Kids to the Rescue!

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As a revolutionary gesture, here is a nice story!

In Perth, Australia, a 75-year-old woman went to the park to take her little dog for a walk (suddenly 75 doesn’t seem “old” to me anymore, but never mind), and everything went downhill from there. A loose bull terrier came out of nowhere and started savaging her down… and she herself succumbed to a serious asthma attack (

“A group” of girls, aged four to ten, playing nearby, saw what was happening and ran up to help. They fetched the woman’s inhaler from her parked car, thus saving her life–she never would have made it back to the car herself–and also saved her little dog.

Now the woman wants to find those children so she can thank them personally. They didn’t wait around for a reward, didn’t wait for anyone to show up with a camera–just saved a woman’s life and then went about their business.

There’s hope for us yet, thanks be to God.

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