She’s Done It Again!


The guys came here this morning to deliver an oxygen concentrator for Patty to use in her sleep; and as usual, our two cats made themselves scarce.

And Peep stayed scarce!

I’m sure I looked everywhere, and more than once, too. No Peep. Hours later, there she was, sitting on the stairs, washing herself.

How does she do it? Does she actually hide? If so, I should have found her. Has she mastered the art of invisibility? Does she dissolve herself into mist and seep through cracks in the floor? Really, I’m mystified. And of course Robbie declines to rat her out. Cats never tattle on each other.

I’ve got to learn how she does this. It might come in handy someday.

7 comments on “She’s Done It Again!

  1. I’m no help, I’m afraid. They mystify me also. It seems that they are able to reduce their size to something small enough to fit in a knot hole.

  2. What’s really irritating is when you’re looking EVERYWHERE, calling their name, trying to entice them out with treats…nothing. Then you finally find them camoflauged in plain sight and realize they’ve been watching your frantic search the whole time and just ignoring you while having a good laugh at your expense. Stupid, blind human peon… 🙂

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