Did I Just See Batman?

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I think I’ve covered all the nooze I can this week, and that I’d better stop before I do myself a mischief.

I was outside working on next week’s Newswithviews column when I chanced to look up–just in time to see… uh, Batman!… walking down the sidewalk. Uh-oh. One too many news items: seeing Batman, that’s a sure sign of cracking up.

But there he was–and then I realized there must be a Halloween party going on somewhere in the neighborhood, and I’m probably still sane. Great costume, though. Just about convinced me I was losin’ it.

Time to veg out with a horror movie. Because in the movies, unlike real life, the monster never wins.

9 comments on “Did I Just See Batman?

  1. I remember a local newspaper in Colorado going absolutely freaked out because someone had been detained by the police while wearing full combat dress. None of these geniuses seemed to take into account that it was on Halloween and this was a costume.

    1. Yep. They acted like one guy in a pretend Army uniform was going to be an existential threat to an entire community.

      Stupid? Yes! Reactionary? Indeed! But it points up something about the mindset of the Left. Apparently the modern left has no imagination and is very narrow minded. In is reminiscent of a small, cloistered religion which sees outsiders as dangerous.

    2. … which are far less of a danger than leftoid journalists that take everything literally and worship the god of climbit chains. 🙂

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