One Protest Too Many

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I’ve always wondered why far-left protesters (excuse the tautology) seem to think they can win people over by interfering with their lives. “Wow, I can’t get to work today because Climate Change weirdos blocked the highway! I guess they must be right…”

Recently a group of young upper-class and upper middle-class twits tried it on at a train station in London’s east end, a working-class neighborhood ( They climbed onto the roof of a commuter train to keep it from taking people to their jobs. Stuff like this used to be called “consciousness-raising.” I am not at liberty to print what the commuters called it.

Instead of coming around to “Extinction Rebellion’s” point of view, the commuters dragged the protesters off the train and pelted some of them with unspecified “objects.” See, regular people need to work if they want to feed themselves and keep roofs over their heads, and they don’t appreciate being prevented from doing it.

Our friend “The White Rabbit” has pointed out that in the Democrat “debate” the other day, not one of the alleged candidates ever mentioned “climate change”–after going overboard on it in the first two powwows. Hmmm… Did the impending Climate Change Doomsday, uh… go away? I wish those candidates would go away.

We now know that there are at least a lot of people in London who don’t like pampered young leftids telling them how they’d better live their lives from now on.

Taking over the world isn’t as easy as some people think.

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