‘Young Conservatives’ Want Climate Tax? Tell Us Another!

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“I are too a young conservative!”

This hooter comes from Reuters, a former news agency, not to be confused with Roto-Rooter, which serves a useful purpose.

Reuters asks us to believe that “Young Conservatives for Carbon Dividends”–keep that barf bag handy–at “more than two dozen” looniversities are calling for a wopping big carbon tax on all fossil fuels (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-climate-politics-trfn/young-u-s-republicans-defy-party-to-fight-climate-change-idUSKBN1YG00J).

How freakin’ stupid do they think we are? What “conservatives” are these–the Soros conservatives? Reuters says the Republican Party ought to listen to them because a former Republican Senator, Trent Lott, supports them. You remember him. It was rumored that there were four or even five days in the year when he didn’t suck up to  Bill Clinton. Big conservative, him.

Get a load of this golden Reuters crapola. Republicans have got to leap aboard the Global Warming bandwagon “especially in swing states where hurricanes and flooding have grown more extreme due to global warming.” Good grief. They’re calling this a news story, written by a “journalist”?

I mean, really, this is just flat-out shameful, even for the nooze media. This is running around with no pants on, eating mud pies and claiming to be James Buchanan.

How many people do you suppose they expect to believe this?

8 comments on “‘Young Conservatives’ Want Climate Tax? Tell Us Another!

  1. It’s been a while since I last saw Cap’n Numbskull – who is, believe it or not, the reason why my blog exists!

  2. Many years ago we ran into Trent Lott as he was leaving a book signing. My dad even shook his hand. Of course we had no idea who he was at the time. Only that he seemed to be someone important.

  3. I saw where Trump tweeted “Chill, Greta, Chill.” Of course they threw cow manure at him, with Michele Obama defending Greta and her campaign to stop Climate Change – when Michele doesn’t believe a word of it herself.

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