Memory Lane: It Should’ve Been a Snow Day

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We lived some two miles from our high school, and to get there, we usually took the Public Service bus. Or walked.

In those days, they were rather averse to closing the school on account of snow. So one day, as it snowed rather heavily, my brother and I, and our friend Gary, found ourselves standing almost knee-deep in snow, waiting for the bus. Which never came. So we had to walk, because there had been no official school closing.

The home room bell used to ring at 7:18 a.m. We got there at around 10:30, and found the school virtually deserted. The few students who had made it there now gathered in Mrs. Wilcox’s chemistry lab, where she had a dart board. Maybe 5% of the student body made it to school that day, and maybe a dozen of the teachers. By and by the principal stopped in and told us we might as well go home. It didn’t occur to him to recommend any particular way of accomplishing that.

So we walked: another two miles in snow that was now hip-deep. I’m afraid we loved every minute of it. We finally got back home around supper-time. And the next day it was sleeping late, soup for breakfast, and sleds and snow-men instead of algebra and English grammar. There are few times in life when you come out that far ahead on the deal!

5 comments on “Memory Lane: It Should’ve Been a Snow Day

  1. I remember that they used to keep the schools open in all but the most severe weather. There was a cold snap when it reached -31 for a few days and pretty much everything ground to a halt, or more correctly, everything refused to start. 🙂 That was well over 50 years ago, and I still enjoy that snow day.

    1. We lived in an area that seemed to be especially hard hit. There were nothing but plains to the west and we got clobbered on a regular basis. I think I was in my mid teens before I ever saw vertical snowfall. 🙂

  2. Oh, the joys of being young. If that scenario happened today you would be saying FAP! 🙂 They never closed school in southern California in Orange County because it never snowed, didn’t even ever get to freezing during the day. Now, those Santa Ana winds were something else!

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