‘I Stand Rebuked’ (2016)

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I post this every now and then to illustrate the kind of trouble you can get into if you try to review books honestly.

I Stand Rebuked

I couldn’t read the whole series: just couldn’t take it. I bailed out when Gilgamesh’s mother, a pagan goddess, called him “Gilgy.” This story lasted 5,000 years for that?

It’s just a fact of life that not everybody can write both fiction and non-fiction. You can be good at one and awful at the other.

And it’s also a fact of life that awful fiction sometimes sells like mad. It takes more lifetimes than I’ll get, to come to terms with that.

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  1. Fiction based upon the antidiluvian period seems exceptionally ripe for inanity. We have little information about that time period, and perhaps this is for good reason, but some allow their imaginations to run wild, then try to peddle this as filled with insight.

    1. It seems that certain literary/dramatic clichés have become exceptionally common, including anachronisms that are painful. I don’t know why this has become so fashionable, until I visit Wal-Mart and then I’m reminded.

      The average entertainment customer of our day hasn’t had much, if any exposure to literature and has been raised on hackneyed mellerdrammer on TV shows. These shows, usually, have 3 minute time slices to work with, so they use gimmicks that can be setup in a few seconds. It’s a cheapened version of Vaudeville, but dumbed down to a very low common denominator.

      Imagine what it would take to sell books to this audience and then keep in mind that even the more literate among them may still function at a level you or I don’t relate to easily. It happens in entertainment and even in churches, where the message is watered down and made politically correct, even if that inverts the meaning.

    2. I groaned as loudly as anyone when history and literature were required in school, but I’ve learned a lot from life and now realize the importance of perspective. If we don’t understand our times in the perspective of history, we will crash and burn.

  2. Oh how well I remember this one! LOL
    Poor Gilgamesh.
    I’ve watched maybe one or two movies/tv shows where they successfully did the modernizing thing … But unsurprisingly, they were mainly comedy.
    I’ve never read a book that did it well.

    It’s probably the better part of wisdom not to pry into paganism and ancient false gods too deeply in the first place; and also, some characters should be left as epic and we shouldn’t try to humanize them too much.
    That’s what I love about The Silmarillion: all these larger than life characters. They would lose something if they were too developed (although if anyone could have done it, Tolkien could).
    Anyways, when I read the Bible I’m satisfied with what it tells me. It’s probably dangerous to go making stuff up because you’re bound to get too big for your britches and think that these are your characters instead of God’s.

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