Requiem for a Thug

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It must be borne in mind that liberals always root against their country, especially in wartime, and get all down-hearted if anything bad happens to the enemy. This is in their DNA; they can’t control it.

So we’ve killed off the head honcho of ISIS and now we’ve iced his No. 2 (–and Democrats are howling blue murder over it. Boo-hoo, the top two homicidal maniacs in ISIS are dead!

But here’s a truth: If exactly the same things had happened with Ol’ *Batteries Not Included in the White House instead of Donald Trump, Democrats would be hailing him as the greatest military figure since William the Conqueror.

Do you get the impression that Dems and libs kind of like ISIS and want ISIS to succeed?

4 comments on “Requiem for a Thug

  1. Well, they are opposite truth and righteousness on every issue, so I guess
    it should not surprise us at this turn of events, but it does.

  2. Remember the campaign slogan for 2012? “Ben Laden is dead, and GM lives.” Trump cuts off the head of the ISIS snake and the MSM makes it out that he should be ashamed of himself for doing so – why this will stimulate more young men to join the fight for jihad. The only way we can win against the Dem-MSM complex is to vote them out and raise up news outlets to replace them. OAN News, NewsMax TV, and The Blaze are a good start, plus all the conservative blogs and radio shows that are so popular. Maybe some conservative comedians could dethrone Colbert and his ilk.

  3. They just don’t like that the Trump adim is cleaning up Obama’s mess. And yes, I place a lot of the blame for the growth of ISIS on the Obama admin.

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