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One early morning in 1991, my wife shook me awake. “There’s no more Soviet Union!” she said. That woke me up, all right.

Is the same thing about to happen to Red China? The Hong Kong protests have now spread to the mainland (

The Chinese communist government has tried to suppress all news of the protests, but some reports have been getting through the “Great Firewall of China”–the censorship regime created with the help of Big Tech from our country and others.

You would think the government would simply unleash the army and crush the protests. But they haven’t. There must be a reason why they haven’t. I suspect–no evidence, just a hunch–it’s because the government doesn’t quite trust the armed forces to do its bidding.

The Soviet Union started wobbling badly in 1989, when one after another of its Eastern European satellite nations successfully broke away, the Russian economy choked, and the military went broke trying to keep up with America in a high-tech arms race. Despite all this run-up, it was still a shock when it finally collapsed for good in 1991.

China has been wobbling, too, for several years. The government has continually persecuted and suppressed Chinese Christians, Muslim Uighurs, and Tibetan Buddhists. They’ve built super-malls for show, that have yet to have tenants, let alone customers. Air pollution has gotten out of hand. And now these Hong Kong protests are spreading to the mainland.

Y’know, they could have just left Hong Kong alone. The status quo benefited China, Hong Kong, and their trading partners. But of course the communists couldn’t just leave it alone. This potentially very dangerous crisis is their fault.

Pray Our Lord that this evil empire expires with a minimum of violence, and that He might grant the blessings of liberty to all the peoples of China: in Jesus’ name, Amen.


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  1. There is a great move of the Holy Spirit in China. The house churches are flourishing. God will never leave or forsake His people. May atheistic communism be wiped off the face of the earth. And now there are riots and protests taking place in Iran. May our President and his advisers have the wisdom of Solomon during these exciting times in which we live.

  2. This is quite interesting. The fall of the Soviet Union started small and grew steadily. The Poles stood up to them and soon their ability to project their influence became limited. Then their domestic power eroded so that by the early to mid eighties they no longer could control their own people. Then came Gorby and his reforms, but even that wasn’t enough. Eventually the bottom fell out, and most of us were amazed when it happened. I’d love to see it happen for China, as well.

    WhiteRabbit is right, Christianity is burgeoning in both China and Iran, in spite of official opposition.

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