‘What is Truth?’ (2013)

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According to assorted intellectuals, we’re living in the “post-truth” era, hooray, and anyway there’s no such thing as true truth, there’s only “your truth” and “my truth,” blah-blah-blah…

What Is Truth?

I find it frightening, the ease with which constant repetition from movie stars, celebs, politicians, and academics changes what people perceive to be the truth. Hence “transgender.” They stuff us full of lies and the next thing you know, half the country’s crying “More! More! More!”

God defend us.

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  1. You hit it on the head; there is no freedom without truth.

    In the development of civilization, monotheistic cultures have a huge advantage, because the direction in their lives is consistent. When there are many gods, the message from these (made up) gods can, and frequently does, bring conflict.

    It’s happening all around us; people live with all sorts of human philosophies bouncing around in their heads. Sometimes the philosophies don’t mesh and then there is an inner conflict. Eventually, many people just do whatever they feel like, because a standard that can’t be relied upon just makes things too complicated. The propaganda fed into people, from grade school onward only serves to make them indecisive and easily led.

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