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‘The March for Bullsh–er, Science’

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Ooh-ooh! Today’s the March for Science [raspberry fanfare, please]! It’s set up to go with Earth Day! (

One good pagan holiday deserves another.

These quotes from the Associated Press article, I think, say it all.

“Scientists world wide left their labs”–oh, please–“to take to the streets Saturday along with students and research advocates”–who asked for the barf bag?–“pushing back against what they say are mounting attacks on science.” (Gag)

They’ve even got really clever signs that say, “Science is the Answer.”

“Scientists,” says the AP, speaking, I suppose, of all scientists, and not just left-wing socialist moron scientists, are “anxious about political and public rejection of established science [sic] such as climate change and the safety of vaccine immunizations.” Nope, no controversy there.

Science is a tool. It is a method. It is the creation of human minds and hands. It is not The Answer to bloody anything. What we are looking at here is idolatry. A substitute religion. A monstrous misuse of science.

I mean, are people blind? Do they honestly, truly not see what happens to places that are ruled by the kind of people who organized this march? Places like Detroit, Venezuela, North Korea. Come to New Jersey and see what the Climate Change and Earth Day Liberal Democrat crowd has done to it. I saw it done before my very eyes. Trust me! What libs do to where you live is not a bit nice. Or don’t trust me, and visit some of these places and see for yourself.

“Science” as exalted by these left-wing pin-heads is not science at all, but an idol. Its acolytes have already demanded sacrifices–by you, of course. Not from themselves. They’ll keep their private jets and mansions. You’ll lose your air conditioning.

You Need to Know the Heimlich Maneuver

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We keep God busy, watching over us. But He has given us some extremely useful resources.

Sometimes people choke to death; but the Heimlich maneuver can save a choking victim’s life.

Once upon a time I had an early evening softball game, so Patty sat down to eat supper alone. By and by, I came home. And I had only just come in when she began to choke–violently. By God’s grace, I remembered the Heimlich maneuver, remembered reading about it in Reader’s Digest years before. I had never done it before, but I did it then. And that wad of fried rice and bean sprouts shot out like a cannonball. It was a narrow escape. Gives me the willies, to think back on it. If I’d been five minutes later coming home–and you know how guys stick around and gab after a softball game–I would have been too late. But by God’s providence, I wasn’t.

Linda has sent us an article on how to perform the Heimlich maneuver on yourself, when there’s no one there to do it for you ( ). This is a really good thing to know, so read the article. The knowledge you acquire just might save your life someday.

The Humanist Messiah

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When you take over God’s job, you have no end of problems.

Take that business about being the Creator. It’s maddening. All you’ve got to work with is stuff God already created. Even the minds of secular humanists were created by God. We do not know why He didn’t make them better at using them.

God created man, so humanists want to create something better. Their creation, their Homo sapiens 2.0, will be new, improved, far superior to the current version. It will be able to solve all the world’s problems that have licked us so far–war, poverty, hate, and getting blackberry seeds stuck between your teeth.

This is the humanist messiah. Artificial Intelligence. Flawed, sinful, mortal man will, with his own intelligence that has given us movies like Gigli and foreign policies that look like they were dreamed up by Punch and Judy, create intelligent beings that’ll be much smarter and much better behaved than their creators.

Yes, there are a few scientists who’ve been trying to warn us that the A.I. enterprise is bound to turn out like Windows 8–not quite as nice as you expected. But because there is no one as anti-human as a humanist, the God wannabes seem eager to scrap H. sapiens 1.0 altogether, just plain get rid of us, with all our stupid problems, and replace us with their own creation. “It’ll be sooo much better! You’ll see!” Although how we’ll actually be able to see it from the boneyard, they don’t say.

C.S. Lewis already told us all about this, way back in 1945, in That Hideous Strength.

We already have a God, a Creator and a Savior, and He has equipped us with enough common sense to see that something perfect cannot and will not be created by imperfect beings. But it was Satan who told us that it can–way back in the beginning (see Genesis 3).

And it is Satan who’s the god of humanism.



Transgender Centaur Sighting!

A reader who wishes his identity protected at all costs arranged for this video to be smuggled out of a university’s gender research facility. “If they know it was me who gave you this, I’m toast,” he says. Well, Dr. Gesundheit, your secret’s safe with us!

The video, it is claimed–by who? search me–is proof positive that centaurs, like humans, are sometimes transgendered. “You’ll see that for yourself if you watch carefully,” said Name Withheld. “This is a blockbuster discovery–on a par with discovering a Blockbuster Video store still open. It just blows away everything we thought we knew about centaurs.”

Saudi Scientists ‘Admit’… What?

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You bet the headline floating around on Facebook caught my eye: “Saudi Science Panel Admits Women Are Mammals.” Gee, really? But it has turned out to be a hoax ( ).

In fact, what the panel really admitted was “the embarrassing state of Arab science” today. ( Well, they’re honest about that, at least: we can’t say as much for some of our own scientists here in the West, where Science is an idol. Our scientists ought to be embarrassed by their continual hopping into bed with politicians to push their Save The Planet from Man-Made Climbit Change hoax.

The panel was part of a World Government Summit–devilment afoot, you can depend upon it–at Dubai.

At the summit, United Arab Emirates scientists revealed their plans to send a mission to Mars by 2020. They can afford to hire top scientists to carry out the project.

In fairness, the problem with Arab scientists is that they flee to Western countries where they don’t have to worry about some mullahs stoning them for being scientists. Read science news, and you’ll encounter Arab names. They just don’t live and work in Arab countries anymore.

Meanwhile, it’s refreshing to hear a panel of experts admit their science sucks. You’ll never hear Richard Dawkins admit he’s a boring dunderhead blinded by his fanatical atheism, any more than you’ll ever hear the Global Warming mob admit they’re shysters. We salute the panelists’ honesty!

Biggest Dinosaur Yet?

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Jesus defend us, the news is just so bad this morning, I can’t  bring myself to write about it. Come, Lord Jesus, come! You can’t get here too soon.

Meanwhile, scientists in Western Australia have discovered what looks like the biggest dinosaur footprint ever found ( ). Unfortunately, it’s almost axiomatic in paleontology that wherever you find a lot of footprints, you never find bones: so whatever anyone wants to say about these Australian dinosaurs, it’s all based on just the footprints. Which is better than nothing.

These great big prints were made by sauropods, more famously known as “brontosaurs,” and the biggest of the prints is almost as big as a grown man. The prints match up with the kind of prints made by the kind of feet that sauropods, going by their skeletons, are known to have had.

Scientists are also excited that they’ve found stegosaur prints in the area, the first ever found in Australia.

I remember when all the dinosaurs we knew about came from Western North America, the fringes of Western Europe, and the Gobi Desert. Nothing known from Africa, South America, Australia, Eastern Europe, etc. Now we’re finding dinosaurs everywhere we look. It’s hard to keep up with the discoveries!

Should not these discoveries inspire us with awe for God and the vastness, the majesty, and the infinite complexity of His created natural order? The more of it we learn about, the more we find we’ve yet to learn. We will never reach the limits of it!

In which we see the wisdom of God, in making it so much bigger even than our imaginations…

Gore: Global Warming Caused Brexit

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Former Vice President Al Gore, who washed out of divinity school, has no more scientific background than your cat, and refuses to debate, now says Global Warming aka Man-Made Climate Change aka B.S. caused both Brexit and the Syrian civil war ( ).

Global Warming also caused Wanda Schlumpf to grow a mustache and Jasper Facehead to misplace his riding mower owner’s manual.

Gore, whose alarmist campaign has made him a gazillionaire, says the only way we can survive–or, sometimes, the only way to Save The Planet–is to set up a world government and give it absolute power over even the most minute and intimate details of our lives. Oh, and we should also give it all our money. Otherwise we’re all gonna die.

Brexit couldn’t possibly have been caused by lots of people in Britain resenting the European Union’s high-handed rules and regulations and the London elite’s obsession with becoming Citizens Of The World. Heavens no. Nor could the Syrian civil war have had anything to do with an inherently unstable, artificially constructed state finally cracking up because competing groups of homicidal maniacs couldn’t decide which of them ought to have the right to massacre the others. And certainly the imbecility of EU satraps inviting hordes of Muslim “refugees”–almost all of them able-bodied men of military age–into their countries to raise cane has nothing whatever to do with it, so help me Gore…

Nope–it’s all just some kind of global climatic determinism–

Wait, stop, I’m getting sick. I can’t stand much more of this. When this bag of crap explodes, watch out!

Another High-Tech Pipe Dream

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Hey, boys ‘n’ girls! Wouldn’t it be just absolutely great if we could, like, merge ourselves with some computer, and be funnier and sexier and probably immortal, too?

Google’s director of engineering is pushing this: implant computers inside our brains and hook us all up to the cloud for “a complete merging of human and computer intelligence” by the year 2029 ( ).

More like a complete merging of human and computer stupidity, you mean.

Setting aside the question of a little coven of mad scientists and even madder politicians using implanted computers to control everybody’s thoughts and actions–the holy grail of left-wing secularism–who in his right mind wants to be as big a jackass as his computer? Have you seen the capers my computer has gotten up to lately?

Mr. Google sounds like he needs to get out more. A lot more.

But I think if we were to consult Our Lord, He would tell us, “Fear them not.” Wait’ll they merge Mr. Google’s brain with a computer and he winds up forgetting everything and compulsively thrusting his head into the toilet bowl. Hmm, seems to be a little glitch in the computer… And if you happen to be doing anything tricky when they decide you need an update, forget about it.

Thanks (I think) to Linda for the news tip.

Physics Teachers Want ‘Pronoun Pins’

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If you still think science is science nowadays, and not just a lot of baccigaloops calling themselves “scientists” while they prattle nonsense, maybe you ought to think again.

The American Assn. of Physics Teachers, soon to gather for their annual Winter Summit, are all set to equip attendees with “pronoun pins” to reduce “instances of misgendering” ( ). Are you getting as tired of this as I am? Because, they say, “Gender can be fluid”–just like their brains, which seem to be leaking out their ears–they must “improve inclusiveness” by recognizing that some men aren’t men and some women aren’t women, and some want to be called “ze/zir/zirs”–

You really want these people teaching? I wouldn’t let them teach a cat to use a litter box.

I only mention it because it’s just more proof, if any more were necessary, that our “education” industry has become a Godless and deluded enterprise and we’d be better off without it. What’s physics worth, if it’s going to be taught by idiots like these? Go on, anybody–show me some evidence that this kind of education produces positive results.

People who love and respect their sons and daughters do not subject them to a public school or university.

Settled Science Alert! Woman Gave Birth to Rabbits

How smart are smart people?

In 1726, an English serving-maid named Mary Toft claimed to have given birth to… rabbits. ( ) She had the local doctor deliver the rabbits. He was so convinced by what he saw, he summoned King George’s own personal physician, who was also convinced. Just to put the capper on it, the royal astronomer–don’t ask!–was also called in; and he, too, was convinced that Mary had given birth to 17 (count ’em!) bunny rabbits.

Too  bad nobody called in a farmer or a game warden. But they’re not scientists.

According to the settled science of those days, “maternal impressions”–that is, what a pregnant woman sees or hears, thinks or dreams about, during pregnancy would mightily influence the characteristics of her baby. Hear a loud noise, and the baby’s born deaf. Eat too much fatty food, and the baby grows up to be obese. Mary told the doctors she was obsessed with rabbits, thought about ’em and dreamed about ’em all the time. Good enough!

When it was finally discovered that Mary had successfully pulled a hoax, there was a spot of trouble over it and she went to jail for four months.  It is not recorded that any doctors or astronomers were fired for believing her. They were men of science, after all. And science is always right about everything, until next week’s science comes along and proves it wrong.

Sometimes smart people ain’t as smart as they’re cracked up to be.

But anyone who reads the Bible knows that. And anyone who sort of pays attention to reality.

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