What Happens When You Take Money from China

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So what happens when you take money from Red China?

They own you!

Last week the Houston Rockets’ general manager tweeted his support for Hong Kong’s freedom protesters, who are trying not to be swallowed up alive by communist China. Before the weekend was over, he was abjectly “apologizing” for it (http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3784239/posts).

Apologizing for siding with freedom over communism.

After the GM apologized, the team owner apologized to Red China; and after him, a spokesman for the National Basketball Assn. apologized to the Chicoms.  Hey–maybe we should all apologize!

But see, the NBA has a $1.5 billion streaming deal (whatever that is) with the Chinese basketball league–which means no one in the NBA can ever say or write or do anything that the Chinese government disapproves of.

They own you.

So you’d better watch what you say. If you slip up it’ll cost you social credit points, and the next time you go to China, they might not let you ride the choo-choo train.

Tack that on to the list of things America has to be ashamed of: bowing down to communists. Obama himself couldn’t have groveled more convincingly.

I don’t like big-time sports anymore. They’ve just grown too corrupt for words.

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  1. China has purchased so much of the Hollywood film industry you won’t see any negative China films made. Our local home for unwed mothers does not take any money from the government so they can preach the gospel without restraint.

    1. China has banned “South Park” because they had an episode making fun of Hollywood for currying favor with Chinese censors. Notified of the ban, the writers and producers said they didn’t care.

      Not so the NBA. I’m so glad I don’t watch their games anymore.

  2. The sports industry strikes me much the same as the news industry. We only need them if we choose to need them. It’s a big, ridiculous waste. I’d much rather see average people having fun playing a ball game at a local park.

    1. It didn’t used to be anywhere near as depraved as it is now–sports leagues “celebrating” perversion and kow-towing to communists. How I miss the days of Willie Mays, Sam Jones, and Harmon Killebrew!

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