‘Comments Disabled’ (Grrrrrr!)

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If you’re new here, you might be asking yourself, “What is it with this guy? He’s running a comment contest, he says, but he’s got the comments off. You can’t make one!”

Well, folks, that’s just WordPress trying to drive me round the bend. They know I’m afraid to ask them to fix this problem, for fear they’ll replace it with a worse problem. I haven’t forgotten the time they did up my whole blog in light blue letters on a light grey background–impossible to read!

So they’ve decided “Comments Disabled” should be my default position, and every time I make a post, I’ve got to go through several extra steps to allow readers to comment. If I forget, or hit the wrong key, or think a bad thought while I’m doing it, presto! Comments off.

It’s easy to fix, once I’ve been alerted to it.

Please bear with me.

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