‘And They Say We Believe in Silly Things’ (2016)

The Three Stooges: Stone Age Romeos - YouTube

You don’t hear much about this anymore, but some years ago, there was a mini-sensation in the World Of Science about a theory that “Homo erectus” “evolved” a thick skull because the lads were always pounding on each other’s heads with clubs.

And They Say We Believe in Silly Things

They say the Bible’s full of silly stuff–but what could be sillier than this? How many generations of using each other’s heads as kettle-drums would it take to “evolve” thick skulls?

It’s starting to sound like a Three Stooges movie, isn’t it?

Global ‘Pandemic Treaty’ (Do We Trust Them?)

Moving Target Defense: A Digital Shell Game

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I think I ought to expand on this in a Newswithviews column; but for the time being, here are some dates to remember (https://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/policies/coronavirus/pandemic-treaty/).

*December, 2021: European Council decides an “international pandemic treaty” is needed.

*March 3, 2022: Council opens negotiations for an international treaty “on pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response.” Preparedness, eh? Maybe they could start by not doing any more “gain of function” research.

*August 1: Meet “to discuss progress on a working draft.”

2023: Report to World Health Assembly.

2024: “Adopt the instrument.” Even if it gives forth a sour note. It would be “legally binding under international law.”

And the big question: Do we trust these people? Didn’t they cook up COVID-19 in their labs?

I wouldn’t trust them–not for a minute. And I pray that by the end of this year, the Democrat Party will be out, out, out.

‘That’s Entertainment? “Brain-Controlled Movie”‘ (2018)

The 60-year evolution of Godzilla

I said change the freakin’ plot!

How would you like a movie in which the story could change, depending on what kind of mood you were in while you were watching it?

Hi-tech can be awfully frivolous when it wants to be.

That’s Entertainment? ‘Brain-Controlled Movie’

So you’re watching a movie with this special device (Lord knows what it’ll cost) that sort of reads your mind and either stays with the original plot because you’re digging it, or switches off to another direction because you don’t like what you’re seeing now.

How cool is that? You’re bored out of your skull by some artsy mainstream Serious Film, the preposterously expensive gizmo picks up on that, and voila!–Godzilla breaks into the Serious Film and restores sanity.

But no. The Scientists who are working on this project are using a Scary Movie about a right-wing takeover of America… where practically everybody’s Far Left and into Climbit Chains and Trans and Citizens of the World, blay-blah-blah. Well! If you’re going to indulge in fantasy, we’ll put you in charge of these voting machines…

My Newswithviews Column, May 5 (‘The Evolutionary Fallacy’)

EarthSky | Ancient 4-limbed fish reveals origin of human hand

This is the one that evolved into Walt Disney.

(Look at that: zero comments, zero likes. Was it something I said?)

Everything is just naturally evolving toward perfection, and powerful governments and Really Smart People can hurry it along.

That’s leftism in a nutshell. An evolutionary fallacy: “new” is always better.

The Evolutionary Fallacy

In my lifetime, the things that have gotten noticeably better are dentistry and chess notation. A lot of other things have gotten hideously worse. You should see what they’ve done to my home town. And look what they’re doing to our country.

We just don’t look before we leap anymore, do we?

Do Great Ruins Imply a Great Civilization?

399 The Palace Of The Parliament Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free  Images - iStock

The Palace of Parliament, Bucharest

Dr. Rodney Stark, professor of the sociology of religion at Baylor University, has an intriguing take on ancient ruins. I interviewed him, some years ago.

Dr. Stark says we who study archaeology and history have always placed way too much emphasis on monumental structures like pyramids, ziggurats, great walls, etc. He even suggests that since these monuments consumed so much wealth and labor, we may be justified in thinking “the grander the buildings, the more wretched the population.”

Sometimes these great ruins are all that’s left. After a certain amount of time goes by, the remains of ordinary lives perish. So we are left to wonder about those lives. How well did they eat? How comfortable and useful were their clothes? What was it like inside their homes? Remains that point to answers to those questions are fragile and rare.

Imagine the world two or three thousand years from now, with archaeologists judging the health and vigor of the world’s nations by their architectural remains. What would they think of the world’s grandest public building, the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, Rumania? Surely that would survive. We know Rumania as an impoverished state with lots of unsolved problems. But if all that was left was the ruins of the Palace, what would historians think? Wouldn’t they conclude that Rumania was a world leader?

And think of all those opulent presidential palaces in Africa. The people are starving, but the tyrant lives la vida loca in his palace. If all that survived was the ruins of those palaces, might we not jump to all sorts of wildly inaccurate conclusions about the people who built them? Like, “Wow! This must’ve been a really rich and powerful country!” Not.

Judge not by appearances, the Bible warns us. That goes for archaeologists, too.

‘How Did Civilization Start?’ (2019)

See the source image

Ruins on Potbelly Hill

I’ll return to this topic later today, when I have more time. Rodney Stark has some intriguing insights into how we ought to view the remains of extinct civilizations.

Anyhow, where did civilization come from? What got it started in the first place?

How Did Civilization Start?

That Potbelly Hill site in Turkey, Gobekli Tepe, is a gold mine–but we don’t know yet how to evaluate the treasure. It’s so far off what was expected, scientists are still trying to wrap their minds around it.

Maybe they ought to read Genesis.

‘A New “T. Rex”… with Feathers’ (2015)

Can we take up a collection for this poor creature?

I don’t know if they still have their 2015 reconstruction of Tyrannosaurus rex, but one can always hope they came to their senses and got rid of it.

A New ‘T. rex’… with Feathers?

As in everything else, there are fads in dinosaur science. The latest fad was feathers. By and by something else will take its place, if it hasn’t already. Maybe it’ll be clothes. Dinosaurs in clothes.

I’m sorry, but that reconstruction made the great Tyrannosaur look like something that the cat dragged in.

Science in Action! (Getting Lab Animals Stoned)

WPLG Local 10 News on Twitter: "Police say nearly 1,200 pounds of pot  missing from a warehouse was eaten by mice. https://t.co/lfF4Ch4bwQ  https://t.co/Xq3aRSWf3z" / Twitter

This is it for nooze today. I just can’t stand any more.

According to a watchdog organization, White Coat Waste, the National Institute of Health has fumfered away $246 million getting lab animals high on cannabis and having them “vape” with e-cigarettes (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/4056793/posts). NIH broke the law, says White Coat Waste, by not disclosing these expenditures. The NIH has declined to comment.

What happens when you give rats marijuana? If they’re anything like the human stoners I’ve known, they grow boring and pretentious. If they could talk, they’d say things like, “Dude, like, wow, that is heavy, man–ya know?”

That’s almost a quarter of a billion dollars that American taxpayers worked for. What else are they doing, that we don’t know about? Serving tequila to spiders? How am I supposed to ridiculize stuff like this? It ain’t fair to satirists. (“Yeahbut, yeahbut! It makes ’em spin these crazy webs!”)

And it’s abusive to animals who are surely better than the clowns who are experimenting on them.

Deaths Up 40%–Why?

In 2021 there was “an overwhelming unexplained increase in all-cause deaths,” according to Dr. Kelly Victory and others–and massive increases in all sorts of dangerous medical conditions that can cause death.


Well, Dr. Victory wants to find out. The data comes from the Dept. of Defense and several life insurance companies. By openly discussing it, she says–and, by the way, not speculating as to its cause–she has become the target of “sheer vitriol.” Like, how dare she? How dare those military doctors bring up that data?

So deaths from all causes shot up 40% in 2021. What was different about that year? A few scientists want to find out. A lot of scientists don’t. Might make the government look bad, don’t you know.

Most of the deaths were in the age category 18-49–most people’s prime working years. For instance, there was a nearly fourfold increase in cancer among those who should be relatively strong and healthy. Why?

Surely those experimental newfangled “vaccines” couldn’t have had anything to do with it. Nosireebob. It was probably due to transphobia. Or chemtrails.

Hmm… What famous zillionaire was it who kept saying he wanted to depopulate the earth?

Is someone actually trying to do it?

‘Humanist Poison–and the Antidote’ (2017)

Does the Internet Make Our Brains Lazy?

As long as we’re not usin’ ’em…

I wonder how far they’ve got with this business, since I posted this five years ago.

The idea was to create a human “interface” with computers so that somebody at a keyboard somewhere could delete someone else’s thoughts… and also insert thoughts that Big Brother wants you to have.

Humanist Poison–and the Antidote

You put the right thoughts in, you pull the wrong thoughts out; you do the hokey-pokey and you shake it all about…

This is supposed to appeal to us, somehow?

As for the antidote: see Psalm 46. Come to think of it, Psalm 2 also applies–big-time.

Lately I’ve been thinking there’s more and more frivolity among the “Science” community: an awful lot of truly trivial thinking. Anybody else see that?