Let the Contest Begin!

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G’day! Byron the Quokka here. Look at the neat tennis ball I found! Some careless human lost it, they must think these things grow on trees.

Ah! But I’m here to officially open our Second Annual Christmas Carol Contest, beginning–today!

Here’s the rules. The winner is that reader who requests a Christmas carol and, on the day it’s requested and posted, racks up the most views. So if, say, on Dec. 14, Reader A requests “Pat-a-Pan” and gets 24 views for it on that day; but on Dec. 17, Reader B requests “Noel” and gets 29 views for it on that day–well, Reader B would be the winner, unless someone else comes along and does even better.

I think the winner ought to get a tennis ball, I love the way you can pull the hair off them–the tennis balls, not the winner–but I think the prize will be an autographed book.

A Handy Tip: If you’re in one of those Western time zones, try to get your carol request posted early in your day–because those blokes in the Eastern time zones are three hours ahead of you, and they’ll be going to bed while you’re still up. Just trying to level the playing field, dontcha know.

12 comments on “Let the Contest Begin!

  1. thanks for the heads-up, Byron. For us old folks, remembering things is a challenge. I am in the pacific time zone, but on most days, I am up by 4AM my time, so that helps a little.

    1. And I get up at 3am. Is that a double “yeesh”?

      In case you’re wondering, I open up my parish church at 5am, straighten up the pews, and then stay for the 7am Mass. Lots of good prayer time — except Monday mornings, when the pews are a disaster area after four Sunday Masses, and cleanup sometimes takes me an hour or more.

      I’m readying my carol request for tomorrow morning. Byron, do you and Lee still have a wager on what it will be? Oh, who will win the pretzels? 🙂

  2. by the way, let Lee know that comments are disabled on the posting of the hymn Near to the Heart of God.

    1. There are unsalted pretzels, but you really have to hunt for them. I think Snyder’s makes some of these. I’ve had them in the past, and they’re not bad. But then again, I’m always in favor of giving snacks to Byron. He has such a boopable nose.

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