The Jolly Judge

Kentucky judge accused of frat-house antics, threesomes with staffers

Well, you don’t learn everything in law school, do you?

All aboard for the Culture Rot Express!

A Kentucky judge is being investigated by the state’s Judicial Conduct Commission for–ahem, allegedly–using her chambers as “a glorified frat house,” complete with sexual threesomes, loud guitar music (sometimes while cases were being tried in the courtroom, just down the hall), and other hijinks (

She only got caught because she tried to seduce other couples into joining in the fun, and they reported her.

The jolly judge’s main partner in these shenanigans plays lead guitar in her rock band–yes, it seems the judge has a rock band–and is “a former pastor.” I wonder how former. They say he likes to set up in the judge’s chambers, plug in, and jam with himself. Imagine trying to sum up your case for the jury with some noodlehead going pwang, pwang, pwang! down the hall. For some reason I imagine him singing “The House of the Rising Sun.”

Something seems to have gone wrong here. I guess we can forget about using the expression, “As sober as a judge.” Some of the people who’ve been judged by her probably feel they got a raw deal.  Like perhaps her mind wasn’t entirely on her work.

If you missed this Culture Rot train, there’ll be another one in sixty seconds.

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  1. There are bad apples in every profession, but this judge is rotten to the core. I read of one male judge busted for using a device to get an erection while he was presiding over a jury trial. These rejects need to be weeded out. Thank God daily that President Trump & the U.S. Senate are appointing Originalists to the federal judiciary at a pace and quantity never witnessed before!

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