A Get-Well Card to Erlene

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With all the doctor visits this week, we cannot but help but sympathize with you!

I have long maintained that anyone who can still say “Fap!” after seeing the doctor is far from being defeated.

Plus you have our prayers. Get well soon, Erlene.

7 comments on “A Get-Well Card to Erlene

  1. Oh, thank you so very much. I really appreciate your friendship and prayers. My prayers are with you and Patty, too. We will whip this.

  2. Erlene, I’m praying for you.

    But Lee, “Fap” is pretty mild for what I often say after I’ve been to the doctor — or, rather, after I’ve been to three intake assistants, PAs, and/or medical students before my 15 seconds with the doctor. (Grrr.)

    1. In Britain the doctors were actually using chess clocks to make sure the patient got no more than 15 minutes.

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