investigated by Loretta Lynch.

But, say the scientists at the institute, there has been no “global warming” now for 19 years, and what warming there was in the Arctic was caused by an unusually strong El Nino weather pattern which, now that the El Nino is over, has been followed by steadily decreasing temperatures.


Climbit Change is the leftids’ great white hope for putting themselves in power over the whole world forever. Their success so far has been accomplished by lying, suppressing data, suborning a nooze media only too glad to be suborned, ignorant movie stars flapping their jaws about “science,” and the usual political scare tactics and chicanery. It is the biggest criminal enterprise in all of world history.

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