We Did It–10,000 Views

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This illustration is here only because I love the Brachiosaurus–more of God’s stuff, don’t you know.

In case you missed the announcement last night, we made it to 10,000 views for the month of August–with 100 extra thrown in. The quokkas threw a party, then demanded that we get 10,000 for September, too.

Also my allergy attack has finally let up on me this morning–24 hours of misery, then it stops. That’s about the fifth time this summer.

Meanwhile, it’s a beautiful day, I’m going to enjoy my sabbath rest, gonna smoke a cigar… and then see what’s cooking with Oy, Rodney.

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  1. From Byron’s reports, they have rich lives and a very complex culture. I could only imagine what a quokka party would be like. No debauchery, but I’ll betcha that the price of potato chips will increase for the next month or so. 🙂

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