Quick Doctoring Update

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Patty met her new doctor this afternoon and took to him. He’s part of a new medical setup called MDVIP: each doctor in the plan has only a limited number of patients so that he can devote more time and concentration to caring for them. You pay a yearly fee that covers everything.

The next time she sees him, in another week or so, he will spend an hour consulting with her and doing whatever else he proposes to do in an hour. I know that if she feels better, I will, too.

All healing is the gift of God, whether He accomplishes it through a doctor or any other means. Please pray for us in Jesus’ name.

5 comments on “Quick Doctoring Update

  1. Thanks for the update. This does sound like a step in the right direction. Time always seems to be an issue, and strict direction from administration
    controlling the time spent with each patient. You are right; the Lord does work through different methods to accomplish our healing, and I will be praying that the path to wellness is right ahead for Patty.

  2. A doctor who takes time to get to know the patient is indeed a step in the right direction — and may have something to do with the picture above after all, since such doctors do seem to have gone the way of the dinosaurs. I continue to pray for Patty, as well as for you and for everyone here.

  3. Prayers for Patty and her new doctor. When I severely hurt my back I thought I might be handicapped from then on. But here it is two months later and I am doing all the things I did before. God can heal miraculously, through medicine & surgery, through long periods of time, and completely when we are taken to Heaven.

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