‘Who’s Dumber? The Student or the School?’ (2014)

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As it turned out, I didn’t wake up the next morning to find this evil age was over. And five years after I wrote this, it seems like a distinctly harmless bit of silly assishness. Why did School Authorities even bother to notice it?

Who’s Dumber? The Student or the School?

But then nothing scares people into line like a regime of erratic, unpredictable punishment, does it? Ask any dictator.

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    1. What I mean is that if people realized this has become something far different from what it used to be and removed their kids, it wouldn’t be long before those tax dollars found a new destination.

  1. This story reminds me of a movie I saw where a guy decides he wants to go on a date with Drew Barrymore, and he proceeds to test the “six degrees of separation” theory. Sure enough, at the end of the movie he gets to take Drew out for lunch.

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