Oh, Boy! Time to Do the Drain!

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Before it gets blisteringly hot today, I must unclog the bathroom sink. It’s a routine task, done in a space ideally designed for someone four feet tall or less; so for me it’s a kind of hellish yoga. Let’s see if I can manage it in half an hour. (Giggles hysterically)

When I’m done with that, I have to whiz back to the supermarket and buy an extra bag of expensive deluxe cat litter because someone, I ain’t sayin’ who, tripped over the litter box last night while I was cleaning it and dumped the contents all over the floor.

And after that it’ll be way too hot to wrestle my bike into the trunk of my car so I can take it to the shop and have the tire replaced.

I need servants. Any volunteers?

6 comments on “Oh, Boy! Time to Do the Drain!

  1. Too bad Byron and his family are so far away. I’m sure they’d be able to help. Maybe they could also have helped me this morning when the bag of coffee grounds I was getting ready for the trash split and spewed coffee grounds all over the kitchen counter and (scream!) spice racks.

    1. Did it in half an hour, though! Sort of. If you overlook the kind of small inconsistencies that arise when someone who’s not a bit handy is forced to do these jobs.

  2. What choice words were used when the cat litter hit the floor? I use a technique that works for me: Instead of getting angry or perturbed I force myself to laugh – you know, ha ha ha, work’s for me. Now, fixing under the bathroom sink – nothing funny about that!

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